Can you learn to love how to learn

Why self-love is so important

A healthy relationship with yourself ensures that you are able to perceive yourself carefully and lovingly in all areas of your life. You can then naturally feel what you need for your well-being. It is also of course important that you can make sure that your needs are heard. You yourself are responsible for ensuring that it is fulfilled.

We do not have to constantly “close your eyes and go through!”, Nor is it good in the long term to allow every condition to keep us from our consciously chosen path to important personal goals. It's about a healthy balance.

Self-love means first and foremost to be aware of yourself. It also means listening to you and lovingly accepting what is there right now. Yes, the shadow aspects are also part of it. A small sentence can work wonders: "... and I love myself for that too" - after all, we can allow ourselves to learn from mistakes. Connect with encouragement, compassion and the fire of enthusiasm for yourself and your life!

Between narcissistic navel gazing and self-sacrifice

Many people have self-centered narcissists around them. That is a challenge. On the one hand they evaluate this egoism negatively, on the other hand they endure everything and sacrifice themselves. In such situations, people often learn to sense exactly what the other person wants and to orient their lives accordingly. These people are also allowed to discover empathy towards themselves and, above all, learn to take themselves much more seriously and appreciate them. And no, you are not a terrible egoist when you feel your needs and utter them. It is even necessary for your mental health.

But narcissists aren't happy either. They have learned to present themselves well and to enforce their wishes, but they lack the ability to really connect with other people. You can learn empathy and broaden your horizons. Instead of just circling around themselves, these people are allowed to discover how nice it is when they open up. They should also learn to recognize their ability to be touched, to admit their own mistakes and to perceive others with empathy. With this they can overcome their deep loneliness.

Self-love opens the door to fulfilling relationships

Two people who have learned to love themselves, who both know their own needs and are able and ready to open up to the needs of the other, can have wonderful relationships - be it as friends, partners or work.

I am happy to accompany you on your way to self-love and fulfilling relationships. It is precisely in conflict situations, in the mirror of someone else, that it becomes most obvious which issues are still in the way. Are you ready? Then feel free to contact me. Have a look here or check out my webinar for women

With all my heart, Christel