Why is Jerusalem called the Holy Land?

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News, December 8, 2017

The President of the United States gave a speech. He said: I think the city of Jerusalem is the official capital city of the Land of Israel. Many politicians are appalled by this. There is a lot of controversy over the city of Jerusalem.
View of the old town of Jerusalem with the rock cathedral (picture-alliance / dpa / Bernd Weißbrod)

Jerusalem is in the middle of the land of Israel. But the city is also on the border with an area where Palestinians live. The Israelis say: The whole city of Jerusalem is our capital city. The Palestinians say: No, the east of the city is ours. We want our own country: Palestine. And the east of Jerusalem will then be our capital city.

Because of this dispute, most of the countries in the world say: We do not find the whole city of Jerusalem to be the capital city of Israel. The president of the country USA is called Donald Trump. He has now said: Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel. I accept this.

Many politicians from other countries are outraged. They fear that there is now violence between Israelis and Palestinians. Most of the Palestinians are Muslim. Most Israelis are Jews. Experts fear that Muslims in other countries will also get angry. Some have already threatened to attack Americans in their countries.

Jerusalem is an important city for all Jews and Muslims. Because in Jerusalem is the Temple Mount. The temple mountain is sacred to the Muslims. They pray there. But the Jews also pray there. They are praying at the Lamentation Wall. And Jerusalem is also important for Christians. They believe that Jesus was buried there.

Which does ______________ mean ...

  • United States
    The USA is also called "United States of America" ​​or America for short. The country is one of the most powerful in the world. The United States is approximately 9.8 million square kilometers in size. They are the third largest state on earth. The USA includes 50 federal states.
  • Israel
    Israel is a country in the Middle East. It is on the Mediterranean. The capital of Israel is Jerusalem. Most of the people in Israel speak Hebrew or Arabic. The religion of the State of Israel is Judaism. But Muslims and Christians also live in Israel. Israel has long had a dispute with its neighboring countries. This dispute is called the Middle East conflict. It's about who owns the land.
  • Palestinians
    The Palestinians are a people without a land of their own. Palestinians live in many different countries. There are 2 areas in which you can have a say: the West Jordan Land and the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians want these areas to be recognized as their land. There has been a dispute with the Land of Israel about this for many years. Many Palestinians also live in Israel.
  • Jews
    Jews belong to the religion of Judaism. The holy book of the Jews is called Torah. It contains parts from the Bible. Jews do not pray in a church, but in a synagogue. In the past, Jews were persecuted in many countries. During the Nazi era, Germans and their helpers murdered millions of Jews in many countries. Even today, Jews are still persecuted in some countries.
  • Muslims
    Muslims belong to the religion of Islam. This is one of the world religions, like Christianity. God is called Allah in Islam. In addition, Muslims worship the Prophet Mohammed. The holy book of Muslims is the Koran. One country where many Muslims live is Turkey, for example.
  • Christians
    Christians are people who believe in the Bible and in Jesus Christ. Christianity is one of the great world religions. Most of the people in Germany are Christians. Some of them are Protestant and some are Catholic.