Why is illustration so important in advertising

Why we think illustrations are excellent

How is an illustration created?

Not only designers and programmers sit in elfgenpick's studio, but also illustrators. Do not you believe? Take a look over colleague Carina's shoulder to see how an illustration is created - from the first pencil sketch to the finished digital file. This was created with Adobe Illustrator. Other employees draw with Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro. In this way we achieve stylistic diversity and can create the illustration that exactly matches your corporate design or taste.

You will soon find out why we rely on the power of illustrations.

An illustration lights up

Well, who wasn't paying attention in Latin? Oh, you never had that? Well then:"Illustrare" calledenlightenlighten upmake clear. And here we are at the core of the illustration: it is more than just a pretty accessory. Illustrations fulfill several tasks at once. This is also made clear by the long list of synonyms in the Duden: Instead of illustration, you could also say: Figure, view, recording, illustration, representation, diagram, illustration, explanation ...

Yes, you can always talk and assert a lot! We will therefore show you what that means in practice - and illustrate it;)

An illustration explains

Better than any photo, an illustration illustrates details and processes. Do you remember the instruction manual for your VHS player in the 80s, in which everything was full of black and white photos. And then think of the simple line drawings you used to build your Billy shelf. Well, which of them was easier?

A photo can only show what is already there. An illustrator, on the other hand, designs the picture completely himself. He focuses specifically on what is important. Only what is necessary is shown. The aim is to communicate the facts as simply as possible.

An illustration makes complicated things easy

Some information is far too abstract to be represented photographically.
A good example of how complex content can be easily conveyed is our illustration for YOUTH for Europe. And suddenly you know how to apply for EU funding! After all, it takes 10 steps. Sounds sober and like a lot of paperwork? It is. That is why our illustration is deliberately kept childlike and colorful. It works in the overview as well as in detail. That is why it serves as a guide and reference work at the same time.

You can see the complete illustration here.

An illustration shows authentically diversity

We all know them, these stock photos: All so lacquered, all so standard-beautiful and grinning happily. And, so that it is politically correct, quota women, colored and wheeled drivers are smuggled into the motif quite inconspicuously. We would rather advise you to use authentic, honest, own pictures.
That is why we are happy to recommend illustrations: we can integrate diversity and diversity as a matter of course.

For example, we drew a hidden object for the Schwaneck Castle Youth Meeting Center. It not only shows different types, but also a wide variety of activities. You can see at a glance that Schwaneck Castle has a lot to offer. Long explanations are not even necessary, the appearance speaks for itself. And remains in the memory.

An illustration shows you at your best

Do you want to upload a portrait on your website but not a photo of yourself? Then let's draw you! The good thing about drawn portraits: The focus is on the essentials. What defines your face: is it the big eyes or the mischievous smile? You don't have to worry about pimples. An illustration shows you at your best, for who you are. And, by the way, is timeless. (Apparently this was already found very useful in the Middle Ages, because the first illustrations were made before or at that time. Source: Wikipedia)

This is what happened for our employees Lisa and Robert, who were allowed to get lost on beer mats.

An illustration shows the optimum

You know it yourself: You are very proud of your new ____. You want to take a picture of it. On the photo: lots of spots and finger taps! And then the neighbor's cat scurries through the picture ... Good photos take a lot of effort. What you want to photograph is always in the context of the environment. There would be: weather, dirt, the immediate surroundings ... all potential disruptive factors for a good photo.

How do you want to present your new building that is not yet finished? When the time comes, there are still a few concrete sacks lying around. Power cables are still dangling freely. A cheeky person has parked his SUV right in front of the main entrance. But you urgently need a photo. After all, you want elfgenpick to make your flyers for the new medical center.

Of course, a good photographer can always tear something. However, the retouching effort is often associated with considerable effort. In that time we would have created a first-class 3D illustration of it. Advantage: It is always clean and is not negatively influenced by nature. And if you want a few trees, we'll add them to the picture. A stand-alone building conveys size, looks imposing and important. Try to photograph it like this!

Another advantage: you can rotate the model. Different perspectives can also be created subsequently.

An illustration moves!

As you can see, illustrations are much easier to convey information than photos. The beauty, apart from the fact that illusions are simply beautiful: They trigger emotions! How many times did you smile while reading through here?

We would like to make you smile even more and create your own individual illustration. Talk to us, we look forward to you!

Moving illustration

PS: We can not only illustrate, but also like to transform the illus into wonderful explanatory films. This is one of our illustrations in motion ...