Are tattooists paid hourly

Should you tip your tattoo artist?

You may not know the pros and cons of the tattoo business, but most tattoo artists don't make every dollar you pay them. Similar to barber shops, booths / chairs can be equipped with a rental fee. In some stores this is a flat daily rate, in others your artist pays the shopkeeper a percentage of what you pay for.

To break down the cost to the artist:

Let's say your tattoo costs $ 300. Well, in most places, an artist can get a percentage of that amount, anywhere between 40% and 70% of the amount. At the bottom, your artist will make $ 120 out of that $ 300 and the store will take care of the rest.old school”System of the shop charges you in addition to the artist.

The 2-installment system was a bit complicated at times. In an effort to relax the customers who just wanted a flat rate, the stores started absorbing the total cost, dropping a percentage off the tattoo artist and giving the artist whoever I was a couple of spiffs busy - free gloves, maybe a bottle of pigment, a couple of paper towels ...

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