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aDownside; a Drops of wormwood
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Register now ("Guest" at the top right or on the registration page) and take advantage of other advantages!the aumpteen weak point / disadvantage; something that tarnishes joy; ae actually good thing, but that ahas a shortage"I have a very good testimonial. Aziger Downside: In math, I have ae 4 ";" That was ae great thing. Aen Downside there is still, however. We spent more money than ataken ";" Diplomacy is in motion. The Downside: Syria's President Baschar al Assad is needed - for the time being ";" But also the quartet of the Schubert League, the a Deceptively imitating the saxophone, then Dario Medina (operetta and sound film hits) were brilliant numbers. Not to forget the Josef Holzer orchestra and the Charly Gaudriot jazz band. But a A drop of wormwood must always be in the cup of joya: Richard Tauber should have played a part, too, but unfortunately he fell ill 'in the last hour' "; Deputy Chairman of the Tegel Aircraft Noise Abatement Commission. 'However, unfortunately there is still aen Downside in the remuneration system ', criticizes Martin Lambert "The wormwood, a Mugwort plant (artemisia absinthium) is ae strong-smelling and bitter-tasting plant that has been used in medicine and magic since ancient times ae plays a major role. Like bile, wormwood is the symbol of the bitter of what aaumpteen drops are enough to a Drink (e.g. Wa) in ato turn into a bitter potion. The word was used in French and Italian in the 18th century. as "vermouth" borrowed to ae certain type of flavored Wato denote it. To sahe preparation is put to Wa with extracts of wormwood, cinchona bark, gentian and sugar. The spirit absinthe (derived from the lataical name) contains wormwood. The vermoutha was valid because of sait for a low price as the preferred drink of poor homeless people (the so-called wormwood brothers). The expression refers to the bitter taste of wormwood, which is added to the drink ae gives an unpleasant note. The Bible says: "And the third angel trumpeted: and it fell a big star from heaven that burned like ae torch and fell on the third part of the water currents and over the water wells. How did you fall from heaven, you beautiful morning star! How did you fall to earth, who weakened the heathen! And the name of the star is called wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many people died from the waters because they had become so bitter. "The variant" Wehmutstropfen ", which is derived from" Wehmut "(melancholy, sadness, grief), is found relatively frequently has sae cause that one no longer understands the original context