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Development of an extracurricular event "The New Year is Coming". Extra-curricular event on the theme: "Meet the New Year" Develop an event at the school for the new year

Urban establishment of additional

vocational training

Methodical center

Topic of the final project:

Extracurricular activities.

Intellectual game "New Year and its puzzles"

(For 5th grade students)


Matveeva Natalya Nikolaevna,

teacher of Russian language and literature

MBOU secondary school named №9. Marshal Zhukov G.K.,

noginsk city, moscow region

g.o. Elektrogorsk

2015 year


Intellectual game for 5th grade students

"New year and its riddles"

theme: Folk traditions. Duration - 40-45 minutes.

Purpose of: 1. Familiarization with folk traditions.

2. Growing interest in universal culture.

3. The formation of curiosity and activity in

desire to gain new knowledge.

4. Formation of a communication culture.

equipment: Computer, screen, presentation.

release: Christmas tree, Christmas tree decorations, incentive prizes, paper snowflakes (for quizzes), costume for the assistant moderator (choice of a fairy tale hero), poster with the picture of Santa Claus and Snow White. (It is advisable to bake a large cake with surprises and give it to all participants at the end of the event).

Event schedule

    Opening speech by the moderator (teacher).

    New Year's secrets.

    The mystery of the "birth" of the Christmas tree (custom of decorating the Christmas tree)

    The riddle of the song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest."

    Christmas decoration puzzle.

    Santa Claus and Snow White.

    New year in Russia.

    New year kaleidoscope (how to celebrate the new year in different countries).


    Interesting facts.

Optional (if there is still time)

    New year charades.

R.S.. All students need to familiarize themselves with the information about the New Year in different countries in advance.

Technologies used: Games, information and communication, cultural, personality-oriented learning, self-learning. 2

1. Opening speech by the moderator (teacher)

New Year is one of the most joyful and famous holidays in the world. We associate the New Year with snow, with a fluffy, sparkling Christmas tree, frost. Afterwards it is so pleasant to be in a warm, fragrant needle house, always with champagne and “hurray” in the last twelfth bar of the Kremlin clock. And of course both children and adults expect something fabulous from this vacation. So today we are going to take an intellectual, somewhat fabulous trip to the land called "New Year", learn the history and legends of many New Year things, learn about the customs of different nations and learn how to make the vacation fun and joyful.

2. New Year's Puzzles (Moderator)

On the screen

The past year goes

And hasty time does not wait.

The last sheet is torn from the calendar

The new year is coming!

New Year is the oldest public holiday. However, it was not always celebrated in the cold in January. According to scientists, the birth of the tradition belongs to celebrating the New YearIII Millennium BC They started celebrating it inOld Egypt. The year began on July 19th when the Nile "woke up". I would like to point out that for all nations, the dates of the holidays are mainly subordinate to the laws of nature. After all, human life depends on it.

The residentsOld Russia Together with Christianity, they adopted the Byzantine system of chronology. In Byzantium they used the Julian calendar, in which the new year began on September 1st.

But most people associated the beginning of the year with the sun. InAncient Rome The New Year began in the spring, when field work began at that time.

InAncient Greece The beginning of the year was the longest day of the year - June 22nd, and the Greeks were expecting the famous Olympic Games.

For the first time the calendar, in which the year began on January 1st, was introduced by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.

Where did the custom of decorating a Christmas tree come from? I think our birthday will help me - New Year (the assistant of the host of the New Year character in the costume comes out. He tells the secret of the "birth" of the Christmas tree). 3

3. The mystery of the "birth" of the Christmas tree (tells a fairy tale character)

On the screen (poem, picture of a decorated Christmas tree, you can show the selected material, how the first decorated Christmas trees looked)

Light the tree

Call us for the vacation.

Fulfill all wishes

Make all your dreams come true!

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree is very old - it is about two thousand years old. Herringbone pattern was not chosen at random. Because evergreens are a symbol of the indestructibility of life, its constant revival. And that is especially important in winter.

It is believed that first christmas trees appeared in germany inVIII Century. Christmas trees appeared later in Europe - in X.VI - X.VII Centuries.

Since 1737 the Christmas tree has been decorated with scraps of paper and various tinsel, and in 1775. silver-plated and gold-plated potatoes were even hung on a forest beauty!

The Christmas tree was decorated with candles for the first time in 1815 and glass decorations became fashionable from 1850 onwards.

Germany is considered the birthplace of the New Year holidays. Heavy and warlike old Germans believed that the "spirit of the forest" lives in the tree. They came to the tree with various inquiries, believing that the spruce can cope with evil forces, since all of its branches are in needles.

And how the Christmas tree appearedFrom Russia? It is believed that she came after the decree of PeterI dated December 15, 1699. The decree on the decoration of the house. But after Peter's death, the decree was forgotten. Only in the middle of X.IXth century German princess Maria Fedorovna, wife of NikolausI, revived the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree. But in general, in Russia on different occasions disguised different trees: on the Trinity - a birch, on Easter - a willow.

The first Christmas trees were man-made and made small so that they could be put on the table. They were very expensive and not available to everyone. But soon they began to trade live trees. Tall and fluffy fir trees were laid on the ground on the cross, gifts were placed under the paws of the pine tree.

In 1882 the American E. Johnson suggested decorating the Christmas tree with electric lights.

At the end of the poem reading: 4

How beautiful the Christmas tree is!

How she disguised herself - look!

Dress on a green Christmas tree,

Bright pearls sparkle on the chest.

Our Christmas tree is tall and slim,

In the evening it will sparkle

Glitter of lights and snowflakes and stars -

Like a peacock's open tail!

Christmas tree in their golden pockets

Hid a lot of different sweets

And she gave us thick branches

Greets guests like a hostess.

There is no better way to find a tree!

With a good Christmas tree and a great holiday!

O. Vysotskaya

4. The riddle of the song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest" (one of the students tells)

At the beginning of the 20th century (1903) the poem "Fir" was published in the December issue of the magazine "Baby". The author did not give his last name, but signed with the pseudonym A.E. That is how the story of the most amazing song "Herringbone" began. The amateur musician Leonid Karlovich Bekman read this poem and decided to write music. So it turned out to be a song. It sounded like Christmas.

After the revolution, the Bolsheviks excluded Christmas from the calendar vacation and forgot the song. She received her second birth in 1941. Then they found the poem's author. It turned out that it was Raisa Adamovna Kudasheva.

5. Riddle of the Christmas decoration (one of the students tells)

Why is the Christmas tree decorated with shiny tinsel? There is such a legend. Once upon a time, she was alive - there was a kind poor woman who had many children. The night before Christmas she put up a Christmas tree, but it had very few decorations. At night spiders would visit the tree and crawl from branch to branch, leaving a web on the branches. As a reward for the woman's kindness, the Christ Child blessed the tree and the spider web turned into sparkling silver.

Very often Christmas tree decorations are not just fun for children.Toys have a secret meaning.

Paper chains symbolize our connection with Christmas as well as our connection with God, with the whole world, with animals and plants, with all people in the world.

star - This is the poinsettia that shone over Bethlehem and that the shepherds saw.

confetti - The name matches the word "candy". At the famous Roman carnivals at the beginning of X.IX century it was customary to throw small "sweets" into each other - candied nuts. Plaster of paris and chalk balls were later used in place of sweets. But after someone was hurt by such confetti, that custom was broken. He was reborn in Paris - a hundred years ago. The festive inventions included confetti (paper balls).

6. Santa Claus and Snow White (two students tell)

What a New Year without Santa Claus and Snow White! Do you know where he lives

The main Santa Claus lives at the North Pole. From there he goes on vacation with his deer. But here the residents of Finland, Greenland and Sweden claim that he is a resident of their countries. The Finns are sure that his house is in Lapland. More recently, Russian Santa Claus settled in Vologda Oblast, in the city of Veliky Ustyug, where he eagerly awaits letters from children and adults. He even has an address:

162340 Vologda Oblast, City of Veliky Ustyug,

st. Vinogradova, d. 4, Santa Claus. (Show on screen)

Veliky Ustyug is just as old as Moscow. The project "Great Ustyug - Fatherland of Santa Claus" was born on the initiative of the former Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov and the governor of the Vologda region, Vyacheslav Pozgalev. In Veliky Ustyug, the city of Santa Claus is being built, which will take children all year round, and not only during the New Year holidays. 6th

In America and England the good old man is called Santa Claus. He is wearing a red caftan with a white beard and a bag of presents. In anticipation of the holiday, children write letters to Santa Claus in Lapland, Northern Finland, and the night before the holiday, stockings are hung out of the window and shoes are taken off the door so that gifts can be placed there.

Santa Claus is called differently in all countries. But if Santa Claus is considered a bachelor, but our grandfather has a wife - Zimushka winter, which means that there are both children and grandchildren. It's about Snow White - Santa's granddaughter. He comes to the festival with her.

On the screen the Snow White.

I am the granddaughter of Frost and Blizzard

I come here every year!

Snowflakes with me - friends

A happy round dance.

The story of the Snow Maiden girl ends sadly. That is why she is always portrayed as a sad Belolitsa beauty who is full of cool charms.

7th New Year in Russia (says the leader (teacher)

On the screen we love the frosty days

Elastic ice rink,

starry sky

And a busy new year!

The rickety winter has come

With candy, toys

And with festive, prickly ones

Christmas trees dressed up. O. Vysotskaya.

To PeterI There were two new years in Russia. One is church, celebrated on March 1st, the other is civil, celebrated on September 1st. PeterI add a single new yearJanuary 1, 1700. It was the first general New Year holiday in Russia.

On the screenFragment of the decree of PeterI.

"It's great in Russia to see the New Year in different ways from now on. From January 1st, stop deceiving people and counting the New Year everywhere." And as a sign of this kind of endeavor and fun, we wish each other a Happy New Year and wish prosperity in matters of well-being and in families. Make decorations out of fir trees in honor of the New Year, entertain children on sleds and go for a ride from the mountains. And grown-up people don't get drunk or fight - there are enough other days for that. "

Since then, not only New Year trees, but also balls and masquerades began to appear in Russia. People's favorite winter hobby was triple riding. In addition, bells rang, street parties were arranged with mummies, loud skating from the hills and on the merry-go-rounds.

The most eye-catching entertainment for many centuries remained the game - the "Take the Snow City" competition. (Demonstration of a reproduction of a painting by V. N. Surikov of the same name, 1891)

Wassili Surikow, "The Conquest of the Snow-Covered City", 1891

8. New Year kaleidoscope (how to celebrate the new year in

different countries)

The leader (teacher) conducts, a fairy tale character helps him, corrects the correct answers and gives paper snowflakes. At the end, a result is summarized and incentive prizes are given to the most active participants.

Quiz questions: 8

    In which countries is Santa Claus Santa Claus? (America, England)

    Which country is considered to be the birthplace of the New Year holidays and is the duck or goose the main course of the holiday table? (Germany)

    Where is the residence of Russian Santa Claus? (Russia, Veliky Ustyug)

    In which country is the "dragon dance" considered a traditional number of the holiday program and is it a lantern festival? (China)

    In what country do the peach branches replace the tree? (Vietnam)

    In what country is there a custom of throwing old furniture and unnecessary things out of the windows on the last day of the end of the year? (Italy)

    In what country, with the last stroke of the clock in all houses, do the lights go out for a few minutes? This is the time of the New Year's kisses. (Bulgaria)

    In what country is it not accepted on the first day of the New Year to visit without an invitation? (Georgia)

    In what country do skiers come from the mountains with torches on New Year's Day and fireworks light up everywhere? (Lapland. Northern Finland)

    In what country is there 12 dishes on the New Year's table, and not one meat under it? (Poland)

    Which country is famous for the tallest and most elegant Christmas trees? (UNITED STATES)

    What country is Santa Claus Church in? (Turkey, the persecutor of the evil Nicholas ("Baba Noel Kilize")

    In which country to throw a shoe over your shoulder on New Year's Eve? If he falls to the door - be a wedding. (Finland)

    In what country is the main course of the table - carp with apples? (Czech Republic)

    In what country is a cake made with surprises on New Year's Eve? (Romania)

    In what country are there freshly baked donuts with raisins that are baked only once a year? (Holland)

9. Interesting facts (reports from the head (teacher)

On the screen

    First Christmas card It was mailed in 1843, but in 1862 the tradition of congratulations became postcards. The first postcards were printed in Germany.

    oneChristmas tree Hit the Guinness Book of Records. It was installed in Seattle, Washington (USA) in 1950. Its height reached 67.37 meters. It took nearly ten miles of wires and colorful electrical garlands.

    The biggestcrackerwas made in London in 1989. Its length was 36.65 meters.

    Russian Christmas tree That year, 2012, turned160 years old.

The public tree was first illuminated in St. Petersburg in 1852 on the site of the Yekaterinburg railway station.

    The first public Christmas tree for Russian children was organized in1935 on behalf of Stalin.

    The first carnival costumes appeared in X.VIII Century. 9

Concluding remarks from the moderator (teacher)

Among adults and children, there is hardly at least one person who does not like the New Year.Everyone is waiting for this holiday, not only because it is unusual and fabulous, but also because everyone, when they meet it, is expecting a miracle. Here comes the new year and ... a miracle will happen. It has to happen. They always wait for the New Year, they prepare for it and try to make it happy and unusual. Everyone wants to believe that "how you celebrate the new year to make it go by". And the vacation itself presupposes miracles, and they are always a mystery. The main thing is to really want, and miracles will surely be!

Finally, I would like to invite everyone to Romania and treat myself to a surprise cake. Romanians bake various small objects in such cakes, so it is necessary to carefully eat them who gets what.

Different peoples, different customs, but one thing unites them - MEET THE NEW YEAR, HAPPY HOLIDAY!Happy New Year!

10 . New year charades

On the screen

Find the animal first

But without the last letter "a"

Two more words after that

Find a tree in spring.

You will find the whole word

A tree friend in winter. (Light bulbs)

The beginning is a note

And after her is the name

(Incomplete compared to others),

Male or female


Names of others

No better and no worse.

The right decision will be nice

Because that word is an ornament. (Tinsel)

The first syllable refers to the raven,

The second syllable is the prefix and the preposition.

The third syllable is a defense aid.

Colorful action is our result. (Carnival)

Freight - to start with,

And the tree follows

Vowel - wood

The closest neighbor ...

All in all - 10

The mood is.

Confuse him

Impossible with peace. (Fun)

You search first

Where the song is -

And you will find the beginning of the word.

And then

Take a look at the sky

(If you deem it necessary)

Although our answer goes in circles

Print guesses

No doubt. (Round dance)

Used literature

    Zhenilo M.Yu., Shin S.A. "Fun lessons and holidays in grades 4-6." Phoenix Verlag, Rostov-on-Don, 2011

    Lakotsenina T.P. “The magical world of knowledge. Edition 1. New Year and its secrets. "A practical guide for class teachers, educators, parents. Series" Pedagogy of the New Age. "Editor" Teachers ", Rostov-on-Don, 2010

    Web sources.

Extracurricular Activities on New Year's Day, Grades 7-8

Cognitive and entertaining New Year's Family Vacation program (for grades 7-8 students)

Shepelenko Tatyana Anatolyevna, teacher of Russian language and literature, MKOU Ramonsky Secondary School No. 2, Ramonsky District, Voronezh Region

Description:This event is aimed at students in grades 7-8. The script is useful for class teachers.

Forming a respectful attitude towards the tradition of celebrating the New Year with the family.

1. Creation of a favorable climate in the children's and parents' team.
2. Create a festive mood.
3. Form a sense of team, empathy.
4. Develop communication culture skills.

The students and their parents are invited to the celebration. Everyone sits at festively decorated tables. Tea and sweets are on the tables. It is advisable that everyone present wear a suit. At the entrance everyone is presented with carved emblems with a number (these numbers then take part in a win-win lottery).

1 guided tour: Good evening, dear friends. We look forward to welcoming you to our room on our family vacation. After all, the New Year is a family vacation.
2 lead:On New Year's Eve I would like to wish you something unusual: a round dance made of snowflakes, moonlight, pearls made of stars. Believe in your star and do not lose hope under any circumstances.
1 guided tour: Every vacation has its own characteristics. A decorated Christmas tree became the main attribute of the New Year. This custom came to us from Germany in the 18th century, where they believed that spirits that can affect people's lives live on evergreen spruce trees.
2 lead:What do you think, under what tree did our ancestors celebrate the New Year? (Under the blooming cherry that was specially grown in tubs. We made it so that the cherry bloomed until New Year's Eve).
1 guided tour: And who can name a New Year tree in Vietnam? (This is a tangerine tree)

1 competition "Decorating the Christmas tree"
2 lead:It is time for us to decorate the Christmas tree, not one, but two at once and alive. The two people who answered the questions choose a higher “Christmas tree” from among those present (these can be fathers) and begin to decorate it with improvised means on command. Whoever decorates his "Christmas tree" better, faster and more precisely wins. The hall is divided into fans and helps with the means.
("Christmas trees" are decorated with the New Year melody clockwork).

2 "Santa Claus" competition
1 guided tour: We have disguised the Christmas tree. But something is still missing for the New Year holidays. So what? (Santa Claus). That's right, Santa! In the meantime, Santa Claus is still on the way, you have to honestly answer a few questions. Do you know the name of our Santa's relatives?
1. In what country is the New Year's man called Per Noel? (In France)
2. Who in Italy plays the role of Santa Claus? (Baba Bifana)
3. What was the name of the Greek Santa Claus? (Vasily)
4. In what country is Santa Claus called Vainakhtoman? (In Germany and Austria)
5. Where is Santa Claus called Santa Claus? (In the USA and England)
6. What is the name of Santa Claus in Japan? (Toshigami)
7. What is the name of Santa Claus in Colombia? (Papa Pasquale)
8. Which guys does Ulemand join? (Norway)

3 "Vacancy" competition
2 lead: We announce a competition for the vacant position of Santa Claus. Each team has time to prepare. How you look, what you will do, what you will wear, is your imagination. The main thing is that everyone should have fun and be interesting. You can take helpers for yourself.
(From each team it is suggested to choose a person who prepares a little and plays the role of Santa Claus. This person can put anyone in a round dance, hear poetry and solve puzzles. The time it takes every Santa Claus to speak is not more than 5 minutes.)

4 "Who is faster" competition
1 guided tour: (Three most active guys are invited to the stage). They had the opportunity to try on the Snow Maiden's outfit. On command, you need to put on a bathrobe, fasten it, put on a hat and braid braids (ribbons). The first to do anything should say, "And here I am, Snow Maiden!"

5 competition "A Christmas tree was born in the forest"
2 lead: What's a vacation without a song? I suggest remembering the New Year songs. Sing a line from a song. Who will be the last has won the competition.
1 guided tour: I think you all remember and know the song "A Christmas Tree Was Born in the Forest". It seems that this song has always existed and few people know its story. For the first time the poem "Herringbone" was published in 1903 in the children's magazine "Baby". It was written by Raisa Adamovna Kudasheva, a teacher and librarian, author of more than two hundred works for children. After a while, the composer L.K. Beckman music to poetry.
2 lead: Now we're going to see how well you know this nursery rhyme. Your job is to sing this song, but not for our usual motive. One participant sings about the motif “A grasshopper sat in the grass” and the other: “Why did you come to our collective farm?”. Whoever lasts longer wins. You can add and change words. Good luck

6 "New Year's Question" competition
(All participants are asked questions about the New Year's theme)
- New Year TV show (blue lights)
- A holiday on which the required attribute is a mask (masquerade)
- winter building (snowman, snow fortress)
- The main character of the New Year (Santa Claus)
- The most beautiful holiday of the year on which we gathered (New Year)

7th lottery winning contest
(There is a lottery going on. It is necessary to prepare small prizes in advance.)

1 guided tour: According to the eastern calendar, each year has its own name. But it turned out that it is. Once, on New Year's Day, the Buddha invited animals from all over the world and promised them rare gifts. But only 12 came to him. Buddha gave each guest a year and a constellation in the heavenly realm. Since then, a year has passed in the zodiac calendar under the sign of one or the other animal. For example, the coming year 2015 is the year of the sheep or goats. Name the rest of the animals whose names are used to designate the year according to the Eastern calendar (dragon, snake, horse, monkey, rooster, dog, pig, rat, bull, cat, or rabbit).
2 lead:It is believed that the year that goes by under the sign of the sheep brings good luck, the strengthening of friendly bonds, the strengthening of family ties. But don't forget that a sheep can be a stubborn animal. Try to rock less this year, give in to each other more often, be flexible and soft.
Happy New Year !!!
(Of course, you can add your own contests as appropriate for your quota).

New Year

Lead 1.

Good evening friends! Happy New Year everyone! Nice to see you in this room on a festive New Years Day.

Lead 2.

Everything in the hall is chic and new

Lights up and lights up

Come back in guys

Beautiful tree is standing.

Lead 1.

There are many happy holidays

Everyone takes their turn.

But the best vacation ever

New Year.

Lead 2.

The New Year is one of the most joyful and famous holidays in the world. We celebrate it according to European tradition - January 1st. Exactly at midnight. On the eve of 1700, Peter 1 went out with a torch in his hands and launched the first rocket into the sky. Fireworks began in honor of the New Year holidays. Many years have passed since then.

Lead 1.

It is pleasant to feel the approach of the new year, and not only the year, but also the continuation of the new millennium.

Lead 2.

The clock counts "12",

And time will slow down the run.

Let's joke and laugh

Let's celebrate the new year!

Open your arms further

Let the faces glow in a friendly manner

May happiness rest in peace

And joy will come to every home.

Happy New Year!

Lead 1.

Today we gathered in the hall to laugh heartily, relax and congratulate each other on the upcoming holidays.

Lead 2.

Give it your all for the New Year

Wish each other

Good luck, luck and love

For many years!

May the peaceful star shine

About our peaceful country

May it bring joy to all

A happy New Year!

Moderator 1.

And we wish you too

More courage, daring

And strive forward.

After all, without these wishes

New year is not a new year.

Moderator 2.

The word for congratulations goes to the director of the school, Grechko Olga Petrovna.


Somewhere in a fabulous forest

At the fork of three streets

Not rich and not poor

There was a tower - a tower.

It works like before

Maria - the light - the craftsman.

Which song without a button accordion

And whether lunch without sauerkraut soup,

What Mary without Ivan

He's with her as expected.

People jokingly called him

Ivan in general a fool,

He wasn't very old yet

Retired Hero ...

Cap. Ivan comes in in a felt boot.

Ivan. Marus and Marus. ( She is not here yet. Electric crackling comes from the window, smoke and lightning are visible. Marya's voice can be heard.

Maria. Well what do you want

Ivan Why what ?! Where are my weekend boots?

Maria. (Peeks out the window wearing a welding mask.) What the hell did you need in the morning? Dovetre and so you run away.

Ivan. Well, here you express my dignity again, you trample on your reputation, it's already impossible to walk down the street, tease the guys, they don't give them access and all because of my gentle attitude towards you.

Maria ( comes out) Woe to you my onion! What broke down in tears?

Ivan. (humble) I'd like to eat.

Maria Well say it. ( It sets the table. The phone rings. Maria picks up the phone and speaks.)

Maria Vanya, get dressed, but better! A matter of state concern. You will meet noble guests. By the way, it is necessary to flee to a roommate who should be rescued ...

Ivan. Tell me clearly who is going

Maria. Santa Claus with Snow White. New year on the nose!

Ivan . Come you ( apologises). Sorry! Maroussia, how can I meet you?

Maria Eh, Vanya, what would you do without me? ( The soundtrack of the song "Bittedritt, Frau Madame" is drowned out. You can hear the roar of a flying plane. Ivan, calling "air", throws himself to the ground.)

Ivan. You mean my armor flew by?

Maria. Yes, no, it will be too early. ( Turns on the radio.)

The voice. From the fabulous information office. All heroes, Ivan Tsarevich, Ivan - Fools .... emergency message. The rocket number 2009 with Santa Claus and Snow White lost its course and made an emergency landing in the area of ​​the fairy forest. We repeat ... but by the way, what needs to be repeated, it is necessary to save people.

Maria. Go to Ivan on a long journey.

Snow White helps out in the footsteps of strangers.

When you understand the order,

Do it right now.


Well i dont understand

With mine, with my mind

Tea is not a cabbage soup,

I find out what is what.

What to do? What to do

Where do you get the Snow White from?

Can run to the edge?

Are you looking at Yaga in the cabin?

Drop it on a saucer -

What can I expect there?

Ivan is leaving. Baba Yaga appears with a song and Leshiy and Devil sit under the tree.

Baba Yaga. (sings)

Walked down the woods

I was stuck damn it

Thought a man

What the hell.

Hello Hello. ( Leshem and Hell)

Look at her. The handsome men are lazy! And at my age I lost peace and they sit like nothing has happened!

Goblin. Stop Baba Yaga Hinder, we will rest.

hell Go back to your forest.

Baba Yaga. Keep your mouth shut? Me? Not that ... I don't advise getting angry.

I am Baba Yaga, bone bone

I drive a broom

I'll fly it to the village.

I scare all the boys

Wow how bad I am!

You must be scared of me

I do not advise everyone

I come over my eyes.

I will eat each of you!

Goblin. Oh, Grandma Jagul, is it obvious that you really love each other painfully?

Baba Yaga. Not enough to say - I love! Me on myself, my love, don't drink souls! ( Look in the mirror)

My light, mirror, we say

Yes, tell the whole truth.

I am the cutest in the world

Everything red and whiter?

These plastic surgeries just work wonders. I could still run to the hairdresser. Updated her wardrobe.

hell. (Bounces from B.Y.) Ouch! From such a beauty, a heart attack will be enough, hair will turn gray, teeth will become loose.

Baba Yaga (Leshem)

Are you FAQ, buddy, depressed?

What is the reason, who is to blame?

Phew, what a mess!

Why are you so bored? But did you know that I'm a pop star, a national artist like ... Pugacheva, Zykina. Yes, I am better than all of them.

hell Please sing to us.

Baba Yaga.

You have asked to sing twice

I will never sing

I won't even sing to you

I will never sing

You have to pay for concerts but you want me to just sing here? Will not work!

(Ivan appears. When Baba Yaga sees him, he pretends to read. She moans, moans, gasps, surprised.)

Ivan Sorry i seem in the way? Are you reading something

Baba Yaga. I read, a hawk, I read about hypnosis.They gradually began to deviate from witchcraft. Live according to Kashperovsky. Hypnosis, now I guess.

Ivan Something is not believed.

Baba Yaga. Well, falcon, believe it. ( Creepy music sounds loud. B.Ya. walks around him, passes with his hands.)

You are a bird! You are a bird !!! Fuck-Tibedoh-Tibedoh! Doh! 1! Doh !! Doh !!

Ivan.(Brush it off) Stop kidding me, luck tell me ...

Baba Yaga.

I am actually torn

In terms of the meanness of the intestine.

But chavoy something to me today

Not conjured up in the morning.

Everything hurts and hurts

And fire burns in your chest.

I suspected encephalitis for a long time!

I am an advanced age woman

Because of illness there is no life:

The throat twists the bones hoarsely

And you came to visit without honey.

The eyes are watery and otitis,

The mouth is open because of a runny nose.

All fingers twisted in a knot

And your legs shuffle at the same time!

Oh it's kind of bad for me!

Do you hear the hum in your back?

In a word, since something like that,

I'm in general on the bell! ( try to go.)

Ivan (doesn't let)

I am not worried!

Eat the frog from the pond 1

There is no safer medicine

Than the natural environment.

You are fooling me

You can't even think!

Better your whole nature

Stress to work.

Baba Yaga. Oh and who are you And where are you going?

Ivan So this: Ivan is an idiot, I'm going to look for Grandpa Frost and Snow Maiden. I don't know where to find it.

Baba Yaga. Special. Why do you need them

Ivan. Ahhh ... I don't know either ... they sent Babany.

Baba Yaga. You live well, a woman is not a woman but a mother!

Ivan. And who lives with you? Do you have children

Baba Yaga. Yes, daughter Yagusenka. I give married to Koshchei. Are you a fool How is it: something or something?

Ivan. How is it?

Baba Yaga. Well, a complete fool, or is that what you've been called so hot? It is sometimes annoying to take it, you will call out: "W. fool!" I am once a cry for my daughter: "U, you fool!" And she's smart. Maybe such a story is with you? People have got used to it: a fool, a fool, and he's not a fool at all, just resourceful, right?

Ivan. I don't understand where are you going

Baba Yaga. As soon as I saw you, I immediately understood, "Oh, and a talented guy!" You liked to hurt me. Looks like I have love for you at first sight.

(The roar of a car started. With a song about the motif "White Mercedes" M. Rasputin's daughter is Yagusenka. Dreams dreamily.)


In a thick dark forest

On a white Mercedes

In a green hat with a pink feather,

Little bastard,

Aunt hedgehog rode,

Pulling someone's car over a hill.

Fu-Fu-Fu ... it smells like Russian spirit. Who is it?

Baba Yaga. Yes, Ivan - the fool is here. You are looking for Santa Claus and Snow White.

Ivan (laughing). Oh i can't! ... Oh, I'll die of laughter!

Yagusenka. What? What does he do

Baba Yaga. Laughs.

Ivan Ouch! Oh, I will not survive.

Yagusenka. Here's an idiot. What do you do

Ivan Yes, a mustache ... that mustache. Oh my god, well it happens! But how do you want to get married?

Yagusenka. So what? They don't bother me, I better follow them.

Ivan. They don't bother you ...

Yagusenka. Where are you going fool

Ivan How come The husband will kiss you and say, "The broom is not a broom, the woman is not a woman ..." And ... will fall out of love. I know men.

Baba Yaga Well what do you recommend?

Ivan What, why ... bring a mustache.

Yagusenka. But how can you reduce it, how?

Ivan. It is not easy.

Yagusenka. So take it, do it!

Ivan We induce such a composition. A handful of chicken droppings, a handful of warm manure and street mud ..... Put a mask on my face and ... I repeat: crap, clay. Rubbish. A mask with a hole through which you will breathe. That's all!

Baba Yaga. I understand, remember, fly to the pharmacy. One foot here, the other there. Daughter while you feed the guest. ( Daughter so that Ivan does not hear.) Don't let go of a fool, it can ruin a wedding surprise. ( Starts a broom and flies away).


What do you want Vanyusha? Salad, a yashenka?

Ivan Come on whip up.


And don't make any nonsense - look for Frosts and Snow Maidens.

Ivan Duck. After all, they have a magical New Year tree with an emerald needle. Maryushka, my beloved, hurts to see her.


What? Christmas tree and emerald needle? Well, I would say my killer whale. Follow my instructions and I will help you find Santa Claus and Snow White and at the same time we will look at the Christmas tree together. Well. Be yours ( Pretty rubs her hands.) That's the way it is. ( He takes the phone. Call.) Koscheyushka, dear, one foot is here and the other is there. We'll meet at my place in 3 minutes. Urgent, urgent business.

(To Ivan) And while he's out, you have to get ready. Make yourself alright. After all, I am a marriageable girl, a future woman. My husband Kashcheyushka will be brought to me soon. They settle down and while I set a pan I cook a yaishenka. It is nice to take care of such a person.

Ivan Do you miss your fiancé?


Koshchei something? Yes, this snake, the attic in the cube, only knows what it teaches. The Colonel writhes out of himself. It will be planted on the guardhouse, don't say too many words, then it will force you to march along the front lines of the house. Such a club! And no affection for you, no tenderness for you ... Yes, all of you, come on, like this!

Ivan. Well, you don't give me all evil spirits the same!


Are you better

Ivan. Well ... all tenderness is there. I can show affection.


Oh, and can you please?

Ivan Simply.


Do you know how to kiss

Ivan Eka is of course invisible.


You see what you are! Do you know how to babysit babies?

Ivan Why not be able to? But you can do it with him, with the baby - then? 1 After all with him, fuss, then fuss know how much!


Naturally. I can already wrap. Do you want to show

Ivan Well ...


You will see it now. Lay down.

Ivan Why am I


I wrap you Lay down. ( Throws Ivan on the table and begins to swaddle.) You are my little prey, my son. Come on smile at mom. Come on. How do we know how to \ ybyat ulch? Well now?

Ivan Wow wow! I want Zhrenki, I want Zhrenki!


Ah, our little son wanted the little things. Well, here we have swaddled our little one, now we're going to give the little ones to him. Well, smile at mom. Here. (He enters the kitchen, Koschey appears in the window.)

Koschey. U-ty-tyusenki, little, why don't you smile at papa? You smile at mom but don't want a father? Well

Smile, come on ...

Ivan I am not funny ....

Koschey. Aah! We probably that? ... yes, small?

Ivan In my opinion, yes. Oh you! Apparently it's not the tribe of our tribe, and I'm going to cover the imported clothes, and it doesn't smell like laundry soap, it smells like shampoos and imported colognes.

(Yagusenka comes in frightened and drops the pan.)

Koschey. Well what are you honey not happy ?! Dad came and you are all sad here. They don't like it, probably dad, oh they don't like it. Contempt. Then papa will be you crap, hawks papa will be you. Along with the bones.

Yagusenka Stand up. Koschey, my dear, my narrowed one. Just do me right! I prepared it for you for breakfast, I wanted to make a surprise. I think: Kashchei will arrive, but I have something delicious, warm for him. In the leaves.

Ivan Here are some bastards! They will gobble up and say that it is so necessary that it be designed that way! In a couple got up! Ugh!


Here's a mess, there's a mess

Pile of garbage and rags.

So far i have regretted you

Well, Yagusia, you've gotten rude.

Ah what a breakfast! Three course menu! Well let's go! You are my first

Ivan Just try the throne (The sound of battle rings.)

Yagusenka. Why did he say about three dishes? Will he eat me too?

Ivan. Like a dessert!

(Baba Yaga flies in.)

Baba Yaga. What noise but no fighting? Here's a bag of manure, there's chicken litter and a little bit of clay.

Yagusenka. Ah, mom, he's eating me up ...

Baba Yaga Who?

Yagusenka. Koschey.

Baba Yaga. Oh, a swallow! And what we didn't like! ? Well, he is the only daughter who is his wife. I spoiled the vacation for the people! What about him?

Ivan Hey grandma what are you talking about

Baba Yaga. Well, it's me, by a sinful cause, the plane was knocked out - to please the son-in-law!

(Maria the craftswoman enters.)

Maria Healthy. Overwhelmed violence. Well what should I do with you

Baba Yaga. Maryushka, I'm sorry! We will return both grandfather and granddaughter.

Maria. So did you kidnap her?

Ivan. They are Maroussia, they are! I've figured it out for a long time ...

Maria Well, take the prisoners!

Baba Yaga. (Gives Ivan a card) Run Kasatik. If you have the time, don't eat the cheater Snegurka. Run, run, here is a map for you, it will show the way. ( Ivan takes the card and leaves.)

Kikimora. ( Heard the conversation.) Run, run, dear, on a long journey and I'll do a short run, Koshchei will tell you Ivan the Snow White is going to help. ( Leaves.)

Koschey appears. He goes to the music of "I'm a Chocolate Bunny". A nanny comes in with him.


Come on nanny, do Syudy.

Get to work

Pull out a few hairs

The ones that are gray.

And what is not gray-haired, these combs in rows.

Yes, lighter scallop

I don't have gardens there.


Now scratch something, old devil

When he bakes a bald spot!

You all have hair here

Must be registered!

Kikimora runs out panting.


Well, honey, hello!

We haven't seen you in a while.

That smells like a swamp of my family ( into the hall, check it out). Well why are you staring? Maybe you've never seen Kikimors? Kikimora is my name. And my last name is Gorodskaya and nee Bolotnaya.

(Sing and dance.)

Though I was born in a swamp

But I've been urban for a long time.

Negative emotions

I will train all of the neighbors.

Make them jump, cry

Make them dance and jump

Moan and swallow,

Squeak and nudge.

For me out of their frustration -

Beautification at heart.

And until the whole world is extinct -

This is the music of Kikimore. ( Tired, sat down.)

Ooh! Frozen, fried

I flew to you so urgently.


Kikimurenok, what happened?

Did your swamp explode?

Kikimora. Yes No. I must force you to tell you the news urgently.


You are something out of your head ( examines them).

Here's a pimple on my lip!

Oh, you're going to waste health in the political struggle.

Try the rabbit litter!

He, strong, he will stand!

And heals from healing honey

Although not to taste.

But he's cool

And sometimes they die from it ...

But which survive -

They live to old age!


So I'm talking about Ivan

There are no problems for your ending.

Why, villain, ruse,

Realized everything about Snow White

And she will save them!

(pronounces victorious)

Who needs the litter to sip?


Ivan walked around me!

He was torn, well done!

Come to me, Snow Maiden

Take care of the palace.

A treacherous boy

Now wipe your face.

So that he doesn't care

Near our porch.

Everyone goes under the fly, Ivan da Marya appears)


How much according to the King's whim

I did not swim over the sea

I haven't seen a bad place


(Towards Santa Claus)

Santa Claus.

Haven't you seen my granddaughter They say the devil grabbed her in the forest and dragged her into the cave.


Ah, he's an insatiable body. Of course, Hell and Kikimora will help him. Well, hold on to evil spirits!

Santa Claus.

I got really angry. ( Music sounds. Speaks loudly.)

Hey you aunts blizzards

Storms and blizzards

Help grandfather punish evil spirits.

Damn and Kikimora bump into the ongoing music. They spin around pretending to be sheltered from the wind.


I am the devil with horns, with hot cakes over Snegurochka. I don't know, I'm not to blame, so I went to my aunt Chertikha and carried hot cakes.


I-folklore element.

I have a document

I can do it at all

Get going in a moment!

For the heat, for the blizzard

Everyone scolds me, hag.

And it doesn't hurt me anymore.

As in a camomile in a meadow!

Well, random, good, joking

Lost the way!

After all, I am a child of nature (

Let it be bad, but a child!

Kohl Richter, then only Kashchei.

Here's the bad guy that Snow White wanted

How to Eat Ice Cream

He must be punished.

Santa Claus:

It is not your job, evil spirits, to tell me who to punish. Talk about everything where Kashchei, the Snow White, is hiding.


Duck at home in a cave.

Damn it:

Inretreat from Kikimore. Here he is hiding behind the trees and Snow White is with him.


Yes, our Koschey is not afraid of anyone. Even you, Santa Claus. What did you eat

Santa Claus:

Well then, brave Koschey, come out!

Koschey comes out and sings cheekily.


We say byaki beeches.

How does the earth bear us?

Forget about Snow White.

Talk between us.

Oh la la, o la la, talk between us.

Damn and Kikimora sing along with Koshchei.

Santa Claus card bit,

Beat and his entire team.

Sneaky Kosh - it's true -

And I ate the Snow White.

O-la-la, o-la-la, and I ate the Snow White!

Santa Claus: (strikes with a baton)

Wait, stand still, bad forest

I freeze you (All evil spells freeze and don't move)

Snow White, dear granddaughter,

Where are you answer me now.

Snow white:(comes out)

Here I am, grandfather. I knew, believed, and hoped that you would find me, would not allow the children a vacation. Thank you Ivan da Marya.

Koschey: (turn to Ivan and threaten)

Look, Ivan, don't go to my forest, I don't like you.


You are not hurt now

We are for you, tea, not for tea!

You will race

I happen to piss off!

About you, about the villain

Glory already in Cherepovets!

You are for the whole soul of the people

I don't care in my face!

Santa Claus:

That's all! Stop the swearing

The vacation must begin!

Snow White:

The vacation must begin

The tree needs to be lit!


Well, friends, let's say loud and friendly: "Christmas tree, light up!" ( 3 times)

Snow white:

The Christmas tree lit up, but what about the New Year round dance?

Santa Claus:

And you, bad forest, want to be forgiven?


We want.

Santa Claus:

Then everything is in a round dance!

Extra-curricular event on the topic: "Meet the New Year".


helping children see the importance of family vacations in their lives.


To acquaint students with the traditions of celebrating the New Year in different countries around the world;

Promote the development of collective creativity, communication skills, cognitive interests and creative thinking;

Arouse touching feelings for the traditions of the national holidays.

equipment Computer, multimedia projector, screen, “Meet the New Year” presentation, tokens with even and odd numbers, artificial Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, scarves, sweets, gifts.

Organizational moment.

Presentation "winter fairy tale"

Winter has come happily
With skates and sledges
With a ski slope
With a magical old fairy tale.
On a decorated Christmas tree
Flashlights swing.
Let the winter be happy
Doesn't end any longer!

Winter is a fabulous time of year that brings a sense of joy, fun and anticipation of a miracle, a sea of ​​gifts and surprises. We all expect this from winter. Trees covered with a blanket of snow attract everyone's attention. Winter gives us a fabulous nature. For many children, this is the favorite time of the year.

On the road in a straight line
It was winter with frost
It was winter to my home -
The snow turned pink.
Two snowstorms in winter
This snow was blowing flat
Snow howled as they wanted
And they threw crunches.

We listen to the clip "Three White Knights" and sing together.

And which guys are celebrating our winter holidays !?

New Year is a popular holiday for children and adults. It is a sin to hide. Every time we hear chimes we hear the old year go by and the new year come.

And although we have long outgrown a fairy tale, deep down we always want to believe that in the New Year everything will be at least a little bit better, more successful, happier. Maybe that's why we're preparing so carefully for this vacation

With great desire, we choose gifts, prepare delicious things and arrange a vacation for ourselves and our loved ones.

Today the theme of our event is “New Year's Eve”. We will remember the traditions, customs of the New Year in Russia, as well as the New Year traditions in different countries.

1. A magical vacation.

How many celebrated New Year in Russia?

The New Year was celebrated in ancient Russia in the spring of March when nature awoke from hibernation.

Since the 15th century, the holiday has been celebrated on September 1st after the harvest. In the winter of 1700, the New Year was celebrated under Peter 1.

Tsar Peter issued a decree to celebrate the New Year on the night of January 1st. He traveled with the singers to the houses of the boyars and congratulated them. At that time, campfires were lit in the streets so there was plenty of light and warmth.

On this day everyone congratulated each other, decorated houses with pine, juniper and spruce branches, arranged fireworks, burning lights and candles. In every house they put a Christmas tree decorated with toys.

Of course every nation, every nation has its own

traditions and examples of celebrating a particular celebration. Important

the attribute of this holiday in almost every country is the New Year tree.

We will not break any traditions and also decorate the Christmas tree.

We decorate the Christmas tree together with the children under the clip (A Christmas tree was born in the forest)

Christmas tree is burning with lights
There are blue shadows under her
Prickly needles
As in white hoar frost.
It thawed warm
Spread the needles
And with funny songs
We came to our Christmas tree.
Multi-colored toys
They hung it on us
And we look at the Christmas tree
And we're having fun today.
Christmas tree shines brightly
Ignite everywhere
In all homes across the country
The boys are smiling.

Well the tree, it's just amazing
How smart, how beautiful.
The branches rustle weakly
Pearls shine brightly
And the toys swing -
Flags, stars, crackers.
Here the lights shone on them
How many tiny lights!
And decorate the top
It seems like it always does
Very bright, big
Five-winged star.

In which country has the custom decorated the Christmas tree with New Year's toys? ( from Germany)

A Christmas tree was decorated for the first time in Germany in the Middle Ages. The first toys were apples, nuts and various sweets. Later the Christmas tree was decorated with shiny toys, light bulbs, candles and a star was hung at the top. It is a symbol of the star of Bethlehem, which indicates the birthplace of Jesus.

We won't meet him in the spring
He won't even come in summer
But to our children in winter
He comes every year.
It's bright red
Beard like white fur
Interesting gifts
He will cook for everyone.
Happy New Year
A splendid Christmas tree will shine
The children are amused
Will stand in a round dance with us.
We'll meet him in a friendly manner
We are good friends with him ...
But have some hot tea
This is not a guest!

Who is the main character of the new year?

Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is called differently in every country. He is known as Santa Claus in America, Canada, the Netherlands, and a few other countries. He is very similar to our Santa Claus, but instead of a fur coat he wears a red jacket and hat.

The name "Santa Claus" comes from Holland, where St. Nicholas Sinterklaas was called, and his red and white fur coat and hat are reminiscent of the clothes of the priest Nicholas in Turkey.

Saita-Klaus lives at the North Pole. He flies to visit the children on a magical sleigh in a reindeer sleigh. The most important deer is called Rudolph. He has a bright red nose that helps Santa Claus find his way around in the dark.

In France, Per Noel brings gifts to children. He enters the house through a chimney, and children who do not want to be left without presents put shoes in front of a fireplace or stove. Peer Noel is afraid of the cold and is always dressed in white.

Finnish Santa Claus has long hair and wears a red hat that looks like a long hat and jacket. He always comes with the dwarfs.

Gifts to children in Finland are not carried by Santa himself, but ... by a goat!

His name is Iolupukki. He only gives gifts to children who have behaved well. The goat writes all the children's misfortunes in his magic book.

In Sweden, Yultomtennen comes to the children with the dwarf Yulnissar. This is a stooped grandfather, and his nose looks like a bump. It flew to Earth in a meteorite three hundred million years ago. More recently, a real house has been built especially for him.

Santa Claus arrives in Holland by ship. He brings children's toys, fruit and candy flowers.

In Italy, the fairy godmother Befana flies to the children. She appears on a magical broomstick at night. Fairy quietly fills presents with stockings hanging by the fireplace.

In Australia, the New Year is celebrated in summer. Santa Claus has a light hat on his head, a shirt with a belt and trousers in felt boots. He sails on a special board on which they ride the waves.

In distant Guinea, an elephant gives out presents. He walks the streets to music and songs.

In Syria, gifts for children are delivered by a two-humped camel.

In Turkey, they believe that the first New Year's grandfather was the priest Nicholas, who lived in the city of Demre at the beginning of our era. He loved children and often gave them gifts.

Mongolian Santa Claus is very similar to a shepherd. He wears a furry coat and a fox hat.

In China, New Year is a lantern festival. They come in different forms, such as vegetables and fruits. Lanterns are decorated with drawings.

In Brazil Papa Noel comes to babies, in Belgium to Saint Nicholas, and in our country everyone knows him as Santa Claus.

He appeared at the New Year celebrations at the end of the 19th century. This is an old man with a white beard, a long red coat with stars or snowflakes, and a red hat. He always comes with his granddaughter Snow Maiden.

Russian Santa Claus is coming

I am a real Santa Claus
I brought you the news
The new year is on the way
And will soon be on the doorstep!
Are you waiting for a miracle? The miracle will be!
Finally, Santa Claus will not be forgotten:
A present for everyone
Carefully packed in a bag
Tied up, brightly wrapped
After all, everyone is now waiting for a present
Miracles and fairy tales until January.
And I'll give it to you!

Song with presentation Russian Santa Claus

Mongolian Santa Claus comes to visit

What guys pinch your nose
And your feet frozen ?!
This is me Mongolian Santa Claus

I visited you

Are you happy to see me ?!
“Well, meet soon!
Sing, dance and laugh.
Cut candy faster,
Spare no poetry for me!

May the new year come
Will be really nice
Surrounds everyone
Happiness, success and health! "

Austrian Santa Claus comes to visit

Hello kids!
Warm up!
I want to congratulate you, I am Austrian Santa Claus
Though I rarely see you
But I love you all -
Happy Holidays, kids!

Happy New Year everyone

We are snowflakes

We are snowflakes, we are fluff
We don't mind circling.

We are ballerina snowflakes
We dance day and night.

We come together in a circle -
It will be snowball.

We made the trees white
The roofs were torn down.

The earth was covered with velvet
And saved from the cold.

Give a snowflake to each student.

- Let the boys write their wishes on these snowflakes and give them to Santa Claus so that he may fulfill them for us next year.

We see Santa Clauses to the music.

3. New year in Russia.

In Russia, the New Year holidays lasted two weeks. Celebrated New Year, Christmas and Baptism. The days between Christmas and Baptism were called holy days, and it was a lot of fun at that time. They went at Christmas time and did magic.

Gypsies are coming

Can't find a reason
Get a car
Can't find a reason
Sell ​​a little later!

When shopping in a store
You can find five hundred rubles in the basket.
Put her on the phone
And there will be a festive carillon!

A long youth awaits you
Travel pleasant bike.
You will see the whole world and not just once
Start saving money right now.

For you the advice is:
Always hold your tail with a whistle
If you don't miss a moment
You will be our president.

If you want to be happy
Then you have such advice:
Eat three pounds of salt
And a big bag of chocolates
Then drink some water
You will be happy, even kill.

The moment will come. Downward
Everyone gets tired. And embroidery.
And the television. And the ottoman.
Have a belly dance!

New year traditions

New Year's Eve in different countries is associated with traditions that have been preserved since ancient times. A belief was born even among the ancient peoples - as you get to know the New Year, you will spend it. To this day they use different tricks in different countries to "lure" luck, prosperity and prosperity.

For Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians, it is believed that the New Year should be celebrated in a new dress and new shoes, and then new clothes should be worn throughout the year. Usually they paid off all debts before the New Year, forgave all insults, those who were in a quarrel needed to make peace, so they asked each other's forgiveness.

In many countries, festive dishes are prepared for the New Year and Christmas.

In England it's Christmas pudding. In Germany, in addition to the New Year's cake, pork with steamed cabbage should also be on the festive table, in Italy pizza and fruit cakes, beans with honey and fish.

In France, cakes with sweets and roasted chestnuts, he will get rich in the coming year.

Brynza cakes are made in Bulgaria, and in one of them the mistress sticks a coin, whoever gets them will get rich in the coming year.

In America, every Christmas dish is roast turkey, and in Russia, many prefer geese with apples.

The Japanese love fish and colorful dumplings.

Game treat your friend.

The participants face each other. You are blindfolded and offer to treat a friend to a candy. At the same time they do this.

The new year 2013 is just around the corner and starts on January 29th. In general, everyone will have a lot of work this year, but perseverance and thoroughness, skill and patience will make things move and work for almost all signs.

What can we expect this year?

The second year of the twelve-year cycle on the eastern calendar is coming, this is the year of the serpent.

In every house this year there should be a symbol of a snake, as this will ensure the prosperity and well-being of your family.

It is traditionally customary to give a figure of an animal to a New Year, symbolizing that year.

Sweets and soft toys are good gifts for the year of the snake.

Meet the New Year 2013 in the family surrounded by the most loved people. For this it is particularly important that all relatives are together so that warmth and harmony remain in your house all year round.

New Years Eve again
He will rise as a young star!
May happiness and success
Smile, humor, good laugh!
May your day be bright
Pleasant, joyful and generous!
Let it be bright, dynamic
Overall successful and excellent

May you have a happy new year
Good luck will bring!
When there were mistakes, sometimes it was difficult -
In the new everything will be different, it always happens!
Happiness, vivacity, success, sickness and unhappiness!
Fulfill all wishes in the coming year!

Presentation show "On New Year's Eve" video

Infotainment event for children

"Journey into the New Year"

Teacher: Hello dear guys! Our beloved new year is approaching! We were all looking forward to it. For many, this is one of their favorite holidays. Why do you like new year (Answers from children).

Dear children, today we invite everyone on a vacation trip where you have to fantasize, laugh and not be upset, play and have fun. In general, having a great time, first you need to get to know each other. Today wonderful moderators help meMaxim and Karina.

Matching game "Name"

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{! LANG-c9ae70236f098aa8da6bb80aaaea7b67!}

{! LANG-50a65a8d2de779898ba4ca659a7a33fe!}

{! LANG-763ac520d37acdac0b455fe6031e8bde!}

{! LANG-6ca0afc92422ea9f65eae7fc4a535601!}

{! LANG-ad820f66cc3fa30bc3ce525bc94b393d!}

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}

{! LANG-c3ac528f3e09ba1ff4e65220e7dae1cf!}

{! LANG-4cc4e8d9944378db8e190148f4afe543!}

{! LANG-22bcc2038f495a92f27dbe9c0871b516!}

{! LANG-a0a2ec985ff70ab83ca7c05e2a6acfe0!}

{! LANG-9b15918da7f83fa1b89e3a9de02e5b4f!}

{! LANG-460f7205ab3a80e464dc2bcbe6e5d606!}

{! LANG-e917af685b208013ae1ba094862e4554!}

{! LANG-deed917b58fd01854ad15348a413b226!}

{! LANG-17c0e6f19f088caaf9f5a474a77f7507!}

{! LANG-a0a2ec985ff70ab83ca7c05e2a6acfe0!}

- {! LANG-741b48748fc36402b13d09dee8aa8bf2!}

{! LANG-09717880591b13da332753dde3417229!}

{! LANG-6f54eba138fd7cf0134b2170a1e3a1ae!}

{! LANG-7d3876a787c2005d0a62cd652478225d!}

{! LANG-3de472271e758c9deea1c1267fad4cb2!}

{! LANG-5c03774d48873f4f5093a85e79d49997!}{! LANG-4a4ba1400e846a242a74b07e12d002c9!})

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}

{! LANG-ce100015f55dfb73fa30d0d06d49c8d2!}

{! LANG-8e4ce1bd494ac995f872ed9edc5e8e5e!}

{! LANG-1267ac9932bfa781e08e61bf36a0d868!}

{! LANG-0814caf5abe4673123b90eb0a5edaaca!}{! LANG-087e47f3a87eb576457057ff31a9610b!})

{! LANG-a0a2ec985ff70ab83ca7c05e2a6acfe0!}

{! LANG-3ff0ac862717900dfd3741ebface2067!}

{! LANG-6f1367ecb21c393027c221aaa362b07a!}

{! LANG-bd7c48b6d796b4f3af6446fba70d53a5!}

{! LANG-3e668ecfc6f81b77df1499cbb583f3a5!}{! LANG-ff16f2796692ded7b2794b77b28a13f7!})

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}

{! LANG-1a6a9e8c69111cca058e658146b7ac95!}

{! LANG-cb6a447c212da48d79befc47e2bf1555!}

{! LANG-d60455336d9d3548b0b1c1e4ba3c91c9!}

{! LANG-7cdd295447679061fc1f2ec1a5a1689b!}{! LANG-2611f4aeda83fb13e74f0c2824e9cb2b!})

{! LANG-a0a2ec985ff70ab83ca7c05e2a6acfe0!}

{! LANG-7a797eb8e9818c0f9d24f5d485361a24!}

{! LANG-cf488264303fba306ffbf65307a76d39!}

{! LANG-97216ca90a4c2abc64e22c0f97ab7075!}

{! LANG-e8e3a4e04479e239e9c0cc1dacd3df24!}{! LANG-348e35e4ecb8f1a11c0735b0bc35949e!})

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}

{! LANG-cde1d6c1c089c17de296ec0f129d96fb!}

{! LANG-3094f5971a33f89e850a3ae371922540!}{! LANG-269db5905a2db2cc7117f837cd8abd9a!})

{! LANG-a0a2ec985ff70ab83ca7c05e2a6acfe0!}

{! LANG-e3ccfe916d6196ea7e4e2c829fcbafc8!}

{! LANG-084962b2e4e575b1987f55ab5ea68caa!}

{! LANG-109ab33dd7b1f0c4377a1962033ce6a4!}{! LANG-c360f8a78dbdc9bcbef3813ea44f406d!})

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}

{! LANG-def75ccccc70eba68eb4531ad23bfccf!}

{! LANG-8a5cbd5a0c483ec4dea07e9af5e56ffa!}

{! LANG-891688ca20a6e0f414db5b4323d588c5!}

{! LANG-ba78369792fe72d44db9d43711e072ec!}{! LANG-e70ae451d2aa5a6583f062eb7bbf52ae!})

{! LANG-5cc3d73437900a8c1a8878cd77b1b39b!}

{! LANG-528d49c47ca5ec8dbdde5064283f34f1!}{! LANG-12d097318c0915523b2e59c0b1f78b0e!}

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}

{! LANG-58c2869853ff23c80b62c35198e36bf8!}

{! LANG-adda8f1848f06cea39ed6b6c46b6e84b!}

{! LANG-ab31f8546ffa04dc3977a385e4066929!}

{! LANG-6764cb82ef4b8ed78bfabf4bca147882!}

{! LANG-3bc2f0c2ab6c3dcc8f24c4e8ce6f6b2f!}

{! LANG-c96e639f3dcf311b2989b1214f3334c6!}

{! LANG-788a6e72a7b71ceb154107268cf9725b!}{! LANG-e06bfdffca4230652218439b2f881e16!}

{! LANG-0068cc77499aee911ca3c929a19b3eee!}

{! LANG-329e93bc6cc09932bb653054eb898910!}

{! LANG-528d49c47ca5ec8dbdde5064283f34f1!}{! LANG-ea6e663430ae1d31cc9913eb4708bbb2!}

{! LANG-24ebb1ce265f2cc56866861da6345ca2!}

{! LANG-6731881d361e1a62a701ea32b8c67684!}{! LANG-1fd857c5d7a11516267e693168ea2c3e!}

- {! LANG-7b095a5235d3f34da89fd352cb0bac6b!}

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}

{! LANG-0e02d55a7d55de1b211bee59827b32e7!}

{! LANG-9d20165dc86c3e14ea82fb579b5b188c!}

{! LANG-1e97b4194475ae30e42a3c35fe2c47ac!}{! LANG-083cf79c436d2683397f25239292743e!}

- {! LANG-441beeb3a8b6bdcf8621f53d2c8662c8!}

{! LANG-528d49c47ca5ec8dbdde5064283f34f1!}

{! LANG-801705952433dad676b26ce56e3cfc5c!}

{! LANG-0cbd1b68a38d8a18d7813f2c3cb25557!}

{! LANG-a041cce958e10d573cb6384629d8a228!}{! LANG-574c6bbee732b032fbf70fd7574482df!}

- {! LANG-47a6da240d57d02b5277ff9722d2eb48!}

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}{! LANG-5701c842c2f4db72e94a0e84bf8ff231!}{! LANG-39eee6b08630be04944e7fb9daca42d6!}

{! LANG-528d49c47ca5ec8dbdde5064283f34f1!}{! LANG-ab841a695575defa375cdf62e889066b!}

{! LANG-b5c19fd9676cc3a8feb672e6e6a1f36f!}{! LANG-772d050df5c8a3c74a3127b3f5327a0a!}

{! LANG-98491deadc2034fd7d55c1612d489288!}

    {! LANG-b5d44055aff32807cbb9a34ca2d40f7e!}

    {! LANG-d9f42c2b3ddb18ddbe8896575b999df5!}

    {! LANG-a98a86d059f4d1730e95f6c3061d2995!}

    {! LANG-c6634c61d806a4672337930a1009037c!}

    {! LANG-6de4e8ac3ba42afd677cd5fec3391065!}

    {! LANG-d887f5cf03a79c1654af1e1647f78161!}

    {! LANG-463116be1e9537aa10968cd971ec5829!}

    {! LANG-62875ff9f62bdfc6bac503ea1703b51c!}

    {! LANG-10c8297b8233bd8f31c4b053162ef852!}

    {! LANG-a749a3eaf14df08fa340fd956a26e03f!}

    {! LANG-a642500eb9cdb92295578ed8806e7fed!}

    {! LANG-2936fdd10e0048210597c3db62c0c788!}

    {! LANG-21b1c7d8a3783b21e12b9a3120707a62!}

    {! LANG-4f1ca8b89793b6a7d86d56b4c25f5ca2!}

    {! LANG-621924fcaa43dd5a449e83b29b7c9e40!}

    {! LANG-49e9d23ec29083ad7e8c51470179e634!}

    {! LANG-9a47ef923bdfb5649b41e633a3a18a77!}

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}{! LANG-e991b74dbb35a492bba65464cf9102f5!}

    {! LANG-05a2fd204ac0276e8f674ac791f181fe!}

    {! LANG-36a5007605374384c5612bc9ca19157c!}

    {! LANG-e5bac7ebd38aa5a59b63a119e4de5b0d!}

    {! LANG-41c4d32a8f793b727fbb5027439cf4fa!}

{! LANG-6e4b0daccdf4fb13ff9f993baa7d00ef!}

    {! LANG-1fb34b13742c73fa9e7ed5d12e89fb17!}

    {! LANG-4d2c04468dc5c1a2223ed7e283f4a932!}

    {! LANG-22f671b6ad6402ee54902c4125a66571!}

    {! LANG-f5a6fdb93f3d348285043d628e7ecf9f!}

    {! LANG-6e6f7d767384195614431649c54b7862!}

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}{! LANG-c264bf08c01f4826f59c9d6f994f71ed!}

{! LANG-502f4fcab1066a0d8f4e5b966b716a96!}

{! LANG-900cf0b5d6a178b6bb2b4410b48543b2!}

Moderator 2:

{! LANG-78471745453eb3261ae9d2f45dbff3d8!}

{! LANG-9f4d1125753f15a15c527a787259d6fc!}

Moderator 1:

{! LANG-297787a6d9ea21d338f18198efd4d408!}

{! LANG-f069b8dc6194723e0067eea91f694eac!}

{! LANG-973f71fc48fd5e97177a3417aa79bb6c!}

{! LANG-05106ffdb53ea5cb5ffb05b9d4da750c!}

{! LANG-11dc51ffed1a9fd46c72b7a316760b90!}

{! LANG-c8348d76a5e5f8862cda1cc51444ef07!}

{! LANG-56ec60c26f414b94a1eeef94eb3dffd4!}

{! LANG-138017a6fac5862560bed3b438188ba6!}

{! LANG-36379fa962931d0605332ac183234a98!}

{! LANG-54e0a663d77d5417e4af6a3e306c56b8!}

{! LANG-c4095cf4bd8898282530b4889b041ee8!}

{! LANG-9c07c7b967543980b53c960627844dae!}

{! LANG-7e64f10acd88e73ba094bd3c212c26ca!}

{! LANG-2ef4e755dd9edb17b3f08bdda4614268!}

{! LANG-18c79b8a86cafe7983dc697090a9dffb!}

{! LANG-e83e608c1907e8aad5fbeffa7bd8b497!}

{! LANG-d4b8ed5ae8c54c0fcf05a79b94971b44!}

{! LANG-ddd66d562de3b435531f221a18510340!}

{! LANG-3f69c54024e028fe3781b67466e2afc5!}

{! LANG-17eaa8aecdb8b874c76d867af2039dff!}

{! LANG-901a988a69df462fb7705e1d73bc70a5!}

{! LANG-42cf586ed7b0e31140e72a50f0e9a112!}

{! LANG-9efb76ee7f36ed6c53a67e1fbba6d3bb!}

{! LANG-918e37790d8ecd2213a87083c0c81647!}

{! LANG-d1bc836b06a68ed83e28674eecc13191!}

{! LANG-c0b60cdcdb136ad1ac1d09e6ca31c6b6!}

{! LANG-a2d3addfb1631a4aea5c33c2626997a5!}