What are the benefits of power consumption

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Why is it good to save electricity?

Electricity consumption costs money: Each household pays an average of € 600 per year for their private electricity consumption. Energy-saving measures can reduce consumption by 70% to even 90% in the long term.

Power generation is inefficient: When generating electricity in conventional power plants, a good 60% of the energy contained in the raw materials is lost. As a result, all the more of these valuable resources are required for power generation.

Electricity generation pollutes the environment: Burning fossil raw materials to generate electrical energy produces the climate-damaging greenhouse gas carbon dioxide - an average of 633 grams per kWh in Germany.

Electricity consumption creates risks for all of us: Pollutants in the air, ozone holes and radiation exposure threaten our health

Electricity consumption causes costs for the general public: Due to the increasing greenhouse effect, there are more storms, floods and periods of drought. At the same time, the mountain of nuclear waste is growing worldwide. Since one cannot insure oneself against many consequences of such disasters, the general public has to pay for the costs of the damage.

That's why I should save electricity!

Save electricity easy on your wallet. On average, each of us can economically reduce our electricity consumption and thus our electricity costs by 50%.

Save electricity conserves resources. Coal, uranium and natural gas are far too valuable to be used on a large scale to generate electricity.

Save electricity increases the share of renewable energies in total electricity generation cost-efficiently, quickly and sustainably.

Save electricity contributes to the preservation of our livelihoods. The less electricity that has to be produced for our consumption, the less the greenhouse effect is amplified.

Save electricity promotes innovative technical solutions. Using efficient technologies makes saving electricity easier and promotes the further development of these innovative products and devices. This means that many new and secure jobs can be expected, especially in Germany as a technology location.