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Life coaching for Muslims: more success in this and the hereafter

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Reuf Jasarevic is the founder of Successful & Muslim, the first life coaching platform for German-speaking Muslims. The 37-year-old trainer helps believers to reconcile their religion and everyday life.

by Said Rezek

Reuf Jasarevic is an economist and started working as a business consultant after completing his studies. He worked for well-known corporations, including in Singapore, Austria and Germany. And yet he felt a certain dissatisfaction: "I had a great car, suits, hotel stays and so on, but somehow I still had this emptiness in me. I asked myself the question of whether what I was doing was really me fulfilled inside. "

Jasarevic found that he was increasingly neglecting his family and religion because of his job. He was looking for ways in which he could combine work, Islam and private life. At first he began to consciously set goals in different areas of life. So he decided to be home every day at 6 p.m. or to spend Sundays with the family. He also resolved to read a certain number of pages in the Quran every month.

Finally he discovered the IPAF method and developed it further: "IPAF is an acronym and represents a kind of model of life. It stands for the terms Islam, private, work, family. It is about these four areas of life over a long-term Keeping the period as balanced as possible in order to achieve inner satisfaction and equilibrium. It is about pursuing your spiritual goals, but at the same time keeping an eye on your everyday, worldly goals. "

Career and Islam go together

When Reuf Jasarevic speaks of spirituality, he means devotion to God in all areas of life - and thus also in one's career. In concrete terms, this means that if there is a financially lucrative business that contradicts his beliefs, then it is out of the question for Jasarevic.

The ritual prayer in everyday life for Muslims

Ritual prayer is one of the five pillars of Islam. However, in many areas of our society there are no pauses in prayer. How can prayer and everyday life be reconciled? more

Today, Reuf Jasarevic passes on his knowledge and experience as a Muslim personality developer. He lectures in front of hundreds of Muslims in mosques, companies and Muslim university groups. He also offers individual training for Muslims. First of all, he has to relieve many believers of the concern that career and faith are a contradiction: "The pursuit of success, be it for a career, for family success, for financial success, is not necessarily at odds with my spirituality. On the contrary: It can extremely help me to increase my spirituality even further, for example by using the resources gained, the insights, the experiences, the knowledge to leave positive added value in society. "

In keeping with this, one of the traditions of the Prophet Mohammed says: "The best person is the one who is most useful to people." Jasarevic would like to motivate others to adopt this attitude, because those who are professionally successful can also do good in the sense of Islam, i.e. donate or pass on knowledge.

Muslim prayer as a source of strength

In the coaching, Jasarevic combines modern management methods with traditions from the Koran and the way of life of the Prophet Mohammed. He cites the prayer as an example: "As Muslims, we are encouraged to pray the first prayer in the early hours of the morning in order to reflect on our lives, to worship God, in order to start the day productively. And here I have two Killing birds with one stone.On the one hand, I have a spiritual aspect in that I worship God through prayer, and on the other hand, I am already up in the early morning hours and become productive when others are still asleep can also improve my quality of life. "

In addition to prayer, Jasarevic recognizes other Islamic commands and prohibitions that can have a positive effect on life in this world: the pursuit of knowledge, fasting, a healthy diet or not to smoke. Jasarevic is convinced that those who manage to adhere to it will not only have a better life in this world, but also in the hereafter.

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