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Which media studies are right for me?

Not sure which media degree is right for you? No wonder, because the selection is huge. Here you get five practical tips for choosing a degree.

5 tips for choosing a media course

Tip 1: What am I good at?

If you still have no idea which media course you want to study, it is best to take a look at your own talents as a first step. Which school subjects are you particularly interested in? What are you good at and what do you enjoy?

For example, if you are good at drawing, taking photos and are generally artistically gifted, you should study in the field Creation, media production and design maybe right for you. Art is not your thing even in school, instead you are good at numbers and flourish in math classes, if you should study the media courses Economy, business administration and management take a closer look. Does your German teacher shed tears of joy every time you read your homework? Or are you particularly communicative? How about a degree in the field? communication? If physics or programming is more your thing, you will find plenty of study opportunities in the area Technology and IT. And everyone who sees their strength primarily in analytical thinking and likes to deal with complex contexts are in the field for courses Science and Research correct.

It can also help to talk to parents and friends about your own strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes other people recognize talents in us that we are not really aware of or that we take for granted.

But be careful: Talent is not everything! Moderate school grades in a subject that is related to your desired degree program does not automatically mean that you are unsuitable for this media degree. Much more important are enthusiasm, motivation and the willingness to deal intensively with the subjects of the course.

Tip 2: What am I interested in?

Another useful starting point when choosing a degree is your own interests and hobbies. Are you particularly fond of a particular medium? For film nerds and series fans there is, for example, the film and television course, for passionate gamers the course game design and music junkies may find their academic determination in the music management course. Or are you good with children and young people and are you interested in education? Then studying media education could be an option. Anyone interested in the business side of the media industry will be happy, for example, in the media management degree.

Tip 3: How important is practice to me during my studies?

In the media sector in particular, there are very practical courses on the one hand and very theoretical courses on the other. You should therefore also ask yourself how important practical relevance is to you during your studies in order to avoid disappointment.

Examples of more theoretical subjects are media studies or media psychology. You can expect more practice in the course of studies in media informatics, media design or journalism, for example.

Good to know: There are also differences in terms of practical relevance within a subject. In the field of film and television, for example, you will find extremely theory-heavy, film studies as well as very practical courses that teach you how to use the camera, cut videos or write scripts.

Tip: This offers an interesting combination of theory and practice dual studies. Here, a bachelor's degree is combined with vocational training or a long-term internship. You can find more information on this here (⇒ Dual Studies in Media).

Tip 4: Choice of university - university or college, state or private?

Once you have decided on a particular subject, you are faced with the next problem: At which university should you study media? First of all, our university database will help you to get an overview of where the media course of your choice is offered. Here you will find a total of over 870 media courses and more than 230 universities.

In the detailed search, you can also filter directly by degree program, state, city or zip code.

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