Business Can I write this contract down

What is a contract?

A contract is an agreement between at least 2 people.

For it to be a contract, both must want the same thing.


For example, if I buy a book, it's a sales contract.

I want the book and can pay € 15 for it.

The seller wants 15 €. That's what she gives the book for.


For a contract, the people have to be in agreement.

To do this, you have to show what you want.

You can say it, write it down, or express it with characters.


In our example you can see that very well.

The saleswoman writes 15 € on the book.

I go to the cash desk and put the book down. It's a sign that I want the book and I'm paying for it.


You don't have to write it down for a contract to exist.

There are not only written contracts with a signature.

You can also enter into a verbal contract.

One can also conclude the contract by sign.

Most of the contracts we make every day are not written contracts.

When I shop in the supermarket, I don't sign anything.

It is often better to write down and sign a contract.

If a person fails to do their duty under the contract, one can go to court.

The court is looking at the case.

It wants to know if there is a contract at all.

You have to prove that.

This is of course easier when you have it written down.

Then you show the contract to the court.

This can be proven in an oral contract if, for example, there is a witness.


There are also exceptions.

Sometimes no contract is made even if both say the same thing.

For example, I say to my girlfriend: I'll sell you a real unicorn.

She happily says yes.

She says she pays € 500 for it.

We both want the same thing and have said that too.

But there are no real unicorns.

That's why there is no contract.


Sometimes you can dispute the contract afterwards.

Avoiding means that the contract was not made under the right terms.

In the event of a dispute, the contract is canceled.

You reverse it.

For example, if I am threatened to buy a car, then I can challenge the contract afterwards.

I get the money back.

I have to give the car back too.

If someone outwits me and deliberately plays false facts on me, I can challenge the contract.

Sometimes you can even challenge the contract if you are wrong. A mistake is, for example, if I buy an original picture, but it is actually a fake.

However, contesting the contract is only possible with certain conditions.


There are many different contracts.

If you swap a book for a sweater, that's an exchange contract.

With a loan agreement, you borrow something.

Two people agree that one of them can, for example, take a book with him to read.

He has to give it back afterwards.

If you get a bike from your grandpa for your birthday, that's also a contract.

That is called a donation agreement.

There are also many other types of contracts.