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With these tricks you can get the lowest prices on the net

From TECHBOOK | January 02, 2019, 5:07 p.m.

When is the best time to go online for a bargain hunt? The question is not that simple, because “Dynamic Pricing” means that prices change constantly. The factors for this are diverse.

The smartphone costs 300 euros in the morning and suddenly significantly more in the evening. Prices up, prices down - with online retailers, offers can sometimes be a rollercoaster. But why? Quite simply: Because the provider tries to increase sales. The principle of "Dynamic Pricing" lies in the adjustment of the sales price to the current market situation. If the demand is high, the price is screwed up, if the demand stagnates, the dealers try to make the product more attractive with low prices in order to stimulate sales.

This can be confusing for customers. But you are not at the mercy of the traders' tricks. Those who buy at the right time can be happy. But if you strike at the wrong moment, you pay extra. TECHBOOK explains how to strike at the right time.

Find the best price search engine and use it properly

Pay attention to competition and willingness to pay

Depending on the day of the week and the provider, buyers can save a few euros. The principle has several advantages for the seller. Marketing expert Prof. Dr. Peter Kenning from Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf on TECHBOOK: “The companies are pursuing two goals with dynamic pricing. On the one hand, price is a powerful lever to increase profit. The providers want to tap into the willingness of customers to pay due to the price fluctuations and exploit the profit potential. In addition, the providers react to the competition with it. The market is constantly monitored closely so that customers do not order from another shop. ”However, this can also be a disadvantage for the customer. If, for example, a product is sold out by the competition, the price usually increases very quickly.

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7 tips to find the cheapest price

• Check prices on comparison portals. Investing a little more time in the search is usually worthwhile.

• Delete your cookies in your browser regularly. How to remove previous internet data that was saved.

• Compare prices in different online stores.

• When purchasing via smartphone, you should use the browser and not the app. Then you will see price fluctuations directly.

• Before you buy something, just google it to see if there are any voucher codes from the provider on the Internet.

• Anyone who comes to a product via price comparison sites or advertising banners can often save a few percent as a result. If, on the other hand, you choose the direct route to the provider side without comparing, you may pay extra. Nevertheless: Here, too, it is worth making a comparison between the direct provider and any third-party dealers.

• End device check: In order to really find the cheapest price, you should visit the shop with different end devices. Sometimes the price is higher on a mobile device than on a traditional computer.

With these 8 tips you can save on Amazon

Amazon was a pioneer in dynamic pricing

The online giant Amazon operates the dynamic pricing principle extremely. Here the prices even change several times a day. According to a study by the software company "Minderest", the price can change up to 100 times within 24 hours, sometimes even extremely - like a reflex camera, for example: First it was supposed to cost 700 euros, a short time later it was around 1,700 euros reported in August 2016 the website The prices are calculated using a programmed algorithm. "Due to digitization, the price adjustment costs are very low," said Kenning to TECHBOOK. “It all happens automatically. That is why almost all online shops now use dynamic pricing. Dynamic pricing has not only arrived on the Internet, but also in real shops. With electronic price tags, many companies can also change their prices very flexibly here. "

Daily fluctuations common in many industries

The dynamic pricing model is also very popular with airlines, holiday travel providers and hotel agents. Depending on the day of the week, the time of day and the time remaining until the start of the service, different prices are due. The ultimate goal: to find the best price that the consumer is still willing to pay and thus fill their own empty spaces as far as possible.

"The rules behind it are a big secret in the industry," says Tobias Weidemann from the digital magazine "t3n". For example, iPhone owners would tend to be assessed as having more purchasing power and users of price search engines would be assumed to be particularly price-sensitive. “So anyone who comes across a shop using the price search engine could find cheaper prices,” he says.

However, online shops also evaluate user visits and could theoretically adjust the price for the respective user, says Weidemann. Visitors can be identified relatively easily through the combination of features such as IP address, browser, add-ons, computer configuration and settings. "If someone has always looked at high-priced goods, one assumes that this customer is particularly solvent," he says.

The consumer association Brandenburg examined the price yo-yo. The result of the study: 15 of the 16 retailers examined regularly changed the prices for parts of their range - for individual products almost daily. In some cases, the fluctuations were considerable, with consumer advocates registering a particularly large number of them for electronic and medical products.

The best time of the day to buy

Is there a prime time shopping? Yes, the time can be decisive for the price. Kenning to TECHBOOK: “It's similar to the petrol stations. When demand is low, this is a good time to buy. For example in the morning when a lot of people are working. But the algorithm is not only determined by the time of day, other factors also play a role, so that this rule does not always apply and also not for all products. ”However, various studies have also shown that the same product is often more expensive during lunch breaks is offered because at these times the demand increases.

At the online retailer ATU, car batteries or tires were up to 30 percent more expensive in the morning than in the afternoon before. At the DocMorris and Sanicare mail-order pharmacies, price reductions were accompanied by price increases for other items on individual days.

Statistics have also shown that clothes, shoes and accessories are cheapest on fashion platforms on Thursdays, but are often most expensive on weekends. Clothing should usually be cheaper to buy before Christmas. But this does not apply to shoes, which often rise in price before the holidays.

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