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How to make your first game a complete success

We often explained special tactics, such as roaming. But what about the basics? How can League of Legends newbies gain an advantage, and which of these tips would have helped the seasoned players among you with their first game? The more you know about the game, the better you can handle it. The two biggest keys to success are knowledge and practice, where the easier and less time-consuming is definitely knowledge. You can learn a lot with professional streams, but also if you just read through League of Legends articles on the net. The basis of all the basics are the terms. For all those who are unsure about the terms, the most important ones are listed here again:


  • AD-Carry, ADC or Marksman (Sagittarius): Usually a champion with a longer range of basic attacks. Such a champion can do the most damage to the opposing team and can clear away a lot later in the game, although he usually does not have the upper hand in the early game phase. AD-Carrys usually have very little health compared to other champions and can usually be found on the botlane. The name AD- ”Carry” already indicates the importance of this role: As one of the main sources of damage, AD-Carry always needs protection, while it should be the target of fights on the opposing side.

  • Support: Supporters are intended to help their allies by, for example, preparing kills for them or healing them. This is especially true in the early course of the game, as the supporter must actively support the AD-Carry so that it is as strong as possible in the later course of the game. The supporter still has to protect his teammates later in the game, but depending on which champion is played, he can also be an incredibly strong initiator.

  • Midlane roles: While the "AD" -carry has to build items based on attack damage, there is no such restriction on the midlane. Champions in this role mainly do damage with their abilities, whether they rely on attack damage or ability power is irrelevant at first. Similar to the AD carry, the midlane role is one of the main sources of great damage in combat. In contrast to the AD-Carry, some midlane champions are much more mobile and do not necessarily need the protection of their team. Your task is to eliminate the most important opponents as quickly as possible.

  • Jungler: Junglers are busy killing neutral monsters in the jungle and occasionally peeking over the lanes. This should have the effect that a certain pressure is exerted on the opponents and that they are frightened and killed when visiting the lane (also called gank). Raids give the team the upper hand early on in the game. As a jungler you always have the summoner spell "Smash" with you to ensure lenses like the dragon and baron. Since they have to move quickly from A to B, they are characterized by their high mobility. The current style of play prefers junglers who already bring a lot of life with them.

  • Off-tank: These usually bring a lot of life and can still deal damage later in the game. Most of the time they have an ability to get closer to the opponent or to immobilize them. So while they have a lot of life, they can become a real problem later in the game - if not worse than an AD-Carry or the Midlaner. Therefore, they should not be underestimated. However, they are often very weak early in the game.

  • tank: Not to be confused with off-tanks, "real" tanks have even more life. They often initiate a team fight and are also very good at that thanks to their toughness as they are not very easy to kill. Often they influence team fights with the help of their skills, which usually involve considerable crowd control.

There are countless other terms that can expand your knowledge. If you are interested, we will list them one more time.

  • Do not die unnecessarily! The so-called feeding is unnecessary and turns a good opponent into an unstoppable beast. That sounds easy, but it's especially not if you've just started with League of Legends. If you want to prevent the chances for your feed, the next points will be useful to you.

  • Play defensively! It is far more useful to kill vassals safely on your tower than to die on your opponent. Having a few kills and no death for them is better than having a high number of deaths and only a few kills.

  • Play simple champions! Each champion's profile has a bar that indicates their difficulty. Don't ignore him! As a newbie this can be useful to you and it is far more pleasant for you to be successful with a simple champion than to fail with a difficult one. More difficult champions need an experienced player.

  • Choose a champion with reach! These are usually easier to play and also give you a certain distance to the opponent and so you can annoy him from a distance. Of course, that doesn't mean that hand-to-hand combatants are completely unsuitable for beginners.

  • Play with a friend! So you can help each other, even if he hasn't played League of Legends before. If he is already familiar with it, let him advise you.

  • Play the tutorial! The tutorial may seem boring, but it teaches you the very first basics. It is unfair to want to play your first game right away if you have absolutely no idea what you are doing, especially for your fellow players.

  • Understand the tower range! This problem is common to many newbies and most of the time it leads to quick pixel death. If you attack an enemy under their tower, the tower will attack you. Even if the opponent has less life than you, do not attack him under his tower for the time being, because you will only be able to take advantage of it after some practice.

  • Work with the vassals! Vassals are the little males who fight the opposing vassals on each lane. There are close, long-range and cannon vassals. These little men are not only useful for killing enemy vassals. The allies can serve as a protective shield, for example for Ashes volley. Also try to avoid the enemy vassals attacking you. This can happen if you attack an opposing champion in their presence or none of your vassals are nearby. If you deal the fatal blow to opposing vassals, you get gold for it and can build up a head start.

  • Pay attention to the map! The map can always be seen at the bottom right (with unchanged game settings). Are all opposing champions visible? If not, you should be more careful, because the missing opponent can stand next to you in the next moment and fight you. Therefore, play more defensively if you don't know where an opponent is.

Of course everyone has a different style of play, but these general tips can improve your first game, and even a professional gamer will need to pay attention to some of the listed points.

Are you interested in further tips for newbies, such as the right runes? Or are you more enthusiastic about posts about professional gaming? Let us know in the comments!

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