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Again and again we are asked what it is like when you are newly pregnant.

And the pages about the first signs of pregnancy are the most frequently clicked on at swissmom. That is why we wanted to know from our users their very subjective experiences and asked the very personal question in the forum:


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"How has your body changed in the very first few weeks? What gave you the idea that something was growing there? How did you know that the hormones are programmed differently? When did you feel sick the first time? How much did your breast enlarge "Is it really true that one suddenly has an appetite for strange foods?"

Here are now 41 authentic reports from swissmom readers about their very first pregnancy experiences:

1. This is my fourth time pregnant ... and each time I knew I was pregnant. The first thing I noticed was a lot of fatigue, the reason for which I mostly blamed on external circumstances. I was also bothered by various smells. Be it perfume, food scents and, most of all, cigarette smoke. Already three or four days before the no menstruation, my chest has grown by about half a body size ...

2. I immediately noticed that I was pregnant. It was so bad for me at the beginning, every day for 4 months, from morning until late at night. But my work distracted me very well from "being sick", although it was also very exhausting. At the beginning, however, I smelled everything, especially food, exceptionally extremely, and then I felt sick again. I also quickly noticed that I was very tired in the evening and that everything was working much harder. I slept a lot in the beginning and that was also very good.

3. It must have been a few days after ovulation. When I pressed on my right fallopian tube, I felt a pulling and stinging sensation that lasted as long as I was holding the fallopian tube. After three days the pain was gone. Next I was always so tired, of course I concluded this with this super hot summer. But the thought of a baby still haunted my head, which the test then proved. About 3 weeks after the no menstruation, I began to feel nauseous. Another 2-3 weeks later I had real fits of crying or laughing. A dream, a film, a word or even just a facial expression could do one thing or the other. Then I had a lot of trouble to calm down again. Then there was my urge to change: I absolutely had to cut my hair, made lists after lists, and put together baby things that were already available everywhere, such as dresses, etc., which I then had to wash immediately and put in the box. Also immediately grabbed me a purchase, that is called a snowy urge. Catalogs and shops were ransacked ...

4. During my first pregnancy, three days before the men stopped going, I happened to see an SS test while shopping and suddenly had the feeling that I had to buy it. We didn't want to get pregnant back then and had almost always used contraception. Sounds strange I know - but that's how it was. Bought the SS test and did it in the office during my lunch break, and he told me I was pregnant. In the evening I knew why I slept so much over the long weekend (4 days) ... In the current SS it was tiredness again, this time I had an idea. The nipples were also more sensitive than usual and again I just had the feeling ..... This time, however, the SS test did not show anything even 6 days after the men were absent, only the FA then confirmed the SS.

5. I stopped taking the pill in February 03 and had a couple of abdominal drops beforehand. I was told it was going to take longer. OK. We came to terms with it. On May 9th, 2003 my men started working normally. On May 31st, my best friend came to me, we drank coffee and ate cookies (especially me). When she drove home with her boyfriend, she said to him: "Something is wrong with A., she never eats things like that." But nobody said anything to me. Then the doctor put me on sick leave because I had symptoms of paralysis all over my body. A tick bite was suspected. From that day on I couldn't eat anything grilled either, although I had bought various things the day before. I couldn't smell a gas grill anymore, I kept getting sick. We were all terrified. On June 6th, 2003 the phone call came from my doctor. He just said that a huge tick "took a bite": -) ....

6. I even know exactly to the day when fertilization took place - namely on May 21, 2003. I had stabilized my very irregular or almost non-existent cycle in 4 months thanks to the use of chasteberry to such an extent that I would all 35 - 42 Days got my period. Then in May I started to control my phlegm - well, and on May 21st it was like egg white and spinnable - so we enjoyed the sex in the evening even more - and bingo hit it off. I felt the first signs of pregnancy just a few days later. My breasts hurt a lot, it increased so much (and stayed until the 10th week of gestation) that I couldn't bear any touching, had to protect the nipples from chafing with plasters and even had to hold my breasts when climbing stairs to prevent it yes there were no strong vibrations! Then after a few days this leaden tiredness came on top of it, I could have fallen asleep anytime and anywhere, that was very difficult and it was very difficult for me to concentrate in front of the PC - suddenly I am, who normally does not go to bed before 11 p.m. or midnight, fell into bed dead tired at 9 p.m. Well and then there was the nausea, I had to vomit several times and couldn't eat a lot of things, let alone smell - funny enough, everything that is unhealthy anyway, but I usually love it very much, such as: sweet, fried and fatty :-) .. The pregnancy test only turned out positive in the 6th week of pregnancy - but I didn't believe it until after the 3rd test and 3 days later ...

7. So one of the first signs was definitely fatigue. I was able to sleep all day for the first few days when I was pregnant. I always went to bed at 9 p.m. because I couldn't keep my eyes open. In the past I always thought that this tiredness tended to occur later, when you already had a stomach and such, but that's how wrong! I also got very nauseous relatively quickly. I could hardly eat anything. The first three months in particular were very bad. For me the nausea lasted all day, in other words: I was sick the whole time, the whole first three months !! On the day the 12 SW started, the nausea was gone. And then I had to make a real effort not to eat everything into myself!

8. Every time I am pregnant, I have a cold with weak bronchitis ... In addition, I am very hungry ... eat all day and I am very moody ...

9. In the 5th and 6th week, I had a very strange appetite. I was hungry, but hardly in the mood for anything. And if so, then that was precisely determined. It had to be cheese in the devil, and above all I devoured tons of scrambled eggs. Basically, I had a lot less appetite. From the 7th week on, the appetite began to normalize. But the desire for "exactly that or nothing" has remained.

10. I felt very few changes in the first few weeks of pregnancy. My breasts were suddenly more sensitive and the nipples very sensitive to touch. However, I had experienced it before and was not pregnant. Otherwise nothing at all changed or indicated in my appetite or nausea. I was really lucky that I didn't feel any "side effects" to this day.

11. The most obvious thing about me was that I developed a really healthy appetite about 5 days after conception. I suddenly had to eat 5 meals, 2 of them warm, and fish every day. I usually (not pregnant) eat three meals a day, one warm, and when I work a lot, I sometimes forget to eat. About 10 days after conception, my nipples became tender, so that they hurt if I carelessly touched them. That was completely different from the breast tenderness that I usually have before the mens and that affects the whole breasts. The stomach, on the other hand, felt like it was in a normal cycle.

12. Since I was recording the temperature every morning, I knew pretty soon that something was different when the thermometer didn't go down after the 14th day after ovulation! Somehow there was a pretty strong pulling in the abdomen - as if the men were coming soon anyway. It drew really right! Shortly afterwards the positive pregnancy test! The temperature and the tension in the lower abdomen remained unchanged for the next few days, only my emotional life changed very quickly: I became quite sensitive to criticism and no longer gave up - in other words: I defended myself fairly selfishly when I had to (especially in my workplace). A few days later, my breasts were growing quite strong, but without causing any pain. A little later I got problems with my blood sugar, which sometimes went down so bad that I had to eat more and more regularly from then on. But that's about it. I was spared the much touted fatigue and malaise for a long time. Not until the 8th -10th Sometimes I felt a little sick during the SSW, had a headache and was otherwise "uncomfortable". But soon afterwards I was fine again and that is still the case today, luckily! I think that if you are a little sensitized to it, you quickly notice that something is happening in the body ...

13. I knew intuitively that something joyful had happened: In the first few days I noticed a powerful surge of energy, as if you could pull up trees, which I converted into jogging, long hikes and dancing. My appetite was also bigger than usual, I was always hungry and craved apricots. In the 2nd week of pregnancy there was also a pulling in the stomach, as if menstruation would start in the next few days, and there was a very warm feeling in the pubic area. The labia were redder, stronger and bigger than usual. After 4 weeks, when the menstruation did not materialize, the stomach tugging kept coming back, the tension in the chest, the warm feeling, the good appetite and the labia remaining large, there was for I no longer have any doubts about pregnancy.

14. Two or three days before I missed my menstruation, I developed a clearly stronger sense of smell. I just couldn't stand the perfume of a colleague, which I always found terrible. The flowers that stood around no longer seemed to smell but to stink. From that day on I could no longer wear my own, otherwise so beloved perfume. I also felt a slight pulling in my lower abdomen, which felt different from the one I got before the mens. I always described it like I had a stone in my stomach. That's when I knew I was pregnant. The SST on the day of the absent menstruation was negative; it was only positive 3 days later. And I've been a mother for 3 months now.

15. I was really in a (fr) eating mood, the ligaments in the lumbar region were extremely pulled and, above all, I was extremely sensitive to everything. When I saw a pregnant woman, I was so happy about it that the water in my eyes came up. The same thing about reading books when it comes to parent-child relationships. I also had a lot of trouble with the news and newspapers in this regard.

16. I was a staunch smoker. In the morning before work, I liked going to the café. Drank an espresso and smoked my cigarette. In the last few days I just didn't like the cigarette and the espresso. I thought they really changed everything, new types of coffee, my cigarettes got a new taste with the new pack. Then I kept smoking one because I thought I was imagining it. But the cigarette just didn't get any better. Of course, after my period stopped, I took a test. And when I found out that I was pregnant, I immediately stopped drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.

17. Towards the end of the first week (around August 6-7) I had the feeling that my legs were very heavy and the blood was no longer circulating properly. I couldn't sit on a hard chair for more than 10 minutes and kept moving or changing positions. Without thinking too much about it, I attributed it to the heat, although it was always so hot in June and July and I never had such problems before. It stopped after two weeks. But the men stayed away and the chest was tense and painful. Only then did I understand! During the first medical examination it turned out that the calculated conception date was August 5th ...

18. At the beginning of my pregnancy I somehow had a strange feeling in my stomach, as if something was there that shouldn't be there. I was also constantly tired and irritable, even though I am a very balanced person. When my menstrual period stopped, it was clear to me that I was pregnant. To actually make sure, I went to my gynecologist. In the lounge, a 2 year old boy came up to me and made himself comfortable on my lap. Then the thought occurred to me whether children can feel when someone is pregnant. Well, the less beautiful side were the blackheads that I got, as well as a constipation :-( The positive thing was that I suddenly got beautiful hair, have more energy (when I'm not tired), and also more sociable Above all, I am drawn to people who are also pregnant or who have recently become parents. Probably lies in nature. Oh yes, I've been spared the morning sickness so far and since I'm now in the 4th month, I think I think the worst time is around :-)

19. My first signs of pregnancy were dizziness. When walking upstairs, tying shoes or simply standing freely ... suddenly I felt unaccustomed to dizziness for a few seconds. Another sign I was sure was that my chest hardened and swelled. There was also a brutal tiredness. These signs let me know very quickly what was going on with me. Fortunately, I have been spared the nausea so far.

20. My very first sign of pregnancy was a severe pulling on the right side of my stomach. I felt this with every step for about two days. After that I noticed an itch in the breasts, which then slowly turned into pulling and tensioning. At the beginning of the second month and until the end of the third month I felt violent nausea, which I felt all day long. After that I felt great!

21. I was incredibly tired in one fell swoop, really stunned and at first thought, because I did not count my cycle exactly: "Yeah, well, now there will be pain in my limbs and then you'll have your flu ..." Nothing, the enormous fatigue lasted for three days; during which I was fortunate enough to be able to lie down. A blatant aversion to tea, which I usually love so much, became apparent from the second day of "slain". The appetite during these days (and also during the weeks after) was enormous. With these signs, I began to suspect that I might be pregnant. A test at home showed me that I was about 7 weeks pregnant.

22. When my period was due, my breasts were extremely tense. For me, this was the sign, because otherwise I don't have breast tenderness before or during my period. My breasts grew enormously in the first few weeks, a whole bra size. It was not until the 7th week of pregnancy that the morning sickness came on top, but it went away again from the 4th month on.

23. About 14 days after ovulation, it was a Monday, I got so tired at work in the morning that I almost fell asleep in front of the computer - my eyes kept closing and I wanted to lie on the floor and slept. After things didn't get better in the afternoon, I called in sick and went home to bed. Same thing the next day. Since we deliberately did not use contraception, when my menstrual period did not appear, the light went on pretty quickly and I got myself an SS test after just 3 days, which promptly turned out positive. After that, I was very, very tired for the first 3 months and went to bed no later than 9 p.m. (which is pretty early for me) - but I no longer had to be absent from work. The tiredness was gone exactly after 3 months. I never felt bad, every now and then my stomach was pinched and pinched and pulled here and there, but not bad. Now I'm looking forward to our June child!

24. My first signs of pregnancy, which really gave me hope, were a regular pulling in my abdomen, much like the "pain" I have just before my menstrual period. I was almost a little disappointed because I was about expected my days.With the Men, however, the pulling usually stops within a few hours (max. One day), and in my first pregnant days it took over a week. After reading on the Internet (anywhere else - I didn't know Swissmom at that time) that this could be a sign of pregnancy, I did the urine test about a week after the pulling started - with success :-). I think I was around the 6th week of pregnancy.

25. It started with the fact that I was often irritable and not motivated for anything. I couldn't stand the smells of flowers and bushes anymore (I got pregnant in spring, when everything was sprouting ...). I no longer liked certain foods like asparagus and dried meat. Basil was just the worst from the smell, it made me feel sick. At first I often felt sick from the neck (hormones). My nose was always closed, I felt like I was constantly catching colds.

26. Well, actually I didn't notice anything until the 8th week ... But then I noticed that I had to cry more and more often because of "odds and ends" - especially when watching TV. I also noticed that in my job I had a lot more nerve for things that I couldn't do quickly enough before. Suddenly a lot of things weren't that important anymore ... When my chest tightened and all the bras were too tight for me, I did a pregnancy test - positive!

27. I have known for two days now that I am pregnant again. In the 2nd week after ovulation, I often felt a pulling on the right or left side (like a bit of a stitch). I am now in the 3rd week (after ovulation) resp. 5th week of pregnancy and had back pain at the beginning of the week, as I actually felt before the menstruation came! During this week I often felt strong pulling in my lower abdomen, somehow I think I feel that my uterus has already enlarged. I'm a bit tired, constipated, but I don't feel any tension in my breasts yet, and I'm not sick (at the moment) either.

28. Constantly peeing ... And the first thing my husband saw was that the breasts were bigger :-) In addition, I ate half a glass of pickles every day while cooking, just like that. Before I knew I was pregnant. Really clichéd. A little later there was an infinite fatigue and an aversion to certain smells and foods.

29. I'm not long pregnant, only seven weeks old. Before I could do a pregnancy test, I noticed my nipples getting tender. I also had to urinate frequently. In the meantime I have a slight constipation and slowly but surely I also feel something of this typical fatigue. But both are hardly worth mentioning. No nausea, no cravings, no mood swings. To put it in a nutshell: I'm doing wonderfully!

30. It was very strange for me. Mens was overdue, test showed negative. Breasts began to tense, milk trickled out, white bumps appeared around the breasts. I also had a strange tugging in my stomach and my back hurt a lot. Strange food cravings. Later, the Migros test showed weakly positive, but it was negative at the doctor's. After changing the gynecologist, the test was still negative, but the doctor made a more detailed examination: palpate the abdomen, vaginal examination. Then he saw something small in the uterus that looked like a small amniotic sac.

31. My first sign was the day before my period (I had it very regularly) was due to start. The night before, I had very painful nipples, so I couldn't sleep on my stomach as usual. Since I never got pregnant for over 12 years, I was sure from the first moment that something was different than usual.

32. I noticed early on that something might not be right, even before the menstruation stopped. And although I'm a real sweet tooth and love sweets ... All of a sudden I didn't have any appetite for all these things. I concentrated on the mandarins since it was Advent time. So Christmas cookies & Co. were no longer interesting. That made me think :-).

33. First the normal canteen signs announced themselves. Instead of getting the mens, the breasts tensed and almost hurt to touch. I was also quite tired in this first phase. Since we wanted a child, of course I was very aware of these signs and soon found out that I was pregnant with a pregnancy test.

34. My sign of pregnancy with the first child was extreme breast tenderness. I knew that as a sign of the mens, but not so early. On the day when I was supposed to get my period, the Ladycomp indicated to me that it suspected a pregnancy. He was right :-)

Now with the 2nd pregnancy I can't really describe it. I was convinced that I was impossible to get pregnant. And yet there was the ulterior motive that it could be. My cycle lasted sometimes 24, sometimes 32 days, on average 27 days, so I could have waited a while with an SS test. Then on December 25th I did the test, it was weakly positive. 2 days later, another test, which was also weakly positive again, 2 days later I did the Migros test, the result was then clear :-) And the Ladycomp still did not show any pregnancy. The first sign was constant fatigue. I could always have slept. But I didn't think it was because of a pregnancy. Then there was a pulling in the stomach, later the breasts began to tense. Now it was clear :-)

35. I was extremely tired in the first few weeks and always felt sick after breakfast, especially in the morning. Fortunately, however, I never vomited :-) I always thought I had to be extremely stressed, that's why I react like that. When the men stayed away longer and longer, I suspected that it was probably not related to the stress (was in the middle of an exam at the time).

36. After I stopped taking the pill, my rhythm was so jumbled that I actually had no idea when my fertile days would actually be. So I never got the idea that it could hit in the 2nd cycle after giving up the pill. I then became puzzled when I felt extremely sick one afternoon in the office. I drove home at 4:00 p.m. (instead of 5:00 p.m.) and didn't move a meter without a "Kotzkübel". Later that evening I had terrible cramps in my lower abdomen and that was the first time I thought I might be pregnant. Yes, I bought the test the next day, tested it the morning after, and I was pregnant. The cramps, however, did not stop for the next two weeks. It was so bad that I called the health insurance helpline in the middle of the night (at 2 a.m. !!!). Fortunately there was a very nice doctor who was able to calm me down, because it was simply the uterus that made itself felt in an uncomfortable way. No wonder, because she had to make room for TWINS.

37. I took my pill regularly and therefore had no idea that my signs could be due to pregnancy. It was so hot last summer that I always thought it was the heat - until the back pain started: At the beginning I was quite often dizzy and a little strange in my stomach. At the same time, I was often badly distributed throughout the day, not just in the morning. I had to throw up "only" 2 times in total. Even so, the feeling of nausea haunted me everywhere. My breasts began to tingle and tighten, and the nipples became very tender. When I visited, I liked to have a few glasses of wine. When we were invited during this time, after just a few sips, I felt very strange, as if I had emptied the bottle on my own. During this time the tears were always there, even for no apparent reason! On top of all that, I got a kind of backache. I consciously say "some kind of" backache. From one minute to the next it came and got stronger and stronger. It felt like a strain. That was around the 8th week of pregnancy. I could hardly sit anymore, I was most comfortable standing or lying down. Sometimes I crawled around the apartment on all fours. Nothing helped against it! But this pain, as uncomfortable as it was, eventually stopped by itself, like most other complaints. But some of them stayed, for example the nipples are still very sensitive and react to the smallest touch.

38. For me this time it was the following signs: nausea (but without vomiting), heartburn and tiredness, increase in breasts. I was also much more hungry. I could eat twice the normal portion in each case. And I already eat large portions! Since I'm pregnant with twins, the signs came earlier and somehow more intense. In the other SS it was only the nausea and the increase in breasts. Otherwise I had no signs.

39. I just knew it. Deep in my heart and slowly the sure thought stole more and more into my consciousness. I had to think about it more and more and suddenly I was quite sure. Actually, I didn't have to do a pregnancy test at all :-). I felt a little nauseous once, nothing else. In addition, I had absolutely no desire for chocolate, which was clearly no longer normal for me as a chocolate monster :-).

40. It was - I think - about 10 days after ovulation when I was invited to a wedding party. Unfortunately, my husband was abroad on business and that is why I had to go to the wedding alone. The whole menu actually tasted great - the strange thing was that I had an appetite for salad. Because otherwise I don't particularly like salad. I didn't worry about anything yet. But when the cake was served and I could hardly look at it, it already seemed suspicious to me. I usually like to eat sweets. The next morning, that was Sunday, I did a pregnancy test. Actually, I shouldn't have got the menswear until Wednesday, but I was too curious! I was overjoyed when the test showed a really slight positive - and that 3 days before the "deadline". I immediately phoned my husband out to bed to tell him he was going to be a dad in almost exactly 9 months. I was happy how stupid! When I get pregnant again, I will definitely notice that I no longer feel like eating chocolate!

41. So the breasts got bigger. Another very important sign was my mood swings. I got irritated very quickly. Then my mother-in-law noticed that I was probably pregnant without my having said anything. Otherwise, I had the feeling that the men would have to start at any moment, because I had such diffuse stomach pains.

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