Cardio adds physical strength

Kickboxing for women in Cologne.
Fitness kickboxing Cologne.
The name of the sport can be translated as "fighting with hands and feet" - this is a fist fight in gloves, supplemented by kicks. Born in America in the mid 1970s, he is technically a mix of European (English) boxing and a range of martial arts (mainly Taekwondo and Thai boxing). Women started kickboxing relatively recently: in 1984 the first European kickboxing championship took place in Austria, and as early as 1985 women took part in the world championship according to the rules of limited contact.

There is more than one opinion that hand-to-hand combat, and especially kickboxing, is not for girls at all. This opinion is very wrong and no longer modern.
Without exaggeration, we can say that kickboxing courses at Best Gym Bergisch Gladbach Cologne only have a positive effect on the female body.
What does the women's kickboxing training in Best Gym do:

The combination of technical punch combos and high cardio load enables the body to burn a large amount of calories and, consequently, fat. Hourly training in Cologne helps burn 750 kilocalories. If you add a skipping rope to your warm-up, that's all 900. A large number of jumps and movements creates a powerful cardio effect that can burn even the most stubborn fat in your stomach. Incidentally, too much fet in the body puts you at risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some types of cancer. One of the studies published in the American Journal of Physiology found that aerobic exercise burned 67% more belly fat than twisting it normally.


The classic training in the sports school Best Gym includes not only kickboxing, but also skipping rope, circle training and exercises for the core muscles. All of this together has an enormous toning effect on the body, as all muscle groups work through kickboxing. And using a pear as a target for strikes can burn even more calories, strengthen your back muscles, and make your waistline clearer.
Exercising the core muscles improves coordination and constant movement develops flexibility and speed of reaction.


While most girls do kickboxing to keep fit, some martial arts are a way of protecting themselves. Kickboxing women are convinced of their abilities and do not panic at the sight of danger. You feel safe in the dark and in the company of unknown people, which is also very important.

FIGHTS stress and aggression

It's been a tough day and you mad at the boss? Imagine it instead of a punching bag and hack it with pleasure! At this point, your body will start producing endorphins that will fight stress. And in the morning you come to work in a good mood.
Sometimes the best way to relieve stress at the Best Gym Bergisch Gladbach Cologne martial arts school after a hard day is not a glass of strong drink, but intense physical activity. Kickboxing is one of the healthy ways to get rid of all of the negative emotions that have built up during the day. In addition, evening exercise will help you fall asleep faster and better and improve brain function.


What could be more motivating than your own increasing performance? The intensity of the kickboxing training in Cologne ensures that you can see the first results very soon. This is a great incentive to move forward. As you set a goal and achieve it, your self-esteem increases, and with it, your mood and self-esteem.

The first result will be noticed after two to three weeks. Of course, it will be insignificant. However, your presence will speak of progress. After about one and a half to two months you will be able to master the basics of protection technology.

Best Gym Women Kickboxing is viewed as a costly form of physical activity, outperforming sports like running, cycling, and aerobics in terms of calorie expenditure.

In contrast to performance boxing, there is no form of sparring in fitness kickboxing: all training usually involves developing techniques in the air, on a punching bag or with a partner. Don't forget that fitness kickboxing at Best Gym can be a great preparation for self-defense. With each workout, the girl adds physical strength, determination, perseverance and more confidence.
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