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Ask yourself the question, "How can I get rid of cellulite naturally?" It is estimated that 90% of women suffer from one form of cellulite or another. You're not alone in your scary swimsuit season ... even in the dead of winter. While cellulite is almost universal, the ways to get rid of it are not. There are some remedies that are much more effective for getting rid of cellulite and others.
To understand how different cellulite remedies work, let's examine what cellulite is and what causes it. Cellulite consists of tiny pockets of fat just below the surface of the skin. As these small pockets of fat enlarge, they begin to poke through the pathway of connective tissue, which forms a lumpy or glazed appearance. Medical studies are hard pressed to determine a single cause of cellulite, but commonly called T-culprits involve poor circulation of blood and lymph, hormones, and genetics.
When looking for new ways to get rid of cellulite, home is there. Whether you're looking to get rid of gastric cellulite or the vitrified fatty tissue around your hips and thighs, you want to choose treatments that address the most common causes of cellulite directly.
Since you are going to get rid of cellulite, exercises that improve circulation are an excellent choice. Solving the poor circulation of lymphatic fluid plays a primary role in helping you enjoy smoother skin. While any cardiovascular exercise will help for this purpose, recovery, jumping on a small trampoline, is particularly beneficial.
If you ask a holistic health professional, "How can I get rid of cellulite naturally?" You generally hear them recommend dry brushing. Drybrush uses a special soft brush to gently brush the dry surface of the skin towards the abdomen, and pauses to spend extra time near the lymph nodes in the groin, chest, and armpit. Since the lymph is just below the surface, it doesn't require a lot of pressure. The resulting improvements in lymphatic circulation create subtle but definite benefits.
Another excellent way to reduce the appearance of cellulite is to find an effective topical cream. The most effective of these contains caffeine, which is known to help improve circulation and even flush out excess water retention and therefore unwanted puffiness. Other important ingredients include anything that will help tighten and smooth the skin. Vitamin C and Vitamin A, also known as retinol, are both excellent antioxidants, collagen builders and skin rejuvenators. Ideally, you want a cream with caffeine and some kind of skin rejuvenator. To speed up the process, look for a product with a delivery system that will ensure that the maximum amount of these active ingredients reaches the areas where you want to get rid of cellulite