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Get the route in Finland by car. Memo about entering Finland by car

What's Better in Finland Independent Tourists - By Car or Bicycle? Each mode of transport has its advantages, but with the car you will see the Suomin faster and see more.

With the car that you travel by car, you are completely self-evident, you make your own route and choose the places you want to see. In a sense, this is quite an adventure as you never know in advance that you will see outside the window - a slow moose, the fields with sleek modern equipment, neat houses with blooming gardens, urban neighborhoods with old architecture. You decide where to stop and when to continue.

but independent travel the country requires clear planning, otherwise you may get lost, spend too much gas and money, or skip something interesting.

Build the route

When planning a trip by car, always make a route in advance. To do this, first of all, in order to decide which cities and attractions you want to see, you need to create a list in which stops are distributed. Consider that the optimal length of daily drift is 200-300 km: the long distances cleared by travelers and you will not put the power for entertainment in place. Milometer is easy to calculate using special services on the Internet, for example, There is a possibility to calculate the distance between cities, time and consumption of gasoline.

Be sure to use the GPS navigator when traveling. When renting a car in Finland you shouldn't have any problems with these issues. Driving on your own car allows you to prepare in advance: download the Finnish map, mark the addresses, intermediate, intermediate and end elements of the route in which you are planning. If there is no wish or money - use the laptop with Microsoft Autoroute + GPS receiver, which sends out the laptop coordinates via Bluetooth COODINATIONS. It doesn't allow you to get lost in the thick network of Finnish streets.

We are looking for apartments

Based on the designed route, you will find places to stay overnight. Accommodation accommodation today can be easily accessed through special services on the Internet, especially if you take care of it in advance. You can book accommodation in a special section on our website. Look out for websites such as (cheap hostels), (apartments), and (hotels). Look out for the guest network - you can find it overnight for free on the KAVERTING system. Often car tourists stop at the campsites: clean toilets and showers, hot water, furnished children's rooms, a kitchen and even a barbecue with smoldering coals - all these are pleasantly conspicuous tourists. Read more about finding housing and prices for different room types in Finland, read our article.

However, you can ignore civilization and entertain open skies for the night - in a tent. However, it is worth remembering several rules: it is impossible to stop in a private area, it is impossible to disperse a fire in the reserves. Finns protect their nature, so campfires can be hissed in a limited number of places. There are special platforms for the breeding fire, the dry firewood is placed next to the fire. Looked, cut the bruises and branches from Finns, is forbidden. A cop can find mistakes even if only Zweig wins.

Let's refuel

Finland, which better enters with full fuel-gasoline and canister. It is permissible that 10l. The cost of gasoline in Finland is several orders of magnitude higher than in Russia.

Note, gasoline 92 in Finland that you cannot find.

Where better to refuel?

In Russia

  • On the way to Torphyanovka there is refueling from Neste in the Kondratyevo settlement (petrol station No. 501) and Lukoil in the peat and the Aestation (petrol station No. 148), just before the border.
  • There are two Tatneft refills near the Ramberry: Barmade gas stations (10 km from Saymen Highway) and flower gas stations (20 km from Saymen Highway).

In Finnland

The usual gas stations (here is where the payment includes the cashier) works from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and automatically - around the clock (so in Suomi). There are also all-round refills where the staff is present. They usually have a toilet, a café (tea costs around 2 euros, a sweet bun around 2.40 euros, and a hearty sandwich around 5 euros) and a mini-shop. In general, the cost of fuel on the motorway is usually a little higher than in the city. Please note that the petrol stations are not found very often on the route (definitely less often than in Russia), so in a convenient case you should not miss the opportunity to refuel.

There are 4 big players in the Finnish petrol station market: Lukoil is part of the Teboil and Jet network, SOK-Sorge owns ABC and Esso networks, two other players - Neste (Neste and Nex) and Muut (ST1 and Shell).

For instructions on how to fill up when refueling in Finland, read our article.


Completely abstract from humans and going into the world of nature does not work. You still have to travel to stores for grocery products. Since the euro rate is not too friendly now in relation to the Russian wallet, it is better to strictly calculate the budget for food. The most expensive products are better bought at home - for example, bread bought in Finland will cost three times more expensive than the Russian analog.

If the food in the car tires, still a desire to stay in a local cafe, try the dishes local cuisine And felt Finnish aroma. Coffee with a roll costs around 5 euros. The hosts of such cafes prefer to deliver in their tastes and invest their soul in the interior, making them difficult to call the roadside "Eatery". Sometimes you can find out completely unusual in the format of the institution. So, on the route between Imatra and Parikkala, there is a cafe where, at the same time, coffee, tea and smoked fish sell a variety of products for the sauna - they are the main interior items: muscles, brooms, shampoos, blacksmith tools to wear of firewood and so on.

You can have a snack at gas stations. Russian travelers especially loved ABC stations where you can eat and spend the night buying products with souvenirs. Read more about them in our article.

Please note that there is regular parking along the highway - there is a table with benches, a toilet, sometimes there may be a fire. Often they are located near the lake where, if desired, you can swim the fishing fish and imagine - it will be great vacation on the way. Don't forget about fishing restrictions, you can learn details from our article.

Cross the border

If you cross the line, apply their rules. Drive to the MAPP (Multilateral Car Checkpoint), watch out for the signs that indicate which cars are encountering: There are different checks for cars, trucks and buses.

However, detailed instructions for Russian car travelers are already prepared by the Finnish customs officers. This video clearly shows how to trade on the Russian-Finnish border:

You can also read how you can pass through customs and which documents are required by the driver and his passengers in our article in our article.

It is difficult to say through which MAPP is better to cross the border peat and the crucible or the Vrorssil: on the one hand, technical improvements are gradually made to reduce queues at the borders, on the other hand the tourist flows are on the other more or less evenly distributed. In any case, the choice of MAPP does not depend on the length of the queue, but on your destination. Tubes at the border, unfortunately, meet despite the decline in the flow of tourists - it usually happens on holidays and on Friday. Here the rule "who gets up early, this duty gives the duty" works. If you leave the St. Petersburg hours at 6-7 a.m., you most likely won't see a large cluster of cars.

In any case, before and during your trip, it makes sense to look at the webcam.

Speed ​​restrictions in Finland are strict - on high-speed motorways, not more than 120 km / h in summer and 100 km / h in winter. On other country roads, the maximum speed ranges from 50 to 100 km / h, depending on the condition of the road surface, weather conditions and the places where you are driving. For snapping, it is very good for crossing. Yes, and see the wonderful species of Finnish nature extremely problematic at a speed of 150 km / h.

The Russian person who was used to the immense expanses of our country is difficult to get used to the conditions of movement on the Finnish roads. The size of the country is extremely small and the road network is very thick - as a result, there are many curves and branches on the roads. And they follow each other with small intervals. Skip the turn or roll it out, easier is easier. However, if you carefully follow the pointers, you will not see the problems. And this is another low speed argument. Don't forget the help of the navigator.

Small Finland sizes allow you to work efficiently and Finnish police. Typically, in the event of an accident or other incident on the road, it will appear within 5-10 minutes.

Do not try to circumvent the Finnish road rules as the slightest violation will result in a serious penalty. Below you will find data on fines for the speed speed calculated in the daily tariffs (d.t.).

Excessive speed of 24 to 26 km / h14 German in accounting 12 German from settlement
Excessive speed of 27 to 29 km / h16 German in the account 14 German outside the settlement
Excessive speed of 30 to 32 km / h18 German in the account 16 German outside the settlement
Excessive speed of 33 to 35 km / h20 German in the account 18 German outside the settlement
Excessive speed of 36 to 38 km / h22 German in the account 20 German outside the settlement
Excessive speed of 39 to 41 km / h24 German in the account 22 German outside the settlement
Excessive speed of 42 to 44 km / h26 German in the account 24 German outside the settlement
Excessive speed of 45 to 47 km / h28 German in the account 26 German outside the settlement
Excessive speed of 48 to 50 km / hcourt (in the settlement) 28 German outside the settlement
Excessive speed of 51 km / hdish

In Finland, a penalty for violating traffic rules can be calculated using the so-called daily dance rate (d.t.). The daily tariff applies as follows: from the net profit, that is the amount of monthly income that remained after deducting taxes, € 255 is deducted. The resulting result is divided into 60. In addition, the presence of any minor child reduces the amount of the daily rate for € 3.

The whole charm of the auto designed is that you create your own route, you don't have to rush with the group, you have easier control of your budget. The danger is that it is easy to get lost. Follow our recommendations, and the trip to Finland will bring you a lot of positive emotions.

Central Finland, map

In addition to being the quickest way to get to the right place, airfare is most often the cheapest.
Use the ticket search to find out prices.

Flights to Central Finland.

With the help of the website of the time map, you can pave a route to the center of Finland, Finland from other cities and regions automobile road, measure the distance from one settlement to another, find the shortest route to the central Finland area, Finland from different settlements, choose the shortest route to the center of Finland, Finland for travel by car, show the entire route on the map At what distance between cities in the road, calculate gasoline consumption, the cost of fuel, kilometers from Moscow, the calculation of distances between cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Europe, the definition of a kilometer to central Finland, Finland. The work is carried out with services Google Maps. and yandex.maps. Failure in the work of the service to address personally in the hands of the company Yandex and Google, get there

Distances between cities Finland (km)

From Helsinki.

Kuusamo hand


Distances in Europe (km)

1. Edge points

Finland's border can be crossed at the following border points:
. Vaalimaa - Torphyanovka. (Recommended from Helsinki)
Works around the clock, tel. + 358-20-410 21 70, + 358-20-410 21 50.
. Nuyamaaa - Birberry. (Sayme) (Recommended in the direction of Lahti, Mikkeli, Tampere, Kuopio)
It works around the clock, tel. + 358-20-410 23 50.
. Svetogorsk-Imatra. (Recommended in the direction of Savonlinna, Joensuu, Kaiaani)
Works around the clock.
. Niiral - Vyrssil. (Recommended when leaving in Finland from Karelia)
Opening times: 7 a.m. - 9 p.m., Tel. + 358-20-410 32 70.
. VARTIUS - KIVIYARVI. (Departure to Finland through Kostomuksh)
Opening times: 7 a.m. - 9 p.m., Tel. + 358-20-410 42 50.
. Paradise-yoosepps-Lotta (Departure to Finland through the Murmansk region)
Opening times: 7 a.m. - 9 p.m., Tel. + 358-20-410 54 00.

2. Documents required for entry

1. Rights to drive a car (not necessarily international).
2. All technical documentation for the car (technical support, inspection marks, etc.).
3. Insurance on the Green Card Car ("Green Card").
4. In the case of driving through proxy, it must be certified by a notary for presentation to Russian customs, translation into foreign languages ​​is not required.
"Green Map" - System of International Civil Vehicle Before Third Parties. IN European countries This type of insurance is compulsory. The "Green Card" form consists of two parts - the original and the duplicate. Both parts are filled in identically.
Losses on the green card are subject to the bureau of the country in which the accident occurred in accordance with that country's legislation. On the back the form that places addresses and phones of the Green Card Bureau in the countries of its actions for which it is necessary to contact the case of an accident.
If, while moving abroad, an insured event occurs (that is, if there is damage to a third party by means of a vehicle to which the insurance policy is issued), the insured must cause a police patrol which should issue an act of an accident. After an accident, the perpetrator and the victim exchanged the numbers of their insurance certificates.
In the event that a "Green Card" customer, it turns out that he is concerned, he can contact the Green Card Bureau in the country in which he is located at that moment or in this insurance company whose Customer is a person who has fallen into damage.
You can arrange a "green card" at the border or with an insurance company where you previously took our insurance.

3. Technical characteristics of the trolley

3.1. tires

3.1.1. Winter tires should be used in all passenger and pick-up vehicles from early December. The use of winter tires at other times of the year is optional. Tires with rivet rubber can only be used from the beginning of November to Monday, the next week after Easter Monday. They can only be used at other times of the year if the weather and climatic conditions provide for it.
3.1.2. The height of the tread pattern in the summer tires of the passenger car should be at least 1.6 mm, and in winter tires - at least 3 mm. It is not allowed to ride tires with bare lines. The simultaneous use of occupied and unused tires in the car is prohibited.

3.2. Dimming window (toning)

The darkening of the wind and the front windows is only permitted within acceptable limits: the light glass light should be at least 75% and the front side glasses 70%. Additional blackout, for example, a light protection film is prohibited in Finland.
3.3. Absolutely unacceptable in the car "anti-radar"! Cases of authorization to enter Finland when you recognize the police in the car of this device!

4thBasic rules of the road

1) in Finland, traffic on the right with overtaking on the left;
2) You can never overtake the car stopped by a pedestrian. Obgon is forbidden when approaching the oncoming transport, on rags, turns or in the immediate vicinity of the intersection;
3) In areas with a speed limit of 60 km / hour, you should always skip the bus from stopping.
4) In cities, entry into the lane allocated for buses is only allowed before turning.
5) Always skip the tram at the intersections without traffic lights or signs.
6) The tram ride is mainly forbidden;
7) respect for pedestrians;
8) In the absence of restrictive signs, the total speed limit is always equal to 50 km / h in settlements (territory limited by the signs of the settlement), and outside them - 80 km / h, on the highway speed up to 100 km / h in winter and 120 km / hour in summer. A maximum speed of 80 km / h is installed for a car cruiser (car house). In structural and repaired areas, it is limited to 40-60 km / h;
9) All cars just need to move with adjacent headlights, regardless of the time of day and the weather;
10) In passenger cars, seat belts must be fastened to both the driver and passengers, as well as in the front and rear seats. In a taxi, this rule applies to all passengers. An exception can only be made in the event of illness or disability that prevents the use of seat belts;
11) Stopping and parking the vehicle is only allowed on the right side of the street or street. On the one-way street, the stop and the parking lot of the car on the left side of the street are also allowed.
12) Moving the car without license plates is prohibited in Finland. The foreign car should also have a prominent national identification;
13) Driving a car in a state of intoxication or under the influence of narcotic substances is prohibited. The maximum permissible level of alcohol in the blood is 0.5 ppm. Violation of this rule almost always results in punishment in the form of a fine or imprisonment. 1.2 ppm excess can result in more serious penalties;
14) Moose and reindeer (in Lapland) often appear on the streets. Warning signs are installed in the required locations and urges drivers to inform them of the maximum length of the most dangerous areas.
15) On the car that is in bad condition is prohibited. In the worst case, the police can forbid continuing to work on a faulty car and the car will have to be towed into the parking lot.

5. Gasoline.

5.1. Crossing the Russian-Finnish border is in addition to full Baku * to have 10 liters of gasoline. It is recommended to fill up with the full tank before crossing the border, as the cost of gasoline in Finland is on average 1 euro per liter of 95 gasoline and depends on the region. Gasoline sold in Finland does not contain zinc. The 98th Cannon Gasoline contains additives that allow you to use it on vehicles, specifically not intended for non-cynical gasoline. Gasoline for cars with a catalytic converter is sold by pumps with a green refueling gun. Filling of the gun black - for diesel.
5.2. The benzococoons on the tracks are rarely found. Sometimes the distance between them reaches 100 km. So if you've dropped a "gasoline lightbulb," don't risk going to the nearest station.
Employees only refill cars at large stations. At most petrol stations - self-service. Some Benzococoons in Finland work around the clock. Payment is made at the cash register or through the machine. It is advisable to have a credit card with you as the five oncoming gas stations 4 may turn out to be automatic, although cash payment through the bill acceptor is also possible. In the automatic refueling mode, some of the gas stations operate with cash maintenance at night. At the station, as a rule, cafes and shops. Here you can find a taxonophone (with local calls before the region code 0) is set. Many benzocolones come with washers and small auto repair shops. With automatic refueling (Neste, Shell, Esso, Venko and Teboil), gasoline is a little cheaper. Many benzocolones come with washers (PESU) and small auto repair shops (HUOLTO).
* Recommend taking a canister of gasoline as it can take a long time to pass through customs.

6. Parkovka.

You can park in Finland where there are legal signs.
It is impossible to park if:

The yellow line was carried out on the right edge of the road;
. A sign installed prohibiting parking;
. In the absence of any signs.
Most of the parking spaces in cities are paid for and automatic. A ticket on which the arrival time and the time you paid for the parking space are placed under the windshield of the car so that the parking officer will notice immediately. If you forget to do this, you will be fingered, which can also affect obtaining further visas.

7. When the burglar machine

On the highway 150-200 m from the machine, you have to put an emergency stop sign.
Tow away. Maintenance in Russian can be obtained by phone from the company "Roskovist". 9800-3500. The number applies across Finland. On companies that offer towing services, you can go to an auto repair shop, a gas station and in phone number books. In the department "Outward Palvut".
Service stations are usually open on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays, work along shortened graphics. Many service stations sell petrol 24 hours a day, some of them have a café.

In case of emergency

Emergency telephone number for emergencies across Finland 10022. A frequent emergency room for which you can call the police, ambulance or fire service - 112. You can call these numbers free of charge.

8. Fine

Receipt of the fine for incorrect or unpaid parking is usually attached to those in charge, for whom the vehicle is unloaded on the windshield glass, the penalty for speeding up by the police or sent to the address indicated in the green card if the violation to the directive taken from an automatic chamber. You can pay after receipts in any bank (pankki) or already in Russia in the embassy or in the embassy or in Finland in Russia. Paying the fine is strictly mandatory because unpaid fine is a good reason to refuse your next Schengen visa. If the fine is paid in Finland, keep the receipt of the payment because when considering your visa application it may be asked to enter it.

Report on the trip by car from St. Petersburg to Finland. Sights and photos of Lahti and Helsinki.


This year I decided that I would like to celebrate my birthday with a little trip from St. Petersburg to friends in the Finnish city of Lahti and Helsinki.

Road to Finland.

We arrived in St. Petersburg in the evening on Friday and spent two weekends enjoying its breathtaking view and delicious food in Tokyo City.

Breathtakingly delicious dishes in the restaurant

For five days after traveling we only made one miscalculation - left St. Petersburg for every hourly peak on Monday, which is why they spent a lot of time just to get out of town. Everything continued to run like oil. We got to the border point "Torphyanovka" (340 km) in 4.5 hours (340 km), taking into account the short stop in Vyborg (bought water).

The navigator, who was supposed to show a shorter route to ideas, kept trying to lead us aside aside! Barrot "but we don't succumb, but I finally understood it was time to replace it with a modern model with fresh cards.

The border was fast, there was no one in the queue in front of us, there were only a few cars. The first difference between Russia and Finland that immediately catches the eye is the lighting of streets. In front of the "crucible" we traveled into such darkness as if we were not driving on the autobahn, but along the deserted path through the forest. Immediately after crossing the border - civilization, the roads are well highlighted, there is not a single pit or irregularity.

Excellent and beautiful Finnish street


Lahti - small town with a population of just over a hundred thousand people. It is well adapted to life, there is a wide causeway with cafes, well-groomed parks, playgrounds, many shops and large shopping malls, bars and entertainment centers., Like Hop-Lop. My husband and I went there with nephews (4 and 6 years old) and in the end there was nothing less than them.

Prices bite, but there are lots of sales and stocks. For example, we went almost free on the same hop-lop by simply collecting the right amount of caps made from yogurt. On the usual days, you only pay for children, and when accompanied by adults, you can come by for free and play with babies at all attractions on a PAR.

Children's entertainment for all tastes

Hesburger is a Finnish analogue of McDonalds in which burgers are much more miserable. Every day there are shares "two for the price of one". You can easily eat for 800 rubles.

The prices of products in ordinary stores are higher than in Russia. Bread is cheaper than 1.5 euros it is impossible to find, but you can be sure that you are paying for a fresh and tasty product. There are still 6 euro shops where you only pay to go in and you choose as much groceries as you can carry.

New year atmosphere in the Finnish store

As for apparel and technology, you have to "catch" sales; they are very profitable. For example, on this trip I bought a new balance sneakers for 30 euros, although they usually cost almost 200.

In Lahti, as in all of Finland, much of the commission business is kirppptori. Russians are called from easier - "Kribushki". You are at both frank nonsense and completely new things for a snot. Some manage to dress a few thousand rubles from head to toe there. The most expensive in them - shoes, and, oddly enough, books.

Lahti - The city is low, not a single building over seven floors that we haven't found.

Cozy town of Lahti

But he's extended, but riding the streets - a pleasure. Machines are a bit, the streets are wide and smooth. Nobody rushes anywhere and does not cut.

Finland has a very rigid monetary system and the Finns themselves are more relaxed. There are many cyclists here for whose part the road is highlighted everywhere. The only thing a bit nervous is long and frequent traffic lights. This is a pedestrian land so adults won't be afraid to let their own young children walk on.

Parking in the center is paid, a penalty for violation is high, so there is no cluster of cars along the streets, and there are no strange cars in the courtyards of the houses - separate places are allocated for guests. In large shopping centers parking lot or completely free or only two or three hours. Then you need to set a special clock under the glass with an indication of the time you will arrive. Otherwise a fine.

Parkovka street sign.

Almost all entertainment for children is free. For example Perhepuisto. We rode off the slides, waved on a swing, and even walked with the trunks to little tricycles. Children, by the way, behave much quieter here, no screams or Mad Rungun. Apparently concerns the slowness and dimension of Finnish life. It seems that no one is in a hurry anywhere. Someone can get bored because shops close at 6 p.m. and don't work on public holidays. But we really like coming to this city, we love him for silence and calm, leisurely along the embankment and parks, long rides on bicycles. This is the perfect city for a quiet life.

Calm and measured lahti


As a result, our autumn adventures do not end, waiting in front of the noisy and crowded Helsinki. At least we expected to see it closely. At night frosts hit, so the grass along the roads was covered with hell and the mist rose over the fields. From Lahti to Helsinki, just one trip, it flew unnoticed thanks to good music and a breathtaking view from the window.

We decided to take the car and left the hostel - we feared problems with parking in the center and too narrow. With affordable housing in Helsinki problem. The transcendable option that we found when booking is. Small rooms, shower and toilet to several rooms, but there were no problems with them. The hostel has a common room with games machines, books and board games, as well as a kitchen with a kettle, microwave and stove. The front desk offered to be offered to take on the ears and a free breakfast in the morning, although it wasn't very tasty - dry sandwich with sausage, banana and coffee from the machine. But if you pay two 2,200 rubles a night, this is normal.

From the hostel to the city center, just half an hour a leisurely step, the street leads to pleasantly pleasant houses with funny graffiti and small parks with sculptures.

Banksy graffiti.

Sculpture is very organic

In particular, we liked the river bank

Sightseeing Helsinki.

The train station in the city center has been an architectural monument since 1919. In addition, there is a large area and many stores of the most popular brands. Through the street - Finnish National Theater founded in 1872.

Square in Helsinki.

There are many more people here, mostly tourists and those who come or leave the train station. From the square to the dam of ten minutes on foot, on the way you can have coffee in Starbakse or snack in a cafe, but the wallet becomes a lot easier.

Center for Helsinki.

Giant seagulls strike the bank cloth, which is perfectly not in front of people, and take photos.

Bold Chaika.

If you have time until five in the evening, you can have delicious, fragrant Belgian waffles or Hothunde, which are cooked here in small tents. Souvenirs are sold nearby: magnets, key rings, openers, hats and scarves with a deer and a Finnish blue-blue flag.

There are ferries on which you can go for example in Tallinn (only two hours one way) or stacked (night). We were there, and there, truthfully without a car, although it can be taken with me for an additional fee. It only makes sense if you go to these cities, not for a day. On the ferry that arrives in Stockholm, the night flies unnoticed, as cafes, shops by Tuchichi and the hall where the musicians play and even the disco pass.

From the embankment you can quickly get to the hallmarks of Helsinki - Cathedral Square and St. Nicholas Cathedral. Every tourist considers his duty to take pictures of the snow-white pictures on the snow-white steps that lead to the cathedral, we had not saved either.


In one of the clean and well-tended streets of the city, it becomes clear why in 2000 Helsinki was given the status of European cultural capital on a par with nine other cities. Not only are there many architectural landmarks, a museum and parks, but all time concerts, world famous groups, exhibitions, theatrical festivals and entertainment shows are held.

Helsinki is always different

way home

Back to Petrozavodsk, we returned by the edigsil border object on Saturday morning. There were no queues, the limit was the maximum for fifteen minutes. Since the frosts were killed, and we still had a couple of summer tires, they walked carefully and did not hurry.

Foggy road in Finland

I was lucky with the weather, the sun of precipitation wasn't. Alerts on the road were not met, although few people had time to transfer to winter tires.

Sunrise in the Finnish forest

As always, we did without LUKOIL immediately after the border. We have a discount cumulative card, it seems profitable because we travel a lot. For example, every thirty liters of coffee as a gift.

The street home went through a wonderful pitkoyranta, as always appealing species.

The birthday came out memorable. This time we didn't skimp on food and arranged a three day shopping.

Travel expenses to Finland by car

Traveling with him on the basis of fellow travelers is almost free.

  • Petrozavodsk-Saint-Petersburg-lahti \ u003d 0 rubles
  • Lahti Helsinki \ u003d 230 rubles
  • Helsinki-Petrozavodk \ u003d 0 rubles
  • Riding on Lahti and Helsinki \ u003d 650 rubles
  • Shopping \ u003d 10,000 rubles
  • Food \ u003d 8500 rubles
  • Total \ u003d 19 380 rubles.

Finland in terms of tourism and travel is one of the most attractive countries for Russians.In particular, this expression applies to residents of the northwestern part of Russia. Proximity to the Scandinavian neighbors and perfectly established transport system With this country you can easily visit a lot of interesting places. But before you go on a trip, the approximate promotion should of course be made. Make the optimal plan of your trip considering the distance between cities in Finland.

In total, Finnish has around 108 cities. They are mainly located in the south of the country, which is not wonderful as the climate here is much more favorable than in the north. But there is life! So the city of Kemijärvi (Kemijärvi) is located behind the Arctic Circle, the population of which is 8 thousand people. A small southern Rovangi (Rovaniemi) is an important transportation montage on the map of Finland and the largest city in Europe. It is only 95 km away from Sweden. Located on the shores of the trunk of the Baltic Sea, southwest of Rovangi, the cities of Oulu and Kemi. 212 kilometers to the east is Kuusamo - famous ski area, which sometimes takes part in a million lovers of winter sports.

However, the largest cities are in the south of the country, as mentioned above. The distance between them oscillates in the range of 100 to 300 km. It takes 2-4 hours to get from Helsinki to most of the major southern cities. So the distance from the capital to the big city Turku is 157 km to Pori - 242 km, Lappeenranta - 219 km, Tampere - 135 km, 126 km and Lahti - 102 km.

Satellite cities should also be pointed out, which together with Helsinki represents an agglomeration of 20-30 km. Very close - 18 km from the city there is a 240-thousand Espoo, and 3 km is closer to Vantaa with a number of 195,000 people. Espoo - The second largest city in the country and Vantaa is the fourth. Besides, the guy is most of the main Finland airport - Helsinki-Vantaaa.

The most accurate information about the distance between cities in Finland can be found on the website of the Roads Department of Finland (here is the direct link Site Finnish, because all the information here is also in Finnish, but it's very easy to find out. In the table on the left you need to select the object of departure (MISTA), and on the right - the city of arrival (MIHIN). If you plan to go by car by car you should enter an alleged average speed under the tables in the Keskinopus KM / H field. (Do not forget that in winter the high-speed limit on the highway roads of Finland is 20 km / h below, instead of in summer).

Now click on the button "ilmoita valimatka" and the result will be displayed. For example:

Mistä (from) \ u003d Joenuu

Mihin (wo) \ u003d elimäki

Nopeus (speed speed) \ u003d 70

Välimatka on (distance is 343 km

Nopeus to (speed) 70 km / h

Ajoaika on (travel time) 4 h 54 min

We wish you a good road, a pleasant journey and unforgettable impressions from visiting the edges of the Wiking!