What's the best non-WoW MMO

Free MMORPGs: The best alternatives to WoW and Co.

MMORPGs like World of Warcraft let you penetrate so deeply into game worlds that hours and minutes fly by. Hardly any other genre has titles with which you can spend so much time. We introduce you to the best free WoW alternatives.

Guild Wars 2 (PC and Mac)

One of the best free-to-play MMORPGs is without a doubt Guild Wars 2. Although only the base game is free, a lot of fun is waiting for you even without the paid expansions Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. Guild Wars 2, like most MMORPGs, is set in a fantasy world. The fact that this is attacked by six mighty dragons led to alliances between the five peoples of Tyria, who now face the threat together.

So this is the setting that awaits you in Guild Wars 2. You control a self-created character who belongs to one of five races and nine classes. Together with other players you fight your way through Tyria and learn more about the exciting story step by step. There are also entertaining PvP battles waiting for you.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC)

If you are more into sci-fi than fantasy, you will also find Star Wars: The Old Republic one of the best free MMORPGs. SWTOR also captivates with a great storyline, but as the name suggests it takes place in the Star Wars universe - over 3,000 years before the events of the original trilogy. Accordingly, Jedi, Sith, smugglers, bounty hunters and Co. are available as characters. But not only Star Wars fans should take a look. The title is interesting for everyone who has a weakness for MMORPGS with a good story, and is also worth a look if you prefer to play alone. Unfortunately, SWTOR is not completely free. After a while, you can only continue for a fee.

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Neverwinter (PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One)

Neverwinter is also one of the best free MMORPGs, which, by the way, is also available for the PS4 and can even be played without PlayStation Plus. It is especially interesting for Dungeons & Dragons fans because Neverwinter is based on the pen and paper role-playing game. Experienced D&D players should be familiar with some of the MMORPG. But even without previous knowledge, it is a lot of fun to experience adventures in WoW-style together with other players.

Lord of the Rings Online (PC and Mac)

As mentioned at the beginning, most MMORPGs have a fantasy setting. Of course, this also applies to Lord of the Rings Online. Fans of books and films are at the right place here and meet an open community of like-minded people. However, Lord of the Rings Online was released in 2007 and you can see that in the game. The slightly outdated graphics do not require any particularly strong hardware. Nonetheless, Tolkien fans in particular should give the free online role-playing game a chance.

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TERA (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

It's graphically more spectacular in TERA. The free MMORPG from 2012 offers a lot for the eye, and not just because of the huge bosses. A dynamic combat system that is almost reminiscent of Beat’em’Ups also adds to the fun of the game: You have a whole range of skills to choose from, which can be strung together to form combos. If you prefer to mess up other players, you can opt for the PvP server. If that is not your case, you simply log in via the PvE server. Tip: If you have the choice between console and PC, you should play TERA on the computer. Because graphics and performance are much better here if you have a powerful computer.

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What do you think is the best F2P MMORPG and why? We look forward to your comment.