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Air-Bavarian - aerial photos and drone flights Munich

SIEMENS AG - show at the opening

We did a slightly different show for Siemens AG. At the opening of the new corporate headquarters in Munich, our drone flew a box onto the stage. Before that, the audience could follow the pilot's view live on the screens. The chip cards for the Siemens executive board were in the transported box. With the plugging in, the CEO Joe Kaeser started the fireworks for the opening.

SWM - inspection of the district heating network

Stadtwerke München has recognized the advantages of drones in the age of Industry 4.0. Our drone independently inspects the district heating network of the city of Munich in an autonomous flight. The data records are evaluated using extensive software and automatically compared with existing network plans. The citizens of the affected communities will hardly be affected by the flight, as the thermal imaging drone flies very quietly.

Movie - Drive ma obi on the water

FAHR MA OBI AM WASSER is one of the most successful German cinema documentaries of 2017 with over 8,000 viewers! We took all aerial photos along the Isar and displayed the course of the river from above. Over 30 different locations were flown over and breathtaking aerial photographs were taken.

IHK Movement Production

We produce the Movement series for the IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria. To do this, we equip cars, bicycles or buses with camera technology and conduct interviews while driving. In the individual episodes, companies are visited and interesting questions about the field of activity are asked. We produce the complete series and do the preliminary editorial work.

360 ° video production

For the company TimeRide GmbH we produce 360 ​​° videos with our special camera drone. For the flights we start in the Olympiapark, on the roof of the Bayerischer Hof in Munich or on the banks of the Isar. A camera with lenses generates a video image in all directions with a resolution of 16K. The assembly of the videos and the processing takes place in our in-house post-production.

Lectures BMVI & DLR

At the invitation of the Federal Ministry of Transport, our CEO Marinus Vogl gave a lecture on systematic data evaluation by recording with UAVs at the DLR (German Aerospace Center) in Oberpfaffenhofen. The various options for capturing and evaluating big data were an essential part of this. Air Bavarian has normal knowledge and experience in this area.

Movie "Alpgeister"

Alpgeister, an exciting and mystical journey through time and space in the Bavarian Alps. From Untersberg to Hochgrad, we flew the Alps with our drone and took impressive aerial photos. Flights in alpine terrain, nature reserves, over castles and lakes - we have taken care of the entire approval process and implementation.