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At another point In the same story, all living beings are only those living beings that came out of the ark, i.e. birds, cattle and wild animals.
En otra parte de la misma historia todos los seres vivos son solo criaturas vivientes que bajaron del Arca: aves, ganado, animales silvestres.
They also dug a deep shaft in the ice, at another point of the continent.
También han perforado un profundo pozo en el hielo en otra parte del continente.
You shouldn't at another point try?
We must clearly recognize that we are drawing the line at another point must take place, namely at the point where the political decisions about the use of instruments are made.
Debemos reconocer claramente que debemos establecer los límites en otro sitio, a saber, allí donde se adoptan las decisionses políticas sobre el uso de los instrumentos.
It's good that our killer's ink at another point is.
It stays on the skin for three to four days and then becomes at another point replaced with a new patch.
El parche se deja sobre la piel durante 3 ó 4 días y se sustituye después por otro nuevo en un lugar diferente.
The patch remains on the skin for 24 hours and is then replaced with a new one at another point replaced.
El parche se dejará sobre la piel durante 24 hours and se sustituirá después por otro nuevo en un lugar diferente.
In principle, the Commission can also accept Amendment No 4, but it is in the text at another point should appear.
En principio, la Comisión también aprueba la enmienda 4 que, con todo, debe incorporarse en otra parte del texto.
The beam is deflected and occurs at another point when he was sent in. The deflection is indicated on the playing field by matching pairs of numbers - one at the entry point of the beam, the other at the exit point.
El rayo refleja y aparece en un lugar diferente al que lo envió. In the campo de juego los desvíos se indican por pares de números coincidentes: uno donde entró el rayo y el otro donde salió.
He was hit on the street and died at another point.
I would have myself at another point troubled.
This consideration will at another point inserted.
Este considerando se cambia de lugar.
So they remain in the text, however at another point.
Tomorrow we will take the train at another point stop.
Maybe he's playing at another point.
When the time is up, the hill appears at another point.
Después de obtener los puntos, la colina se mueve a otra zona.
And at another point you can see pretty much everything ... but my friend says he's just holding the spear weird.
Hay un momento en que se ve todo ... pero mi compañero dice que es una lanza recta.
You couldn't at another point falling down?
An eagle is at another point than the other.
Mrs. Attwooll has at another point this debate said that z. B. Amendment 71 would prevent negative consequences.
Antes, en el curso de este debate, la Sra. Attwooll ha dicho que la enmienda 71, por ejemplo, impedirá cualquier efecto adverso.
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