Are final grades important for selection exams?

COVID-19 pandemic

According to the current status, it is planned to hold the selection examination on July 5, 2021.
The health protection of examinees and supervisory staff is particularly important. Various measures will therefore be taken to largely exclude the risk of infection during the test. In particular, it will be ensured that a sufficient distance can be maintained between the examinees and the supervisors. More detailed information on this will be made available on this website in due course.

The general development is continuously monitored. Since the situation can currently change constantly, you will be informed about the possible effects of the selection test on our website.

Because of this high dynamic it is when participating in the selection process absolutely necessary, yourself to regularly provide information on our website about any necessary deadline adjustments or changed regulations for participation in the selection test.

At this point we would like to take your Ask for support:

  • Because of the currently applicable distance rulesincreased space requirement when carrying out the selection test!

    If you are taking part in the selection process for apprenticeships, recruitment year 2022, Registered should have, however not continue in the selection processwant to participate, we therefore ask you to contact the following internet addressto unsubscribe:

  • Find out more about the specific local measures to contain the pandemic and use all the options that protect you and others from infection.