Duplicates iTunes Match de uploaded tracks

Set up iTunes Match

Matthias Zehden

iTunes Match expands iCloud with the ability to store private music collections online and will soon also offer ad-free radio

ITunes Match allows iTunes users to save their music collection in iCloud and access it from computers and iOS devices. The special thing is that iTunes Match analyzes the content of the music collection and compares it with the iTunes Store. Only songs that the service cannot find in the store are uploaded to iCloud. The others are made available by the iTunes Store. Compared to other cloud offerings, this not only saves a large part of the upload, but also turns some old MP3 files into a relatively high-quality AAC version with 256 kbit / s.

iTunes Match & iTunes Radio

iTunes Match creates a music collection with a maximum of 25,000 songs, not including music from the iTunes Store. The songs must be in one of the iTunes standard formats (AAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV) and must not be larger than 200 MB per track. In addition, the data rate must be at least 96 kbit / s. The three major lossless formats are automatically converted to AAC in the event of an upload.

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Access can be from ten Macs, Windows PCs or iOS devices, including a maximum of five computers that are linked to the iCloud library. The collections of computers are brought together in iCloud, mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad access them as clients and can download titles. The Apple TV box can log in and play music. The streaming service iTunes Radio from Apple is currently not yet available from us. If it's available here, iTunes Match subscribers can enjoy the new radio ad-free.

What iTunes Match costs

For iTunes Match you pay 25 euros per year, whereby the subscription is extended by one year if you do not cancel it at least 24 hours before it expires. The storage space for the uploaded music is not counted towards the iCloud capacity, but is covered by the annual fee for iTunes Match.
Whether you only use iTunes Match to convert MP3s or appreciate the convenient accessibility of various iOS devices and PCs via iCloud - in both cases iTunes Match with iTunes Radio is an attractive offer free of advertising.

Activate iTunes Match on Mac

1. Start iTunes Match

To activate iTunes Match, start iTunes. Click on the associated entry in the "Store" area in the sidebar. A window will appear with some information about iTunes Match, in which you click on the blue button “Subscribe for € 24.99 per year”. Now enter the Apple ID and the password of the iTunes account with which you want to use iTunes Match. You will receive a confirmation by email with the exact date of activation and instructions on how to extend the subscription or how to cancel it.

2. Analyze the collection

ITunes Match starts automatically in three steps. The media library is analyzed and compared with the iTunes Store. ITunes obviously not only accesses metadata such as artist, title, album, length and the like, but also analyzes the music itself. Presumably, a kind of digital fingerprint is determined, which enables the content to be compared with titles from the iTunes Store. Only missing titles will be uploaded. You can interrupt the upload at any time with "Stop" and continue it later.

3. Overview and useful information

After successfully launching iTunes Match (or adding another computer's collection), iTunes will show you how many songs are currently stored in iCloud. There are also tips on how to access the music stored in iCloud from iOS devices or another computer.

Access music in iCloud

1. Play music

A computer linked to iTunes Match shows all of the music stored in iCloud. The new column "iCloud Download" appears in the list display with an iCloud symbol as the title. It is empty for locally saved songs. If a track was not edited by iTunes Match, you will see a cloud with a line through it. If a title is only on iCloud, the familiar cloud symbol appears with the download arrow. Such a song can be played immediately, it is then streamed directly from iCloud to the computer.

2. Load missing tracks

Of course, you can not only stream songs, you can also save them permanently. All you have to do is click on the icon with the arrow in the "iCloud download" column. To load several missing songs, mark them in the media library and select "Load" in the context menu. Mark non-contiguous titles by holding down the command key ("cmd"). If you click on the title of the "iCloud Download" column, the list will be sorted accordingly. Missing titles can now be easily marked as an area (hold the shift key) and loaded in one go.

3. Show more information

A second new column called “iCloud Status” provides detailed information about each track. It can be activated in the display options, which can be reached with the shortcut command key ("cmd") - J or the menu command "Display> Display Options". The iCloud status is particularly helpful when starting to use iTunes Match.

4. Show iCloud status

The status of each track is determined when iTunes Match analyzes the collection. If you activate the corresponding column using the display options, you will find the following information:
Purchases >> Title was purchased with your own Apple ID
Found >> A copy is made available from the iTunes Store
Transfer >> Not in store, original was uploaded to iCloud
Removed >> Title was deleted from iCloud
Duplicate >> There is a duplicate in the local collection
Unsuitable >> Does not meet iTunes Match requirements
Wait >> iTunes Match has not yet processed the track

Upgrade old MP3s to iTunes Plus

1. Delete MP3 tracks

By comparing them with the iTunes Store, you can upgrade many of your MP3 treasures on your computer to iTunes Plus files. When iTunes Match has identified the matching counterpart of a title, it receives the iCloud status "Found". Then you can confidently delete the inferior original from the computer media library. Under no circumstances should you activate the option to delete iCloud when prompted for security. You select “Delete song” and the next time you ask, it will be sent to the trash. Even so, we recommend backing up your library before starting iTunes Match and cleaning up your collection.

2. Load iTunes Plus version

Next, the deleted title can now be easily restored via iCloud. In the iTunes window, the title is still displayed with the status "Found", but the iCloud symbol with the download arrow also appears in the "iCloud download" column. To load the title onto your computer, all you have to do is click on the download symbol and you will get the AAC version encoded at 256 kbit / s from the iTunes store. For simple MP3 tracks, this means a significant leap in quality, which is particularly noticeable when the music is played through the speakers of the hi-fi system.

3. Check results

As a type, iTunes reports “Matched AAC audio file” for a track replaced via iCloud and iTunes Match. The type can either be activated using the display options as a column in the title list or controlled using the “Information” command. Purchased titles can also be deleted and downloaded via iCloud in the manner described. As usual, these receive the file type “Purchased AAC audio file”.

Add computer

If you open iTunes Match on other Macs or Windows PCs via the sidebar or the command “Store> Activate iTunes Match” and log in with the same Apple ID, iTunes shows the button “Add this computer”. This is followed by the title analysis and the upload so that iCloud contains the sum of both media libraries afterwards.