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Long Covid: US clinic with exciting findings

US clinic researches Long Covid: The 6 most exciting points

It is estimated that every fourth person suffers from the secondary disease Long Covid after Corona. The number is increasing and medicine is looking for therapies. A New York clinic is now delivering promising findings.

Long Covid, the sequela of Sars-Cov-19, poses frightening question marks to those affected and to doctors. A US clinic has therefore dedicated itself to researching the disease. Your program is now providing insights.

The symptoms of Long Covid are very different: fatigue, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath and chronic fatigue are common. Rehabilitation specialist Dayna McCarthy describes the difficulty with the disease: "The values ​​are always good, which is why western medicine has no explanation for the disease», The doctor told« The Atlantic ».

Specialists from the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York now want to crack the puzzle. The clinic opened one Center for Post-Covid Care and started a Call for volunteers for a research program. This was reported by the newspaper "The Atlantic". Here the six key findings from the US clinic.

Note: Discuss therapy with a doctor

This article describes forms of therapy, among other things. Those affected by Long Covid should not start the therapy alone, but in consultation with the treating doctor.

1. Standard rehab doesn't work

The Long Covid symptoms are similar to those of a disease that is often misdiagnosed: Dysautonomia. This was noticed by a rehabilitation specialist at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Dysautonomy is a collective term for diseases that affect the Impair the function of the autonomic nervous system. This nervous system controls body processes that one is not consciously aware of. Like how fast the heart beats, blood pressure or breathing rate.

As a result, the doctors at the US clinic hypothesized that the Coronavirus messes up our nervous system and causes Long Covid.

This thesis was used to examine how patients react to the treatments. In the case of heart and lung problems, patients generally reacted to rehab that was physically demanding. With dysautonomy as well as with Long Covid however, this makes the exhaustion and the racing heart worse. Therefore, the standard rehab mostly does not work.

2. Affected people have small hearts

In the Mount Sinai Hospital it was found that the Long Covid patients' hearts are smaller than expected. Scans showed that. This gives their hearts one lower blood volume capacity.

Indeed no one knows whether the heart is shrinking because of the disease or whether people with smaller hearts are more susceptible to Long Covid. For example, the hearts of endurance athletes would shrink if they suddenly stop training.

Studies have shown that one Targeted rehab can enlarge the heart and thus improve the symptoms of dysautonomia, it says in the article. A specialist from Mount Sinai Spital suspects that this also applies to many Long Covid patients.

3. Therapy copied from similar disease

For therapy, the US clinic relied on experience with postular tachycardia syndrome (Pots). This is a Dysautonomic disease with symptoms similar to Long Covid.

At Pots, the body does not adapt to gravity. When people get up from a lying position, their heart rate skyrockets, they get headaches, become tired, drowsy, and feel sick. Long Covid patients often describe similar complaints.

Medication, diet changes and slow exercise can improve the situation. A very gentle rehab that the patient can tolerate is important, says a specialist.

The treatment program includes short bursts of stress lying down or sitting down so as not to strain the nervous and cardiovascular system. In addition, patients wear Compression clothingso that the Reduced blood accumulation. Furthermore, hydration and the intake of salt are important in order to increase blood volume.

Some patients would have responded well to this therapy, others could not bear even the smallest increases in performance, reports the medical profession from New York.

4. Breathing is crucial

The specialists at the US clinic found that People with Long Covid breathe shallowly. Most of the time they would do this through the mouth into the upper rib cage, instead of through the nose and deep into the diaphragm. The corona disease changed the breathing process, as the doctors found out.

Therefore one built Respiratory program on. It consists, for example, in the morning and in the evening during ten minutes of breathing exercises close. Targeted breathing through the nose also allows the Pulse can be checked.

Many participants in the breathing program experienced an improvement in their situation for the first time. This is what those affected tell in the article by "The Atlantic".

5. Take similar diseases seriously

The experts at the US clinic advise To take similar diseases like Long Covid in medicine more seriously. With their forms of therapy, one could fight chronic tiredness and exhaustion, for example.

That does not solve all of the various symptoms of those affected. However, it would bring them to a point where the path back to a normal life could begin.

6. Much unexplained

Much of Long Covid is still a mystery. The medical community from New York cannot explain why therapeutic approaches work for some patients and not for others. There is also no algorithm for this, says rehabilitation specialist David Putrino to “The Atlantic”. «You have to be yours Listen to patients, identify symptoms, find a way to measure severity, intervene and observewhether the symptoms go away. That's the way medicine should be. "

And here...

In Switzerland, for example, the University Hospitals of Zurich and Geneva and the Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden are researching Long Covid. Politics has also taken up the topic: This week the Council of States adopted a corresponding proposal. The small chamber thus instructs the Federal Council to create a Prepare a report on the situation of patients with Long Covid. In particular, he should outline measures for treatment and therapy.

Contact point for those affected by Long Covid

If you suspect you have Long Covid, you can get help from various offices. The university hospitals in Zurich and Geneva as well as the KantonsspItalian Graubünden office hours. Those affected can find more information on the Website of "Long Covid Switzerland".