A visa is available in Pakistan


Application process

In order to be able to make decisions about an internship quickly and smoothly, we would like to ask you to fill out the online questionnaire in German and send it back directly to our Goethe-Institut.

Please plan your internship early. At least six months in advance increase your application chances!

In addition to the information provided in the online questionnaire, we require the following documents from you for an application for an internship abroad:

  • curriculum vitae
  • Reference letters
  • (The reference letter must be written by a university professor or a lecturer. It should not exceed one A4 page, give a personal impression of your performance and briefly explain why you are suitable for an internship abroad.)

Remuneration and insurance

The internship is free of charge. You have to pay for your living expenses and for your accommodation yourself. Unfortunately, the Goethe-Institut cannot support you with this.

Please clarify your health insurance coverage with your health insurance company in Germany before you start the internship. Please also check your accident insurance for the duration of your stay abroad.

Visa and visa procurement

If you have received a confirmation from us and have confirmed the appointment, you will next need a tourist visa. This is sufficient for the purpose of an internship, you do not need a work permit. Please allow around a month to apply for a visa. A personal presentation of the visa documents can massively accelerate the issuing process. Since a tourist visa for Pakistan is valid for three months from the date of issue, it is essential for interns who have been employed at the institute for three months to be here in Pakistan to seek an extension. The Goethe-Institut provides the necessary support for this. The costs for the extension of currently Rs 1,400 are to be borne by the intern.

All information relevant to obtaining a visa in Germany can be found on the following website:

Here you can also download the necessary application form, among other things. Please note that the visa you are applying for is valid from the date of issue. All payment transactions with the consular department are cashless and require the relevant deposit receipts to be presented.

In addition to the consulate general in Frankfurt / Main, the consular department of the Pakistani embassy in Berlin also issues visas. It does not have its own website, the contact details are:

Pakistani Embassy in Berlin
Schaperstr. 29
10719 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 212440
Fax: +49 30 21244210
[email protected]

getting there

With the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi has a major airport and is therefore best reached by air from all Pakistani cities. For interns at the Goethe-Institut, the transport to and from the airport is carried out by the house driver; you do not have to take your own precautions in this regard. In our experience, the cheapest offers for flights to Karachi can be obtained from Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Qatar Air. A booking at least three months in advance can make an important contribution to reducing flight costs.

Travel allowance from DAAD
For internships of at least two months, the German Academic Exchange Service grants a travel allowance under certain conditions. After you have confirmed the appointment, we will send you a confirmation of the internship period. You must enclose this with your application to the DAAD.

On-site transport is usually done with so-called auto rickshaws or taxis. There is also an extensive network of bus routes.


The housing situation in Karachi is extremely unfavorable for the needs of interns. Apartments usually have at least three rooms, are cheap in this size compared to Germany, but are often not suitable for a student budget. Often a not inconsiderable deposit has to be paid and in some cases several monthly rents, up to nine, are required in advance. In this context, accommodation for sublet is the obvious option.

  • Rent: A room in a flat share costs, in an acceptable location, but with absolutely basic equipment, from Rs 19,000 per month.
  • Transport costs: Transport is usually carried out with so-called auto rickshaws or taxis (costs 1.50 euros to 2 euros, depending on the route). There is also an extensive network of bus routes and around 90 percent cheaper than individual transport. Without local knowledge, however, it is hardly practicable to use it.
  • Other / Meals: A visit to a restaurant costs 3-6 euros. Western imported goods are not significantly cheaper than in Germany. There is practically no night life (discos, bars serving alcohol and the like). The Goethe-Institut in Karachi is located right next to the headquarters of the Prime Minister of the Sindh Province, the Chief Minister House, and the Sheraton Hotel. For details, see our Directions page.

Accommodation search
For several years now, the Goethe-Institut has been in constant contact with a landlady in a safe and clean part of town, not far from the Goethe-Institut itself. The placement of this accommodation for interns at the Goethe-Institut has proven its worth. The rent here is Rs 16,000 per month.

Internship confirmation and report

At the end of the internship you are obliged to prepare a report that serves as the basis for the internship confirmation. As a rule, an assessment of the activity does not take place, but can be created on request. Please apply to the internship manager for confirmation in good time. However, there is no legal entitlement to a letter of assessment.

An evaluation of the activity does not usually take place, but can be done on request.

Please apply to the internship manager for confirmation in good time. However, there is no legal entitlement to a letter of assessment