What are spring onions used for?

spring onions

Name & characteristics

With the spring onion, also called spring onion and shallot, is a special form of the table and winter onion. It is harvested “too early”, so to speak, its lower end is only just beginning to thicken into an onion. Its name is misleading, however, as it is available in stores all year round. In winter it is mostly imported from southern countries.
The narrow tubular leaves of the spring onion are characteristic, which clearly distinguish them from the leek, which is characterized by smooth, flat stems.

Storage & processing

Spring onions are far more sensitive and short-lived than their big sister, the table onion. They can be kept in the refrigerator for around 1 week, then their tuber slowly becomes woody and the green stems wither.
The easy processing makes the spring onion an all-round talent - just rinsed with clear water and without peeling, it can be cut quickly into fine or coarse rings. When cooking, just make sure that the parts of the green stem are not cooked or fried over high heat, as they quickly lose their aroma.

Taste & use

The taste of the spring onion is very mild in contrast to the common table onion, their stems have a fine leek aroma. This makes it particularly good in fresh, light salads and quarks. But it is also very much appreciated in Asian cuisine. Their high content of minerals and vitamins makes them a healthy addition to many dishes.

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