What is the Ascension of the Twin Flames made of?

1987 was a very important year for the earth, because in August of 1987 the energies on our planet began to change. It was the beginning of a transformation that would take 25 years, and it happened because there was a willingness and need for a further step on the evolutionary ladder in a part of humanity and the living being Earth.

Once upon a time we humans were cut off from our spiritual connection. This happened at the time when Atlantis was sinking and the flood came. The person who survived the Flood was completely different from before. We arose from him. The DNA, previously equipped with twelve strands, was mutated back to today's two strands. The chakras had closed and the previous awareness of being had been lost.

Today, as a civilization, we have reached a point where what we lost back then is missing because we remember. We look at the world and we become aware that it in no way offers us what we need with the changed consciousness that arises in us. We realize that today's social and political structures on this planet are incapable of leading to peace between people. We see what industry is doing to the earth, how man exploits nature and the animal world, or how rulers and politicians deal with the goods and the prosperity that people have earned. There are many examples of this imbalance, including whaling, genetic engineering, polluted seas, concrete overlay, nuclear power, greed, competitive thinking, bullying, bribery, drug cartels, etc., etc.

But in addition to these global annoyances, we also experience “fateful” things in our personal lives and experience how the structures that were otherwise so familiar to us just seem to break away. The loss has led many people in recent years to ask about the meaning of these events.

Until a few years ago this suffering and the eternal search for the meaning of life had been the content of the karma game. The cycle of reincarnation makes us come back to earth over and over again, being born again and again, living our lives in search of perfection, and then dying again to be reborn a few years or centuries later and on to work on us.

As we grow up, we believe what our parents, grandparents, and teachers teach us. They told us about heredity, evolution, history and the requirements that we need to cope with in this world. Friends and loved ones teach us what love and emotions mean, we grow up, learn a trade, maybe get married, in turn raise children and pass on what we have learned to them. After an average of 80 years, our body has had its day and we are preparing to say goodbye. However, we have been taught that nothing comes after death, that we live once, and that at least no one knows what happens after death. Likewise, we believe that much of what happens to us in life is either chance or fate. And we blame others for what happens to us. However, during the transformation process that is taking place in this life we ​​are in these present years, we realize that before we entered this life, our soul was free from earthly restraints. She was perfect and wise, just as she will be after death. Before we were born, we planned very carefully what we wanted to do and learn in this life, which people we wanted to meet and which parents and relationship partners were best for the realization of this prenatal vision. When we are born then, we have forgotten everything we have planned. But our subconscious knows exactly where to go and automatically draws us to the framework conditions, events and people who are right for the realization of this prenatal vision. The antenna that senses the “right” environment is our electromagnetic oscillation, our aura, the field with which we are connected. Every living being vibrates at a certain frequency and in this way attracts things and events, because everything is connected to everything. The earth also has this oscillation frequency. Your field contains the morphogenetic fields, which represent the memory of the earth, and which guides everything and people during our lives into the processes that we think and plan. These life plans of every single person represent a highly complex structure, a network that we weave ourselves. Each one adds their own thread of life and interweaves it with those of other people - incarnation for incarnation, life for life.

For 12,000 years - since the time of Atlantis - we have been stuck in the reincarnation cycle, coming again and again to this earth plane and leaving it again. Much has happened since the fall of Atlantis and the Flood. The survivors continued to live on the earth's surface with mutated and reduced DNA, died, were reborn, died and reincarnated. Up to the present day we humans have experienced all the things that belong to a physically oriented world through all ages. We thus learned to cope with the third dimension. But we were always looking for something higher, for the meaning that lies behind everything. Why is that? The inner longing for a better world, a world that we somehow know and yet cannot name, accompanies us for a lifetime. This longing is the memory of the former perfection. And now that we are taking the steps into this new awareness, becoming aware of ourselves and "going home," the memories are gradually coming back into consciousness.

In the meantime everyone feels that something is going on in our world, because the signs of upheaval have now become far too obvious. The term “change” has long been on everyone's lips. When we look at the world, our earth and what happens on it, it seems as if everything is going to collapse. Reports of earthquakes and other natural disasters increase daily. We learn how the machinations of one politician after another come to light. The financial crisis shows us most clearly where the imbalance of the values ​​of our society has arisen. Construction sites have appeared everywhere in recent years: in the energy sector, in more and more sectors, especially industry, in the economy, in the political system - yes, in the entire system itself. You get the feeling that our society is falling apart and falling apart, that everything doesn't seem to work anymore and people are getting out of hand. A split can also be recognized: On the one hand there is the society of people, who cling to their belongings more than ever and cling to the performance society and thus to the hamster wheels, and on the other hand, conscious, awakened people discover deep within themselves even a hunch, a memory of long-forgotten knowledge that is now coming up again and is just as confusing as it is uplifting. For example, many people experience that they dream things that happen shortly afterwards and that they get in contact with the spiritual world, with their angels and finally with their higher self, that they have spiritual experiences, that they have out-of-body experiences and that they are part of a knowledge that they often do not know where it comes from.

The slow change in consciousness began in the 1960s and 70s with the liberating flower power movement. But the 1980s finally brought about the New Age - the rediscovery of an awareness of life in its entirety. Today a change has taken place that 40 years ago would have seemed like a science fiction film. And this is not only due to the technologies that humans have produced alone in the last 20 years. Much has changed, especially in consciousness. For many people it is now normal to believe in life after death or that illnesses have a psychological background. We have come to realize that there is more to it than what we can see with the naked eye. We believe in UFOs, in life on other planets, in other dimensions that may coexist with what is real for us. We worry about the relativity of time and recognize that everything forms a cycle instead of running linearly. The possibility of time travel exists in our heads. We believe in the power of dreams and in impulses that come from within. We pay more attention to the symbolic character than before and pay attention to coincidences and synchronicities that steer us in the right direction. And who would have believed 20 years ago that one day a colored man would become the president of the United States?

Most people may not notice. But in addition to these new, already taken for granted thoughts, views and attitudes towards life, they have an inkling or a feeling that everything on our planet has changed in its inner structure. Most people just cannot explain what it is and what is happening here. They only see what is happening on the surface of collapses and explain it by the fact that another crisis has arisen or that the hype surrounding the doom prophecies of 2012 are the reason. But their hunch and feeling are right that it is more than a mere breakdown.

and thats the way it is. Our earth is going through a process of transformation, and has been for at least 1987 - that is, for 25 years. The lightworkers of the first wave still remember that you experienced something decisive in the late 1980s and suddenly or gradually had completely new thoughts and interests. Others knowingly experienced, like on the day of the "Harmonic Convergence" on 16./17. August 1987 mankind decided to make an evolutionary leap. Whatever each individual experienced - everyone felt something new in their life at the time. What was only vaguely noticeable at the time is now flowing through the entire earth plane. And everything that no longer fits into this new energy is carried away with it.

In addition, time collapses. Life has become faster and faster in the last few decades. Usually we experience time as something that is linear for us. Nowhere else is time experienced like it is here on earth. For us it runs as an unchangeable past, an instant present and a future that has not yet taken place. But we experience it that way because our sense organs are aligned through our DNA to see it that way. The original twelve-stranded DNA that we once possessed allowed us to be at home in all dimensions. When it mutated and became today's two-strand double helix, that cut us off from this multidimensionality. We know nothing about it, cannot imagine these dimensional forms, and yet they still exist. People who are still very attached to the generally accepted "proof-of-the-first-time reality" find it particularly difficult to imagine something like that. They only feel that time seems to be running out for them (“Another week over!”). The background is that time actually "collapses", because our planet was cut off a long time ago from the real time existing in the universe and sent to a different timeline. Today we are approaching this real time again, whereby the timeline we are on merges with the "real" earth timeline. This should take place in 2012. Another reason why we experience time as accelerated is the higher vibration of the earth. Our planet has gradually increased its basic frequency over time since 1987. It makes everything vibrate faster, and it seems like time is passing faster. At the same time the energies on earth increase and all structures become more subtle without our noticing it, since we also increase our vibration.

Further development can only take place by increasing the fundamental vibration. In these 25 years there is a higher development from a physically dense to a light, higher dimensional form. Because our planet - and so do we - is moving into a higher-dimensional form during this change process - from the third-dimensional to a four- and five-dimensional level.

The higher-dimensional form is in turn an expression of a further development in consciousness. However, this also requires the cleaning of contaminated sites that are no longer needed for the new shape. This purification happens on the one hand through the adaptation of the earth to a new energy structure, through which tensions arise, which shake off the contaminated sites by means of natural disasters (earth changes), and on the other hand these are an expression of what the earth in terms of garbage and negative energies that are on it have been dumped, cannot and will no longer endure. This process started in 1987 and takes about 25 years until the earth changes into a new, higher dimensional form. This represents the first part of change: the transformation phase.

The photon belt

Since the early 1990s (or rather), electrical particles have also been coming to Earth from galactic space. Scientists have found this radiation to be inexplicably strong gamma rays. This has to do with the photon belt, which we have been approaching since the 1960s and whose influence we are now exposed to for most of the year. This ring of photons lies around the Pleiades, a star cluster in the constellation Taurus.

It is a ring of light or a cloud of light. Contact with this ring changes all structures on our planet. The closer we are to it or the more photon energy flows into us, the more extensive the energetic changes that the photon belt brings with it. The influence of the photon ring triggers numerous upheavals on our earth such as floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and weather disasters, because the earth is not used to this energy and has to adapt to it first. In the meantime she has done that as best she can and is gradually calming down again, which we can see from the fact that the natural disasters have subsided a little. This influence will last until 2012, because that's how long the earth needs to fully adapt to this new energy. The year 2012 is also the end point in the Mayan calendar. It describes the end of civilization as it is today and confirms the evolutionary leap that lies ahead.

New magnetic grid

The second important component of the new energy structure we have been in since 1987 is a new planetary magnetic grid. It was "installed" a few years ago by the Kryon group and was created for the spiritual advancement of mankind. The new magnetic grid changes the energies of our planet in order to create the conditions for ascending into a higher dimension. At the same time, the energies of every single person are increased, which in turn makes itself felt as irritations and upsets in one's own personal life. With earth and humans, things come to the surface that need to be looked at and cleaned up in order to ultimately make room for the new energy.

Already around the 16./17. August 1987 these new energies were palpable. Around 80 percent of the world's population felt the effects of the "Harmonic Convergence" in some way. The most striking changes first occurred among the lightworkers of the first wave. Often, lightworkers have already given their prenatal consent to help other people with this transition process into the New Age. They are on the one hand earthly people from the reincarnation cycle and on the other hand galactic beings who incarnate with us especially to help accelerate the basic vibration. There were 8 million of these lightworkers on our earth at that time. Today there are an estimated 2 billion who work more or less for light. In those of the first wave, the transformation process was stronger and more accelerated, because the new energies that began to pour into the planet often caused severe irritations, symptoms or even damage in order to be able to clean up and let go of the old.

Energy increase

Due to the new magnetic grid and the influence of the photon ring, there has been a permanent increase in energy on our planet since then. The earth and we humans are equally affected by this. Every increase in energy on our planet, and often it is the "portal days" (11:11 or 12:12), on which the vibration increases, is connected with an irritation of the earth, so that natural disasters can occur due to the energy fluctuations. And we experience that too. Floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters have been occurring all over the world for years.These represent nothing more than the earth's attempt to adapt to this new energy structure and to cleanse and free itself from the old, often negative energy that we humans have also produced.

Just as the earth is in the process of purifying itself, a new order of energies is also in progress for every single person. These new energies can lead to irritation, whether emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually. The point is that every person adapts energetically to these new energies so that they are not harmed by the discrepancy. The planetary basic frequency is constantly increasing, and if your own body frequency does not adapt, irritations and even illnesses can arise. Energetic imbalances in the collective then also show up on earth in the form of tensions. Achieving stability is therefore very important for the earth and for each individual in order to survive this time.

In the course of this process we integrate existing soul parts of us outside of our physical existence in order to become complete again. Because our entire soul is not with us during a normal earthly life due to our being cut off from the source, it is only "offshoots" of it, because the soul vibrates higher and has not been able to adapt to the physical body until now. That is why it has only established parts of itself in our physical body so far. In the course of the transformation process we increase our own vibrations through the new vibration of the planet and in this way can integrate soul parts of us.

The adjustments to the new energies have their background, because they go hand in hand with changes in the body. Where the earth changes climatically, humans change physically. Since the activation in 1989, all humans have been working on this change and adaptation, each at their own pace. The goal is the own soul integration with all its aspects such as parallel selves and co-incarnations, but also parts that have never been incarnated or parts from the 4th, 5th or 6th dimension.

In the process, the person develops and becomes more spiritual, that is, he becomes aware of himself again. The DNA, originally equipped with 12 strands and finally mutated to 2, gets ten strands again in the course of the process and becomes complete again. The pineal gland, pituitary gland and thymus develop and grow again, the brain is fully activated, the brain chemistry changes, the sensory organs sharpen, i.e. one becomes more clairvoyant and clairvoyant. During this process, the body begins to use sunlight as a source of energy, and the cells metabolize light. As a result, we will have to eat less food.

By 2012 all mature souls will have started this process, for then the earth will enter the fifth dimension. By then, all people and the earth should have prepared for this dimensional change. During this change the human becomes a galactic human. This is then in full resonance with the new magnetic grid. In the future, people will be energetically more androgynous than they are now, but still have a gender-specific body, which is also the reason why more and more people feel bisexual or are attracted to the same sex, and the desire for sex is decreasing.

Later, people will be clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairvoyant, be able to communicate telepathically, understand telekinesis, teleportation, materialization and dematerialization, and be able to rejuvenate their body, or be no longer subject to an aging process. He will even be able to control child witnessing with consciousness, just as he will then be able to control everything with consciousness because he is aware of his own creative power. He will reopen his heart in a spiritual way. The brain is activated from the current 10 to 15 percent to 100 percent. All programming, beliefs and blockages that have no heart qualities will gradually disappear. In the end there is the fully developed, spiritual, conscious galactic human with a physical body that is endowed with 12-stranded DNA and can metabolize light, from which he draws his energy.

However, all of this is still a long way off. It will take about two generations for humans to develop there. But we are already creating the conditions for this, and the development process in this direction is in full swing.

The energies have changed a lot since then. It used to take a long time for something thought to manifest itself. And that's why we humans did not think that we ourselves are the creators of our reality. But today what we want to create is realized soon after thinking about it. And in a couple of years, our thought will instantly manifest into reality. It's all going very quickly now.

The power of love wasn't very great in the past either. But now a little of it does much, and the negative forces no longer have such a strong influence as they used to. This enables us to work through karma and get rid of old programming. This leads to the fact that at some point we step out of the karma and reincarnation cycle and overcome the necessity of having to incarnate again and again. At the same time our DNA completes itself again, so that we regain access to our higher knowledge, our origin, our whole soul, our spirituality.

The new children

The children who have been born since around 1992 (some also say since 1983) are almost all automatically adapted to the new energy and achieve physical transformation without effort or physical damage. They became known as "Indigo Children". Some of the first of them came to earth beforehand. These children are born fully conscious. They know why they are here and how long they will be on earth. These "new children" differ from us in that they already have the facilities for fully conscious, galactic human beings and they can achieve the adjustment to the new energies without disturbance and effort, while we have to "work for it". You can recognize them, among other things, by the fact that they react very idiosyncratically because they know exactly what they are and what they want. Because they know exactly what is good for them, they block their parents against certain rules and limits that a child is normally given. Some of these children are hyperactive children and they often have learning and concentration disorders. Your IQ is 130 and above. They are good at using computers and they are usually born in an environment where there are computers. In the normal school system, however, these children do not get along, and despite their high IQ, they are considered "stupid" in school. They love junk food and they don't mind. Studies have shown that her liver has adapted to these eating habits and processes food differently.

These children represent the first people of the new evolutionary step. They increase the love energy on our planet and thus make a contribution to reaching the critical mass for the transformation process.

The number of indigo children is constantly increasing. A 1999 US study found that 80 percent of all newborns were indigo children. By the way, they are called “indigos” because a media woman discovered the color indigo blue in the aura of these children, a color that previously did not exist in the aura of humans. So she realized that it had to be a new kind of person. Another type of indigo child was discovered in connection with AIDS in 1990. Children born with AIDS were suddenly completely cured of AIDS a few years later. Another type of new child are the so-called super media. They were first discovered in China. Today you can find them all over the world. They are also called quantum children and have very strong media skills.

Often times, the ego of the Indigo children is very pronounced and they are not spiritual at all. On the contrary - they even seem to lack humility and love. You can't lie to them. Because of their psychic abilities, they always know exactly what everyone is thinking.

An examination of the DNA of the Indigo children showed that they actually have an altered DNA that is different from that of other people. Instead of the normal 20 codons, which are activated by a total of 64, 24 codons are activated in these children, but not all of them are the same. At first this altered DNA was only found in the indigo children, but later this new DNA was also found in adults. A study by the AIDS center in New York showed that in 1999 (and that was 10 years ago!) 1 percent of all people had an altered DNA! So we see: The transformation process and the recoding of the DNA is demonstrably in full swing!

In the meantime, another generation of new children has come to earth: the so-called “crystal children”, who, in contrast to the Indigos, are much gentler, more vibrating and more spiritual. You have been born around the year 2000. The next level of new children should then be the “diamond children”. Each of these new children forms the basic trunk for future humanity, which will consist of completely different beings, endowed with abilities that we can not quite imagine today. From this will arise the galactic human described above.

New chakras

The chakras of which we have known seven so far (in addition to numerous secondary chakras) also change in the transformation process. In the centuries and years before 1987, the heart chakra was sealed with a kind of membrane because we had condensed energetically and could no longer reach the actual heart qualities. It was because of this that we were able to play the karma game in the first place. With the beginning of the light body process - during which our light body is formed - the seal of the heart chakra is broken and the other chakras are opened. In the course of the transformation process, all out-of-body chakras are gradually activated and you click into the unified chakra. This is a single field of light that surrounds one that is much larger than our aura today.

Before, when the chakras were closed, this allowed the three lower chakras, which stand for the physical-material experience, to fully express themselves physically without being muted by the heart chakra, which represents love and compassion. So many wars could arise in earlier times and up to the present century. Fear reactions came from the root chakra, ego and power from the solar plexus chakra, heartless judgments came from the sealed heart chakra and hollow communication from the closed throat chakra. There was a lack of love and wisdom. That changes now when one chakra after the other opens during the transformation process. As a result, love and wisdom will spread more and more in our world. The united chakra then enables all heart qualities. After two generations, people's chakras should be as developed as they were before the mutation of our DNA.

The meridians - energy channels that are connected to the chakras and supply our organs with energy - change and are fully activated again. The development of Kundalini power is also part of it. The Kundalini lies rolled up as a kind of energy strand in the area of ​​the root and sacral chakras. It represents a potential that we humans now experience in the form of increased sexual vibration while the Kundalini unfolds. It leads to an increase in energy in the sacral chakra, which not only stands for sexuality, creativity, relationships and life and death, but above all represents our potential for creation.

The light body process

The reactivation of the chakras, the out-of-body chakras and the meridians happens automatically. However, there is also the possibility to experience the light body process consciously accelerated by experienced therapists. The chakras are cleaned, activated and opened, which brings all hidden patterns, programming and painful experiences to the surface in a kind of rapid run-through. This allows them to be looked at and released. Through this “system clean-up” the soul is then also able to bring “outsourced” parts of the soul back into the body, so that abilities can be completed and the person can find access to everything that defines him.

But even without such a “rapid run-through”, this conversion takes place. It only takes place more slowly and takes place in everyday life, where the activations and increases in energy cause patterns to come to the surface and processes to go through. They just need to be recognized as such. Everyone is now involved in this restructuring process. And many experience these physical and mental changes very clearly. This process becomes noticeable first of all when energies begin to flow in the body and that life changes in rapid succession. Certain physical symptoms arise and life situations change. For example, we leave old acquaintances and friendships behind, old professional situations, etc. New people appear in our lives with whom we have a much greater resonance than with previous friends. Sleep and dreams change. The ability to remember increases.

Physical symptoms such as exhaustion, sleep disorders, overheating in various parts of the body, feverish states and even flu-like infections can occur at the beginning. Further symptoms can be: pinpricks on the skin, heart pain, racing heart, headache, neck pain, pressure on the forehead and third eye, pressure inside the skull, nausea and vomiting, weight changes, unusual feelings of hunger, sensitive reaction to acid taste, sensitivity to light and noise, Dizziness, visual disturbances, sensation of vibration, itchy skin, puffy feeling on the face, numbness of the body and whistling or ringing in the ears. Later you may hear voices, see flickering, see swaying objects, see other realities, memory and thinking disorders, a feeling of loss of identity, a feeling of telepathic interference to a feeling of obsession and interference from electrical devices with which you Touch comes.

All of these symptoms appear at the beginning, when the transformation process begins. The cell metabolism accelerates, which means that old toxins are activated and excreted and old thoughts, feelings and trauma come up. DNA transcoding begins and brain chemistry changes for the first time. Finally, the preoccupation with questions of meaning begins. A certain disorientation sets in. You don't notice it, but the first chakras are activated at this point. Old blockages that may have been there since childhood (or rather: since previous lives) are now coming up and want to be processed. Life begins to change in rapid succession and you leave the old behind. The sensory perceptions increase, which can be expressed, for example, in sensitivity to noise and light. The sense of taste can also become more sensitive. In addition, there is a temporary increased sexual stimulation. Finally, the clairvoyance increases, one has more notions and can empathize with everything more.

Then you have the first supernatural experiences, have clairvoyant moments and completely new thoughts. At this stage one tends to have frequent and severe headaches, eye and ear problems such as tinnitus (noises in the ears) and even sudden hearing loss. The head feels plastered, you may even be temporarily numb, your vision is blurred and you have the feeling that electrical energy is flowing through your head and spine. At this stage, new brain functions are activated and new synapses are formed. Both halves of the brain, previously separated, gradually join together. Now you begin to sift through your childhood or ask yourself about the meaning of life. Previous ideas about yourself and reality are beginning to waver. You begin to work on your past, analyze and gain insights, give up old behavior. There are first notions that there are other dimensions that we cannot see. One has more and more psychic experiences, dreams become more intense and clearer, sleep patterns change. Many challenges now come up to you. On the one hand one is euphoric about the new knowledge, but on the other hand the mind is still analyzing it. In between, there is always a fall back into old behavior patterns, the initial physical symptoms or simply periods of rest.

Gradually, however, old images of reality are sorted out. This also changes the external conditions. Previous friendships break up, the workplace situation changes, you get to know people who you feel like-minded. Everywhere you come across references and publications about what is happening. The supernatural experiences accumulate and one now also has one's own spiritual experiences. But there is also an identity crisis up to and including a loss of identity.Again and again you tend to give up. Some people choose death at this stage because they know they will not make it in the old body. But those who survive this time can do more. At the end of this phase, a soul part is integrated.

In the further course of the light body process, emotional blockages then come up. You feel confronted with worthlessness, incompetence, shame and guilt. There are emotional outbursts. This is a phase of awakened spiritual awareness with enthusiasm in the presence of persistent emotional inconsistencies. Now one tends to feel like something better "because one already knows so much". In this phase, many have the idea of ​​representing something special in the spiritual and emphasize this in rituals, fasting, etc. At the same time, however, one also becomes more spontaneous and one succeeds in living in the here and now. Gradually, the emotional and karmic ties begin to dissolve. One listens to the inner voice and follows the inner guidance. But fears of life flicker again and again. A love for nature and for the whole develops. One discovers divinity. You become calmer and more relaxed. In this phase the heart chakra opens, and with it all other chakras.

Previous interests and inclinations are now gradually disappearing. You only feel drawn to like-minded people and no longer have any response to other people who, for example, are still completely unconscious. Your own charisma also becomes cooler and more distant. Connections with others become more supersonic. Physically, there is now chest and heart pain, which can feel like angina pectoris. Pressure on the sternum, forehead and back of the head and pain on the top of the head can occur because the endocrine system is restructuring. The face changes and you look younger, with fewer wrinkles, because the increased cell metabolism slows the aging process (which is why many people look younger than they are today).

The internal cleansing of emotional and mental blockages brings with it a time of great challenges, in which a lot of strength is required. While the own energy field cleans itself of blockages and the "new" chakras are partially activated, the clairvoyance increases. It is possible that in this phase you can see light writing or energetic movements, and you get information from which you do not know where it comes from.

In the further course one is guided by one's own Oversoul. One begins to see the spiritual being in other people and the interest is more spiritual than personal. Sexual interest also decreases during this phase. If so, then you experience a new sexuality with a cosmic orgasm. There is no longer any need to enter into a relationship with an unequal partner. If you are without a partner, you may sense that your soul partner is waiting for you in the 5th dimension or that you will soon encounter the twin flame or the cosmic partner.

In this phase, there is always pressure in the head, on the forehead, on the back of the head and the feeling that the head is growing. You experience severe headaches and worse, blurred vision, sleep disorders, memory disorders and even memory loss. It can also lead to thought disorders, disorientation, dizziness, concentration disorders, unclear thinking, planning and decision-making difficulties, palpitations, cardiac arrhythmias and burning sensation over the right ear. It is possible that you can see flames and other light phenomena flashing. Old, lower character traits gradually dissolve. It becomes clear to you that you no longer need control. The identity, values ​​and self-image change through a further descent of the soul. You give yourself to your own soul and have the experience of creating everything in life yourself. Parallel selves become integrated while temporarily feeling strange or possessed, with behaviors that are unknown to one or as if one is observing oneself from the outside. This is a difficult time that requires courage and bravery. Often one feels exhausted and depressed. And there are also remaining fears of existence that keep coming up.

In the further course the higher self takes over the inner guidance more and more often and one experiences how one is always in the right place at the right time and is led to the right things. One begins to merge with the multidimensional self with the goal of manifesting all of oneself. Information from other dimensions reaches you. One begins to embody divine wisdom and love. In doing so, the ego largely dissolves. Physically, this phase can lead to pain in the lower back and hips, a feeling of pressure and density in the abdomen and pelvic floor, weight gain or loss, possibly a growth spurt, pressure on the forehead, exhaustion and (in women) too Hormonal and menstrual disorders come. In the following phases you feel connected to everything. Everything that comes after that already belongs to the new energy that has established itself in one's own life. The higher chakras are open, the aura is a single light field and the supernatural abilities of the later galactic man have developed. Telepathy, clairvoyance, and rapid manifestation are now possible. This is followed by the ability to teleport, materialize and dematerialize. At this point in time, the planet earth should no longer be in its current space-time structure, and linear time should then no longer exist.

The light body process has been going on for more than 21 years, and by now almost everyone is likely to be more or less in this process (described above). According to Reindjen Anselmi, who described this light body development many years ago (based on the material of Tashira Tachi-ren), we have now reached a new stage in the light body process, which has led to a repetition of the process in many people since the turn of the millennium, but which takes place on a next higher level. The symptoms are repeated in an intensified form. Detailed information can be found in the 2008/09 winter edition of “Lichtfokus”.

Subatomic changes

Our earth is now permeated by photon energy and a completely new energy structure that changes all matter in its subatomic structure. The distances between the atoms become larger, which increases the rotational speed of the molecules and the matter vibrates higher. This applies to all matter that we have on the 3D level - every table, every chair, our bodies and all material structures from which the earth's body is made. That is why we also see how material structures such as bridges and buildings are collapsing. The inner cohesion of matter has changed.

How we will live on earth in the future

Because the inner structure of the 3D level of the earth changes, because everything around us vibrates higher and higher and all consciousness and all structures change accordingly, life on earth also changes fundamentally. We see this in the fact that so much collapses because it no longer has any inner cohesion, no more strength (all these changes are regularly reported in the follow-up series "The Transformation of the Planet").

Global civilization as we see it today will soon no longer exist. A whole new civilization will arise. When in 2012 the earth or our entire solar system enters a new dimension or the dimensions merge, that part of our civilization, whose request is still accompanied by power and negative, will disappear, because low-vibrating attributes on the “new Earth “will not be viable. Life on earth will change so much in the next hundred years that it will be unrecognizable. New ways of generating energy will emerge, and free energies will then be widely available to all people. New forms of urban development and agriculture will emerge. Money becomes less important, poverty is conquered, and the struggles between different people decrease, so that peace and harmony on our planet increase. Politicians will act in a spirit of unison with the support of higher beings. The person will have developed a heightened perception and his basic spiritual vibration will have increased. Illnesses decrease as a result. Our planet will be completely different, and a completely new galactic civilization will emerge, which will then also have contacts with other planets.

In order to get there, we are experiencing the current "ascent into the light". In the past, an ascent always meant making the transition to the other world - in other words: to die. But this time it is not only with a few masters withheld from making the ascent, but a whole collective, in which every person has the potential to master. We will not make this ascent through death, that is, not by having to die for it first, but we will carry out this ascent with our current physical body. This also has to do with the changing DNA, which releases the “death hormone” during a certain developmental step, whereby some people go through the so-called “phantom death” or the “death phantom”.

It will take 25 years of transition until 2012 - from 1987 onwards. In this quarter century we are in the process of moving from the third to the fourth dimension on the physical plane as our consciousness shifts from 4 to 5D. This transition ends with the year 2012, when the dimension change takes place. There are now less than four years until 2012. During these few years, the earth will continue to purify itself of everything it no longer needs in the next dimension, as it has in the last 22 years, and it will also move into the new dimension above. A completely new earth is created, which is aligned with the fifth dimension. But then it is not over. The process will take another 50 to 150 years until the transformation in five-dimensional terms has finally taken place and the manifestations, based on the new energy, have been implemented into reality.

The earth will change its appearance very strongly. Physical structures that exist now will become fewer and fewer over time and become structures that correspond to the 4th or 5th dimension. We cannot yet fully imagine what that looks like in detail, because our perception changes with this transformation process, so that this new dimension can only be perceived in the course of the transformation.

Since our planet has a completely new energy structure today, all predicted doomsday prophecies are no longer true. The end of the earth was foreseen, but that possible future is now over. The future has changed. Some seers and prophets still see that the earth is doomed and say: "The end of the world is coming!" But they see into the possible old, outdated future of the earth, whose plan is still present in other dimensions as possible potential. Earlier prophecies are also no longer valid because today a new time has dawned in which everything manifests itself much faster and it is therefore impossible to make a prediction for a longer period of time, as a possible old probability is pushed aside in no time at all and one is constant creates new future. A prophecy printed today can no longer correspond to reality in the truest sense of the word tomorrow.

Kryon also says that we humans who incarnated here initially expected that a global catastrophe would occur. On the one hand, the memory of Atlantis was still very much alive, and on the other hand, a catastrophe was actually planned that should have occurred in the early to mid-1990s or 1999/2000. But the people on our planet have evolved. You are working on yourself and on the energy of the earth and have created a parallel world that we have switched to without even realizing it! In the old, abandoned dimension, there is an earth where something bad happened, but it is a level of probability that we have decided against. The Lightworkers who exist today have done that! If impending catastrophes (which are nothing more than focused human karmic reactions) do not materialize, then that does not mean that the causes were "not that bad" and that the people who stood up for prophecy were wrong (and mostly as Weird people are judged and ridiculed), but rather it means that divine people and lightworkers, human angels who take care of the development on earth, have weakened or abolished the global karma with their work.

The dimension change will take place in 2012 and represents a very important point in this development, because then in December, or to be more precise on December 21, the global transformation process will experience its actual dimension change. The timelines will open and the dimensions will shift, making the actual transformation of DNA possible in the first place.

Nobody knows how we are going to make this change, only the result is already certain: A solid, lower energy structure of the earth becomes a lighter one, in which the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, so to speak.

© Susanne Sejana Kreth, source: “Der Lichtkörper”, Reindjen Anselmi; “The next stage in the light body process”, R. Anselmi, Light Focus No. 24; also inspired by: "The Photon Ring", Sheldon Nidle / Virginia Essene; “Pleiadian Keys to Knowledge of the Earth”, Barbara Marciniak; “The family of light”, Barbara Marciniak; "Kryon - You Are Loved Immeasurably," Lee Carroll; "The Sananda Connection," Eric Klein. (in this updated version published in LICHTSPRACHE No. 64, February / March 2009)

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