Why does monochrome photography seem sophisticated


A new dimension

The term ‘monochrome’ means that something is displayed in a single color. A well-known technique that is often encountered in the world of art and photography. Arte has rediscovered this technology: It was the ultimate source of inspiration for ‘Monochrome’, a new series of wallcoverings in a luxurious design. The collection gives monochrome tones a new dimension thanks to a unique technique with relief colors.

Arte has developed a new technique for monochrome in which the relief is created with metal colors. The glossy relief paint is applied to a matt or metal-colored surface. This process gives the wallcovering depth and brings a new dimension to your interior. In order to emphasize the exclusivity of this technique, noble materials such as wood, leather and precious metal served as a source of inspiration for the patterns. The different versions have a high-quality look with patterns that take you on a journey around the world.

On the trail of the Orient Felicity on your wall you can relax like in a Turkish hammam! This stylish design conveys a luxurious ambience with fine details and oriental influences. The pattern is also reminiscent of embossed leather and creates a warm atmosphere. This elegant wallcovering will definitely attract everyone's attention in your interior!

With matrix on the wall one finds oneself in oriental spheres as well. With this pattern you can easily have a tile look on the wall. In combination with the glossy relief colors, this pattern has a very realistic tile structure.

A tile pattern can also be found at Window: From a distance you get the impression that hundreds of small tiles have been attached to the wall. With the pattern in turquoise you will find yourself in an oriental palace. In addition, the geometric motifs are reminiscent of the Art Deco style: decorative and a little eclectic.

Lines and circles Incidence of light is an important element in Grid. The fine play of lines changes depending on the amount of incidence of light. Result? A playful contrast that looks different every day. The diagonal patterns are inspired by woven fabrics and therefore have a delicate and plain-colored look.

Have you always dreamed of having your own mosaic in your four walls? In Roman antiquity, it was good manners to decorate luxurious villas with various mosaics. These works are now considered to be true works of art. Arte has therefore rondo created, a wall covering with Mediterranean influences, with which you can easily bring a mosaic into your home.

Being at one with nature is becoming more and more important in these times. Natural elements such as plants and trees have become indispensable in our facility. As part of the Monochrome collection, Arte has designed a pattern based on the unique structure of wood. Has both vertical and horizontal Timber an enlarging effect thanks to the flowing nerve structure.

With Grace you don't need a green thumb to bring nature into your home! The lush print, in combination with the pastel tones, has a cozy look. Grace has a completely natural look - like a climbing plant - and is an ornament for every wall!

Eclectic geometryObliquewhich literally means 'crooked' is the perfect name for this pattern. From a distance you can clearly see the monochrome effect. Up close, however, you can see the influence of architecture. The overlapping geometric figures have a playful effect - especially thanks to the striking color nuances. The pattern is available in blue-gray, among other things: an important trend color this autumn. The color is naturally cool and creates a calm atmosphere in the room.

Find peace of mind Serene speaks for itself. The wallcovering looks simple at first glance, until you approach it and notice the technology with relief colors here too. A delicate pattern that gives every room a calm look. The pattern is available in eleven delicate pastel colors.