Who can beat Barcelona this season

Berthold on Bayern: "Barcelona must be beaten"

Thomas Berthold sees several stumbling blocks on the way to winning the Champions League for his ex-club Bayern Munich - and a big hurdle. For the 62-time national player it is clear that FCB will have the upper hand in the quarter-finals against Benfica, after which the big calibers will wait for him.

Berthold said that Evening newspaper Munich : "The team to be beaten is Barcelona. They make the best impression over the season. Ten points ahead of Real Madrid: That's a house number! In the Champions League, too, they were so confident that you never did Had the impression: They can do something! "

"PSG are also uncomfortable. They have improved, are strong in runners and in two fights. And you always have to keep real things in mind. These are the teams that set Bayern apart from the rest," continued the 51-year-old. He could not resist a point against the clubs from the Premier League. They are only represented in the premier league with Manchester City: "With the English you have to ask yourself what they do with all the money. That is no longer in any relation."

Bayern coach Pep Guardiola will move to City in the summer. For Berthold it is clear that the Catalans will face a great challenge: "This is a huge project for him, but one thing is also clear: From July 1, he will have a completely different media pressure than in Munich. And then arch rival Jose Mourinho in the same city: That's a lot of pressure. And the media have a different power, especially the TV stations that have the rights. They tell the clubs where the hell is. "

Berthold cited the possibility of "greater influence" that Guardiola had in Manchester as an essential factor in saying goodbye to Munich. In the end, it is the coach there, "who decides who goes and who comes."

In any case, FCB did everything right by signing Carlo Ancelotti as his successor: "A great coach! Italian! An international, was a great player at almost all the big clubs in Europe and in the great times of AC Milan. A completely different type than Pep, much more communicative. The media will have more fun with it. "