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Product catalog. Solutions for iron, steel and non-iron casting


1 Product catalog solutions for iron, steel and non-iron castings

2 Content Design Services Page 3 Binder Page 4 Additives Page 5 Water Sizing Page 6 Alcohol Sizing, Auxiliary Materials Page 7 Mini-Feeders and Riser Caps Page 8 Filters Page 9 Metallurgical Products Page 10 Our broad product portfolio includes binders for all core and mold manufacturing processes, and sizing , Additives, feeders, filters, release agents and metallurgical products such as inoculants, Mg treatment wires, inoculation wires and master alloys for iron casting. Core production, prototype development and simulation services complete the offer. Foundries have valued the ASK Chemicals product portfolio for many years. But the ASK Chemicals brand stands for much more than just its premium product range. We also support our customers with services across the entire development and production process and work with them to design solutions that offer real added value. 2

3 Design services For perfect casting results Our design services accompany the entire process from the development of the design concept through validation to the prototype production of the cast part. In addition, our engineers have extensive experience and a clear understanding of all aspects of foundry technology and metallurgy. You convince with the right combination of design, manufacturing and simulation know-how, through cooperation with external companies and service providers as well as extensive industry experience. The simulation service from ASK Chemicals offers comprehensive technical knowledge and understanding, combined with the most modern simulation programs (MAGMA, NovaCast, FLOW-3D and Arena-Flow). Advantages Higher productivity and optimized catalyst consumption Design of the processes also for inorganic processes Optimized design and manufacture of model plates, core boxes and molds Calculation of the optimal feed Fewer casting errors Shorter time-to-market simulation services Through the simulation of casting processes, the foundryman receives relevant information for the design of a Die-cast or sand-cast mold provided. Pouring systems, overflows, vents and feeders can be optimized in this way. A precise representation of the influences and effects of cooling and heating measures as well as the representation of the filling and solidification times enable the avoidance of, for example, voids, veins and other casting defects. From concept to prototype ASK Chemicals accompanies your entire process from concept to prototype production. " Prototype production Idea »» »Concept simulation Development of cores / shapes of cores and cast parts Production-ready success» »3

4 Binder For the highest demands Our innovative Binder solutions convince foundries all over the world with their efficiency and technological performance. By continuously developing our products, we offer our customers solutions for a wide range of requirements, such as: B. emission-reduced binders, sulfur-reduced binders or binders with coordinated mechanical properties. Our ASKRONING special sands are suitable for special applications. Core production Our range of services includes the production of cores and core packages from 0.01 kg. We manufacture in the cold box, hot box and ready-made sand as well as in the inorganic process. The modern technical equipment is designed for the production of prototypes and series. Thanks to our design-to-manufacture process, we are happy to provide you with complete solutions from concept to completion. 4th

5 Additives More efficiency and better casting quality Our additives are used to avoid casting defects or to replace expensive special sands. In addition, technologically sophisticated additives enable unsized casting. The latter offers potential for further increases in productivity, especially in the area of ​​cold box production. Product Binder application Metal application Recommended segments Effects Warm Box No-Bake Cold Box Steel GJV GJS GJL SiMo Turbocharger Exhaust manifold Truck cylinder head Passenger car engine block Rail vehicles Water jacket Oil duct Ventilated brake disc Differential housing Housing Pumps Hydraulic parts Avoidance of blade ribs Avoidance of corrosion Avoid scuffing Clean surfaces Good output MF cores Sizing-free casting Against stress cracks, insulating properties Further organic additives VEINO 4312 VEINO 4086 VEINO 4048 VEINO W 39 Inorganic additives ISOSEAl F ISOSEAl ISOSEAl STL 210 Hybrid additives VEINO ULTRA 4618 VEINO ULTRA 4595/19 VEINO ULTRA 3010 VEINO ULTRA 3010 VEINO ULTRA VEINO ULTRA 3895 VEINO ULTRA RS 4 VEINO ULTRA RS 2 = suitable, = very suitable 5

6 Finishing No casting defects, perfect surfaces and valuable additional benefits Our finishes are much more than just a separating agent between sand and metal. They are high-tech systems that significantly determine the surface quality of the casting and specifically eliminate typical surface defects on the casting. Water finishing With the kind permission of Eisenwerk Brühl Product Color Application Binder Metals Application Properties Immersion Flooding Spraying Painting Epoxy resin-SO 2 systems Cold Box Hot-curing processes Silicate / Resol-CO 2 No-bake steel Manganese steel GJL GJS Copper Aluminum Typical area of ​​application Liquid carrier Blade vein suppression Mineralization protection High gas permeability High layer formation possible Matting time Comments Density (undiluted) in g / cm 3 CERAMCOTE AL series full mold casting and lost foam process W excellent application 1.4 CERAMCOTE FS 402 full mold casting and lost foam process W excellent application 1.7 CERAMCOTE FS 503 full mold casting and lost foam -Foam process W excellent application 1.8 MIRATEC AC 503 cast aluminum (e.g. engine blocks) W excellent separating effect 1.5 MIRATEC BD series automotive casting (e.g. brake disks) W quick dimming 1.3 MIRATEC BD 416 automotive casting (e.g. brake disks) W quick dimming 1.3 MIRATEC DH 402 universal coating (e.g. housing parts) W higher fire resistance 1.4 MIRATEC GH 401 universal coating (e.g. gear housing) W 1.4 MIRATEC GH 403 universal coating (e.g. gear housing) W MIRATEC HC 501 automotive casting (e.g. Engine blocks and hydraulic casting) quick drying, for inorganic binders 1.4 W 1.4 MIRATEC HY series automotive casting (e.g. cylinder heads, engine blocks) W water- and alcohol-thinnable MIRATEC MB 422/522 universal key ight of the latest generation W available with / without graphite content 1.3 MIRATEC MB 501 automotive castings (e.g. E.g. cylinder heads, engine blocks) W 1.4 MIRATEC TS series automotive castings (e.g. cylinder heads, engine blocks) W MIRATEC TS 417 automotive castings (e.g. cylinder heads, engine blocks) W SOLITEC AD series aluminum - die casting W SOLITEC CC- Centrifugal casting series and special applications W SOLITEC DI series SOLITEC HI 703 Large castings and steel castings (e.g. wind power hubs, water and steam turbines) Large castings (e.g. wind power hubs, water and steam turbines) W Reduced residual dirt in the component Reduced residual dirt in the component long service life, clean cast surface, different insulation effects adjustable zirconium-free, drying indicator shows residual moisture high fire resistance; against structural degeneration; zirconium-free 1.3 1.3 1.8 SOLITEC HY series universal coating (e.g. machine housing) W water- and alcohol-thinnable SOLITEC IM 702 cast steel and heavy metal (e.g. machine frame) W impregnating coating, zirconium-free 1.9 SOLITEC MS series casting ladles and spoon W reduces slag build-up SOLITEC ST 701 large cast (e.g. wind power hubs) W 2.6 SOLITEC ST 801 large and steel cast (e.g. pump housing) W zirconium-free 2.0 6 SOLITEC WP 401 SOLITEC WP 501 large cast (e.g. wind power hubs, water and steam turbines ) Large cast (e.g. wind power hubs, water and steam turbines) E = ethanol, I = isopropanol, W = water, = suitable to a limited extent, = suitable, = very suitable, very slow, slow, medium, fast, very fast WW fastest air drying; against structural degeneration; zirconium-free fastest air drying; zirconium free; optimized application 1.5

7 Alcohol Sizing Product Color Application Binder Metals Application Properties Immersion Flooding Spraying Painting Epoxy Resin-SO 2 Systems Cold Box Hot-curing Process Silicate / Resol-CO 2 No-Bake Steel Manganese Steel GJL GJS Copper Aluminum Typical Area of ​​Application Liquid Carrier Leaf Rib Suppression Mineralization Protection High Gas Permeability High Layer Formation Possible. Matting time Comments Density (undiluted) g / cm 3 VELVACOAT AC 503 cast aluminum (e.g. housing parts) E slowed burning 1.1 VELVACOAT CC 601 universal coating (e.g. socket cores) E excellent separating effect 1.2 VELVACOAT GH 501 pump housing, counterweights , Gear housing E Cold Box all-round finish 1.2 extremely high VELVACOAT GH 701/703 electric motor housing I / E gas permeability; also available IPA-free 1.1 VELVACOAT HI 602/605 universal sizing, counterweights, high productivity; I / E wind power hubs, gear housing also available IPA-free 1.5 VELVACOAT HI 707 VELVACOAT HI 733 VELVACOAT IM 701 Universal coating for medium-sized gear housings, large-size pump housings (e.g. wind power hubs, water and steam turbines) Universal coating for medium-sized gear housings, pump housings I / EI extremely small Settling behavior high fire resistance; against structural degeneration; zirconium-free 1.5 1.6 l impregnation size; zirconium-free 1.8 VELVACOAT IM 801 universal finish I impregnation finish 1.8 VELVACOAT IM 801 (can) VELVACOAT RP 901 rapid prototyping, all types of casting I VELVACOAT ST 606 large and cast steel (e.g. pump housing) I VELVACOAT ST 702 large and cast steel (e.g. pump housing ) I VELVACOAT ST 707 VELVACOAT ST 801 Ready to use in spray can I Impregnating layer 1.8 Large & cast steel (e.g. water and steam turbines) Large & cast steel (e.g. railway switches, grinder parts) E = ethanol, I = isopropanol, W = water, = conditionally suitable, = suitable, = very suitable, very slow, slow, medium, fast, very fast excellent application; anhydrous system excellent flooding behavior; zirconium-free excellent flooding behavior; anhydrous system 1.9 1.7 1.9 I high fire resistance 2.2 I manganese steel / universal; water-free system 1,8 Auxiliary product range Product Cold Box Process ECOPART FR 54, ECOPART 756, ECOPART 56 (D), ZIP SLIP 157 H Release agent No-Bake Process ECOPART LP 89, ECOPART 80 S, ECOPART 84 S, ECOPART 102 C heat-curing Process ECOPART H1-350, ECOPART H2-350 Green sand process BENTOGLISS * Cleaner ZIP-CLEAN 800, ZIP-CLEAN 2000 Adhesive Core lubricating paste Sealing cords Core nozzles ASKOBOND ASKOPASTE ASKOROPE ISOVENTS * BENTOGLISS is a registered trademark of CLARIANT AG. 7th

8 Mini risers and riser caps Highest quality and process reliability Mini risers and riser caps from ASK Chemicals stand for the highest quality and process reliability in the foundry. Our patented exothermic technology is unique in its degree of efficiency in connection with productivity-increasing further developments and even a leader in the industry. Our products are available as an inorganic variant as well as in the cold box variant. Materials Molding line Application EXACTCAST mini riser EXACTCAST caps and sleeves ADS and KMV ADS and KMV with breaker core FDS KMV QT BKS and KMV QM KIM KIM QM OPTIMA KL and KMV CC KP GS GJV GJS GJL KP with breaker core KI KI with breaker core KT (insulating) Machine shapes Hand shapes Machine shapes Hand shapes Machine shapes Hand shapes Machine shapes Hand shapes 1 1 Non-ferrous metals Machine shapes Hand shapes 2 = suitable to a limited extent, = suitable, = recommendation 1 = large KMV risers are particularly suitable here, 2 = special FDS risers are possible here for Al 8

9 Filters Efficient Filtration Technology With the UDICELL and EXACTFLO filters, foundries use an efficient filtration technology that guarantees the highest quality cast parts through purer cast metals. Our filters are recommended for cast steel and iron as well as for non-ferrous metals. Rough classification of material, molding process and / or alloy Typically used filter qualities UDICELL EXACTFLO UDICELL PSZT UDICELL PSZM UDICELL CB EXACTFLO SIC EXACTFLO Alumina EXACTFLO P GI Machine molding Hand molding / large casting silicon carbide (SiC), pressed filter silicon carbide (SiC) cast iron and steel molded filter (SiC) Hand-molded casting / large-scale casting Machine-molded casting Hand-molded casting / large-scale casting Silicon carbide (SiC) Silicon carbide (SiC), pressed filter Zirconium oxide filter, carbon-bonded. Filter silicon carbide (SiC), pressed filter Zirconium oxide filter, carbon-bonded filter GS Unalloyed / low-alloyed zirconium oxide filter, carbon-bonded filter High-alloy zirconium oxide filter Non-ferrous metal casting Light metals Heavy metals Casting primary / secondary smelting plants Casting primary / secondary smelting works (SiC primary / secondary smelting works) Alumina-Filter, silicon carbide, silicon carbide, silicon carbide filters , Zirconium oxide filter silicon carbide (SiC), zirconium oxide filter precision casting iron and non-ferrous metals lost wax process ceramic forms zirconium oxide filter, also alumina possible Alumina filter, also zirconium oxide possible = suitable to a limited extent, = suitable, = recommendation 9

10 Metallurgical products More process reliability Metallurgical products from ASK Chemicals are valued worldwide for their good and high quality. The portfolio ranges from inoculants and inoculation wires to Mg treatment wires and master alloys for iron casting. Product overview Melt treatment Melting plant Melt preparation SiC, FeMn, FeSi preconditioning DISPERSIT, Cer-Mischmetall (CerMM), VL (Ce) 2 Mg treatment inoculation Melt cleaning FeSiMg pre-alloy, NiMg pre-alloy INFORM Mg treatment wires Ladle inoculants, cored wires, GERMALLO inoculants, OPTIGRAN, SMW Formling REMMOS, DISPERSIT special applications CerMM, FeS, mold powder, CaC 2 cored wires for Mg treatment and for inoculation Cored wires offer great flexibility with regard to changing initial conditions such as sulfur content, treatment temperature and amount of iron. In this way, relatively constant Mg values ​​can be achieved despite different initial sulfur values ​​and treatment temperatures. And finally, the handling and treatment costs can be reduced. Thanks to targeted suction, the process is also very environmentally friendly. Our INFORM inoculation wires are available with the same components and elements as our molded inoculants or granular inoculants. 10

11-%) Mg C Si Fe MM Ni mm 15 17,, 5 4.5 6.0 4.5 6.0 0.1 2.0 2.5 2.5 * Other VL types on request. 2.0 2.0 2.5 2.5 1.0 1.0 remainder, 0 remainder, 0 remainder remainder ingots 2.5 kg or 0.8 kg * Special analyzes on request. ** Except grain size 0.125 mm 1 mm: 5.4% 6.0% Mg. 11

12 The following brands of ASK Chemicals GmbH, ASK Chemicals Metallurgy GmbH or ASK Chemicals LP are in the registration process or have already been registered in one or more countries: ALPHASET, ASKOBOND, ASKRONING, ASKURAN, BERANOL, BETASET, CERAMCOTE, CHEM-REZ, DENODUL, DISPERSIT, EXACTCALC, EXACTCAST, EXACTFLO, ECOCURE, ECO- PART, GERMALLOY, INFORM, INOBAKE, INOSOLVE, INOTEC, ISOCURE, ISO-FAST, ISOMAX, ISOSEAL, ISOVENTS, LINO-CURE, MAGNASET, MIRATEC, NOVACURE, NOVASET OPTIGRAN, OPTINOC, PEP SET, REMMOS, SMW-INSERT, SOLITEC, STA-HOT, UDICELL, VEINO, VEINO ULTRA, VELVACOAT, ZIP CLEAN, ZIP SLIP. If you have any questions about the use of these brands, please contact ASK Chemicals. This information is based on our current level of knowledge and does not represent a guarantee of the properties of the product described. We are only liable for product advice and information within the framework of the supplementary contractual disclosure obligations, unless otherwise expressly agreed. (09/17)