Is the Apple iPod relevant today

Apple iPod in 2020 - is there still a use?

Apple turned the music industry upside down with the iPod in 2001. The platform kept coming onto the market in new forms over the next 15 years. The iPods were replaced with the smartphones that were introduced by Apple in 2007 with the iPhone and were quickly established. For this reason, Apple stopped production of all iPods from 2017. Only the iPod touch was reissued in 2019. Today we're looking at what else an iPod is good for in 2020.

The iPod versions

Until recently, Apple had the iPod shuffle and iPod nano in its range, the iPod classic was withdrawn from the range in 2014. But what are the iPods good for in 2020?

iPod shuffle

The iPod shuffle was a small MP3 player that had no display, but it was extremely compact. The last version was the 4th generation. It had a voice output as a display replacement, for battery status, title, artist or playlist. Apple sold the device for 49 €, today it sometimes costs more when used. So that means there is a demand and not without reason. There is probably no MP3 player that is smaller than the iPod shuffle, and at the same time the small iPod has a great battery life.

The iPod shuffle is charged and synchronized via the jack socket, a unique procedure. Thanks to the clip on the back, you can attach the small iPod very well to clothes. It is still used today by athletes who do not value Apple Watch and Bluetooth headphones.

It is still compatible with the latest version of iTunes and macOS to this day. The iPod is still interesting for athletes today, which also explains the high demand.

iPod nano

The iPod nano has changed a lot over the years. The first versions were structured like the classic iPod, only in small, later the format changed. The iPod nano became elongated, then square again, resembling an Apple Watch, which at the time did not exist. Starting with the “Watch” edition, the iPod nano had a touch screen. In 2012 the last version came on the market, which was upright again, but at the same time had a very atypical Apple design. It is reminiscent of the iPod touch, but everything on the iPod nano was round: a round home button, round app icons and otherwise the device was rather off track.

Even if there were even versions with touch, the iPod nano never had the functionality of an iPod touch, which is also why it is almost only suitable for listening to music. In actually all versions, it can still do this really well today. Thanks to the 30pin connector, the iPod nano can be used well with old docking stations and in some cars. This can still make sense today if no other interface is available. For example, Bose built iPod support into their 5.1 receivers for a while. The iPod nano will be of particular interest in 2020 if there is good accessory hardware that is difficult to use with modern technology.

iPod touch

With the iPod touch, Apple has built the technical twin to the iPhone, just without an integrated phone. The iPod touch is also the only iPod that is currently still in production. We have already reported on the usefulness of a 2019 iPod touch. Depending on which generation you hold in your hands, there are more or fewer possible uses. Many apps are available on models from the 5th generation, so you can use the iPod as a control center for HomeKit, as a remote control for TV and music system and so on. With older models, this support is slowly disappearing, if it still exists at all. For example, HomeKit never made it to some of the older devices.

Thanks to AirPlay and Bluetooth of the 2nd generation, you can still use the iPod touch to listen to music today without restriction. The only question that remains is why your own smartphone shouldn't take on this task.

Conclusion on the iPod in 2020

You can still do something with an iPod in 2020, even if the iPhones and smartphones are often the better choice today. Especially if you have older but good hardware, such as cars, expensive sound systems and the like, an iPod can still do a good job.