Naruto was sad when Asuma died

Kakashi89 wrote:

But think it's good that a "good one" dies too. Several have already written here that not only "evil" should die.
To be honest, I would even find it pretty cool (more realistic, etc.) if someone died more often, regardless of whether they are good or bad. E.g. one of the younger ones (Naruto's generation, so to speak) or when people like Genma, Izumo or Kotezsu are involved a little more and then die.
So not every episode should die ^^, but every now and then I find one more realistic and also more exciting.

There is a lot of fighting and especially at the end (last episodes) against Akatsuki who are all S level ninjas.


Exactly that opinion
Of course it was one of the saddest parts of Naruto, especially because Asuma was a really nice person and I would have liked to see him with Kurenai (the arms ) raising his child xD ... on the other hand, his death was totally unnecessary for the main plot, so it didn't really have to be but good ones have to die too, otherwise it's boring as already mentioned ^^

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