Why should I use Google Fi

Google FI - Always the right internet with you in your motorhome and when traveling

Who does not know it, you are traveling with your motorhome in another country and the question is again how best to get a SIM card with some data volume there.

Now the search for the best offer and a point of sale usually begins on site. This time can really be better invested. The solution to all these problems is called "Google FI„.

Nowadays, access to the Internet is an important factor when traveling with your motorhome. It makes it easier to quickly search for parking spaces, communicate with friends and like-minded people, upload the latest pictures, book a ticket and much more. Within Europe, it has meanwhile been regulated that roaming should not incur any extra costs for the data volume. But we all know the German prices for mobile phone tariffs and it is not uncommon that you get little data volume for a lot of money.

In my search for an attractive solution that would bring me online worldwide and that was also affordable, I got stuck with Google's "FI" after a few tests.

With Google FI you can now access the Internet in over 160 countries and over 200 places on earth and can also be reached by phone and SMS. You can find a list of all available countries here. You could say, with just one SIM card, you can be reached anywhere in the world.

With just one SIM card, which always dials into the best network of the providers there in each of the 200 countries, you get the best LTE or, if available, 5G quality.
With just one SIM card, there is of course no need to search for and compare tariffs or to change the SIM card in the mobile phone / smartphone.

As good as it sounds, there is one small caveat for now. I will go into these below.

So if you travel to other countries frequently and don't want to miss the Internet in your motorhome, you should be careful now :).

There are exactly two tariffs that Google offers for this SIM card.
With the tariff "Flexible for 1“You pay $ 20, the equivalent of around 18.50 euros per month, and you can make unlimited calls and text messages. The data volume then costs an additional $ 10 (approx. 9.20 euros) per GB. From 6 GB of used data volume, i.e. 80 $ (approx. 74 euros), the costs stop and you can use additional data volume free of charge and completely unlimited.

In the tariff "Unlimited for 1“You pay a flat rate of $ 70, the equivalent of around 65 euros per month, and you have unlimited access to all options from the outset. Here, long-term users save 9 euros a month.

The nice thing about Google FI is that I can switch back and forth between the two so-called “plans” every month. This works without any problems within the Google FI app. In the app, I also have the option to view my costs / bills, block numbers, set up a forwarding and much more.

The classic way to pay for Google is by credit card. Finally, I would like to mention that you are not entering into any contract here. As already mentioned, you can switch between the two tariffs on a monthly basis or even pause the entire service via the app. You can also choose whether you want to pause the entire SIM card or just individual options such as the data volume. The pause is always valid for 90 days. This means that there are no costs for taking a break for 90 days.

You can find a detailed overview of the tariffs here.

Originally you could only buy the SIM card in the USA or acquire it via one of the numerous eBay auctions. In the meantime, there was no longer any FI SIM card on eBay. For this purpose, Google itself offers the SIM card for purchase on Amazon.

Google FI SIM card kit *
Includes $ 10 credit on your first bill; SIM card compatible with most unlocked phones

The price of 35.00 euros is definitely worth it. In the USA directly this would not be significantly cheaper. But if you happen to be in the USA, you can buy them there in numerous shops.

I mentioned a small restriction above, but one that can be easily circumvented. For the time being, Google FI is only intended for citizens of the USA. Everyone can order the SIM card from Amazon, to activate the card and to install the Google FI app from the Play Store, you need a US Google account in which you have to store an address from the USA in the "theory".

With the SIM card you also get an American telephone number ála + 1-940-xxxxxx. A German number is not provided here. But let's be honest :), who needs them anyway.

In the following steps I will explain how you can activate your card successfully after receiving it.

  1. 1. Get VPN software.
    In my opinion, the “Hola” plug-in for the Google Chrome browser is best suited. Install, activate and select the USA as the country.
    This small piece of software is used to simulate the visited website that you are sitting in the USA with your laptop or PC. At this point I would like to mention, just to be on the safe side, that this is not a criminal offense :). As a small test, you can check in advance on https://www.wieistmeineip.de whether it actually gives me the USA as a country.
  2. Create a US Google account.
    You cannot convert an existing account to an American one!
    You have to create a new US GMail account at https://mail.google.com. Make sure that your VPN is active as described under 1. An address from the USA must now also be given here. In all honesty, I just picked out any hotel in New York and provided its address. You don't get any post from Google anyway :).
  3. Establish a WiFi connection.
    So that you can add your US account and install the FI app right away, your mobile phone must have an active internet connection. So it's best to activate the WiFi. If you have a dual SIM capable smartphone, you can also use the Internet from the card that is already inserted.
  4. Add the new account.
    You can now add the newly created US account to your Android smartphone or iPhone.
  5. Insert the SIM card into your smartphone.
    Either you only have space for one SIM card or, like me, for two (dual SIM). If your smartphone is Dual SIM capable, you must absolutely place the FI SIM Kate in slot1, otherwise the Google FI app will not recognize the card. Otherwise nothing needs to be considered here.
  6. Install the FI app.
    Navigate to the respective store on your mobile phone via the VPN (point 1.), here for Android and here for iPhone users and install the app on your mobile phone. It is easier and more recommendable to do this via a browser on the mobile phone, as most of them already have a Google account on their smartphone. If you already have a Google account, you will not find the app on the smartphone via the Play Store :).
  7. Start the FI app
    After starting the FI app for the first time, you have to make three small settings. These are self-explanatory and in principle you can simply click three times on Yes / Activate.

That's it already. If everything has worked now, then you can go online with your new Google FI card, enjoy the best network quality almost worldwide and invest your time in beautiful things :).

I myself have been using this SIM card as a second card in my One Plus 8Pro smartphone for over a year (really cool thing :)) and have so far had no problems with network coverage or anything else. Since I keep stumbling over the questions about "Internet for on the go when traveling" in various forums and Facebook groups, I have now turned to this article.

With Google FI, I find the pricing particularly interesting and that I don't have to enter into any contract here. Being able to pause the performance for 90 days at the same time makes the whole thing even more interesting.
The initial set-up is of course a bit time-consuming, as the FI app is required to activate the SIM card and to manage it later. But it's definitely worth the effort. Since then, I've been investing my time in nicer things than comparing tariffs and changing SIM cards.

Anyone who is not technically well versed or who does not trust themselves can and is welcome to contact me. Then together we will find a way to get you online with the FI card.

Google FI SIM card kit *
Includes $ 10 credit on your first bill; SIM card compatible with most unlocked phones
TP-Link M7350 mobile WLAN router (4G / LTE up to 150Mbit / s download / 50Mbit / s upload, hotspot, Cat4, 2000mAh battery, LCD display, compatible with all European SIM cards) black *
WLAN operation on 2.4 GHz with up to 300 MB

* The product placements shown are an Amazon affiliate link / Last updated on May 21, 2021 / Images are provided by Amazon

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