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Baby carriers and slings: Because babies are carriers

“Babies are programmed to be carried. They expect to be worn, ”explains Nora de Staël. They stayed in Mommy's belly for nine months. After the birth, close physical contact with mom or dad, for example in a cloth in front of the stomach, provides security. Because the sounds of breathing and heartbeat are familiar to the little one. According to a study by the Children's Hospital Zurich, wearing a baby carrier for several hours significantly reduces the daily screaming time.
Do we want to carry our child? Parents do not have to ask themselves this question - even if they normally use the stroller. Because all parents carry their baby: from the changing table to the blanket, from the blanket to the cradle or simply through the apartment to comfort the child when it cries. Instead, it is about what parents would like to carry their newborn with. If you want to feel your child close to your body often and for a long time, a baby carrier such as a sling or a baby carrier is recommended. The shawl or the stretcher are practical because they give the mother or father two free hands back.


Large variety of baby slings and co.


The baby market presents a large selection of slings and baby carriers. Baby slings are considered to be particularly versatile, because with their help the little one can be transported in front of the chest, on the hips and on the back. However, tying the sling has to be practiced first.
Carrying aids, on the other hand, allow fewer carrying positions depending on the model chosen, but are easier to use because mothers and fathers do not have to learn any special binding techniques. It makes sense to try out different models at your leisure. What do you get along with? What fits best?