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USPS Media Mail - Pricing, Delivery Time, Rules, and Limitations

US Postal Service is a famous shipping company dedicated to serving people. You may be familiar with the various services offered by the USPS, including one USPS Media Mail. This is one of the most popular services offered by USPS dedicated to shipping media items. The media element can be anything such as books, films, DVDs, video tapes, prerecorded media, CDs, songs, and other sound recording items. People who need to send media items can use this service.

Read this article to learn more about this service What is Media Mail? Shipping and how Media Mail works.

↑ USPS Media Mail:

As mentioned earlier, materials such as books, movies, DVDs, video tapes, prerecorded media, CDs, songs, and other sound recording items are considered Media Mail. The advantage of using this service is its cost efficiency. Remember, unlike other USPS services, your package won't be delivered in a day or two. The average delivery time for the provision of a package sent via this service is approximately 2-8 days. So be ready to receive late delivery.

Points to Remember:

  • Your package should weigh no more than 70 pounds
  • The auditors have the right to open and check the packages
  • Non-media emails cannot be sent through this service

The above points don't mean that the company doesn't trust you; This is done to ensure that the service is used immediately. Always pay attention to the rules when sending the package. If any of the above is violated, the mail piece will be rejected.

↑ How do I send media mail?

If you wonder What is Media Mail? Shipping? Read this passage for more information. There are certain things you should do while sending Media Mail. The address of the recipient should be entered correctly. In addition, the packages should be adequately covered and weighed. The allowable weight is 8 ounces. So if the weight of your package is less than 8 ounces. Then you don't have to pay any additional amount. If the package weighs more than 8 ounces. Then you should buy the postage and put the Media Mail shipping label on it. The USPS services like Priority Mail, Retail Ground and Priority Mail Express depend on the weight and size of the package. Some people believe that shipping costs depend on the zone and distance from the destination.

Some of the useful and popular additional services that can be obtained from this service are:

  1. USPS tracking
  2. Signature confirmation
  3. insurance
  4. COD

However, USPS tracking is added with the service by default. If you would like to purchase other add-on services, you can include them in your Media Mail packaging.

↑ USPS Media Mail Pricing:

Media Mail costs are not always the same. Recently, USPS revised shipping costs. So you can refer to the current USPS price list Media Mail Pricing. New tariffs were introduced from January 26th 2020. Compared to prices in 2019, prices have increased. You can calculate the shipping cost using the pricing calculator available on the official USPS website.

For example: if the package that weighs 1 pound is traveling Zone 8, it would cost about $ 2.80, but the same would have cost about $ 2.75.

To learn more about Media Mail retail price based on size, refer to the table below.

Weight of the packagePrice in 2019Price in 2020Price increase
1 lbs.2,75 $2,80 $$ 0,05
2 lbs.$ 3,27$ 3,33$ 0,06
3 lbs.$ 3,79$ 3,86$ 0,07
4 lbs.4,31 $4,39 $$ 0,08
5 lbs.$ 4,834,92 $$ 0,09
6 lbs.5,35 $5,45 $0,10 $
7 lbs.5,87 $5,98 $0,11 $
8 lbs.6,39 $$ 6,520,13 $
9 lbs.6,91 $$ 7.060,15 $
10 lbs.$ 7,43$ 7,600,17 $

↑ Shipping time for media mail:

How long does media post take? This is one of the most common questions people ask. The delivery time of the parcel sent by post can be approx. 2 - 8 days. Still, people prefer this service for mailing study materials as the postage for media mail is pretty cheap. If you need to send some things that are not time sensitive, this service is a very good place to send them as the delivery time for Media Mail is not fast. This way you can save a lot.

↑ Media Mail Rules:

There are certain restrictions and requirements for sending emails and packages through this service. The Media Mail restrictions are as follows:

  • The books you plan to send should relate to academics. However, there may be occasional announcements about other books.
  • Books should not contain advertising.
  • Sound recordings should relate to academics.
  • The USPS shipping standard stipulates that the shipping address and the return address of the sender are provided.
  • The total dimension should not be more than 108.
  • The weight limit is 70 pounds.
  • The item that needs to be shipped should be one of the following lists.

↑ What is Media Mail?

To the answer to "What Qualifies as Media Mail or What Can Be Sent as Media Mail?" To know. Read the list below. As per Media Mail requirements, only the following items can be sent:

  1. Drives such as CDs and DVDs.
  2. Manuscripts for books, magazines and music.
  3. Play scripts
  4. Books (must have at least 8 pages).
  5. Sound recordings
  6. Video recordings
  7. Sound recordings
  8. Computer readable media containing recorded information and instructions or scripts created only for use with such media.
  9. Printed music in bound or sheet form
  10. Printed objective test materials and their accessories.
  11. Films 16 millimeters or less wide.
  12. Printed educational reference tables.


The bottom line is that you can only send the limited articles through the Media Mail service. If you want to ship the items listed above, you should definitely go for the service as it is one of the cheapest services available. Delivery takes about 2-8 days.