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29.07.2011 15:31

The old man with the cube - metaphysics in quantum mechanics

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"God does not roll the dice" is an often quoted saying by Albert Einstein, who used this argument to reject quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics describes different states of elementary particles with the help of calculable probabilities - individual events can no longer be precisely predicted. Despite Einstein, it is now a recognized branch of physics. Often, however, quantum theory is also used to answer ideological questions and as a basis for philosophical and theological hypotheses. LMU scientist Anna Ijjas questions this practice in her new book “The old man with the cube”. "There is now hardly a metaphysical problem that has not allegedly been solved with reference to quantum theory," says the theologian and physicist Ijjas, who in her book examines whether and to what extent quantum theory can play a role in theological and philosophical questions. To do this, she developed a new methodology that she used to question the connection between quantum mechanics and metaphysics.

She was particularly interested in whether the theory on which quantum mechanics is based can be logically reconciled with various metaphysical models, such as the question of determinism. Ijjas then examined the relevance of quantum physics for the question of the relationship between the brain and consciousness, the problem of free will and the work of God in the world. This shows for Ijjas that central theological statements are quite compatible with the theory of quantum physics - an interdisciplinary dialogue between science and theology is therefore possible and meaningful. “I think Einstein was wrong,” says Ijjas, “the universe allows a certain openness of the processes. But quantum physics gives no reason to believe that the world is ruled by blind chance. Rather, a creature's ability to make one's own decision is the norm. God gives his creation freedom. "(Göd)

The old man with the dice
Anna Ijjas
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 223 pages, 2011
ISBN 978-3-525-57017-3

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