What are the symptoms of leishmaniasis

Prevention: How do I avoid leishmaniasis in dogs?

Your dog should be protected from bites when traveling in areas where the sand fly is common. Various preparations are available for this. When buying, you should pay attention to a repellent effect against sand flies.

Recommendation: According to veterinarians, the collar from Scalibor is particularly effective, as it not only repels ticks and fleas, but also keeps sand flies away from your dog.

Since sand flies are particularly active at twilight and at night, it may of course be worthwhile to protect your own accommodation with mosquito nets. This is not the most practical solution, but it has the big advantage: You too are better protected from blood-sucking pests.

Vaccination against leishmaniasis in dogs

There is no vaccine that prevents leishmania infection. However, a vaccine has been approved since 2011 that significantly reduces the risk of active infection and leishmaniasis.

Before vaccination, the veterinarian must rule out a previously undiscovered infection with leishmania. If the result of the blood test is negative, the first vaccination can be given. You then have to repeat the vaccination twice with an interval of three weeks and then have it refreshed annually.

This vaccination is one of the so-called non-core vaccinations and should only be given to dogs that regularly travel to areas where the sandfly is distributed or who live there permanently.

Since the vaccination only protects against a serious illness, but not against the infection itself, the most important prophylaxis is still to protect the dog from the sandfly bites.