What is Philip Seymour Hoffman famous for

On the death of Philip Seymour HoffmanA master of the supporting role

He has already been called the "most brilliant supporting actor in the world". In almost 40 films, for example as a lustful pastor in "Cold Mountain" and in Paul Thomas Anderson's portrait of the California porn industry "Boogie Nights" or as a legendary music critic in "Almost Famous" and with an appearance in "Magnolia", he still made it to get a brilliant moment out of the smallest role. For Hollywood, the down-to-earth and overweight New Yorker was always an outsider and a provocation. Until he finally found the role of his life. In Bennett Miller's biopic "Capote" in 2005, he portrayed the American writer so precisely and fascinatingly, including his linguistic mannerisms, that the American film academy could no longer ignore him. In 2006, Hilary Swank finally presented him with the Oscar for best male leading actor.

The story of the poet, who researched a brutal series of murders in Kansas and wrote the grandiose factual novel "In Cold Blood" after talking to the murderer, has many aspects. Truman Capote had to make the brutal perpetrator his alter ego and face his own dark side. Phillip Seymour Hoffman designed this film character as a hymn to the aberrations of existence and became famous with the quote: "Nobody is normal". After all, the film "Capote" has to manage the balancing act between his pact with the devil and his existence as a cynical New York dandy.

Philip Seymour Hoffman was also challenged with the full range of his acting capabilities to bring the famous writer and homosexual party lion to life, which he achieved with a recognizable great joy in playing and an enormous range of representational variations. After this brilliant achievement, Hoffman was enthusiastically celebrated in the feature pages and suddenly belonged to the league of Hollywood actors with multi-million dollar salaries overnight. That did not prevent him from continuing to take on small and very small roles - for example as the terribly shy bachelor in "Jack in Love" 2010. His masterpiece, however, came in a film by his close friend Paul Thomas Anderson, whose career he started right from the start had accompanied. In 2012 he was in his film about a charismatic charlatan "The Master". The title character alluded to the life of Scientology founder Ron Hubbard. This is how this master introduces himself to his new student, played by Joaquin Phoenix.

Philip Seymour Hoffman played this character as a brilliant conglomerate and magician. He is a great seducer and fisherman of men, but in the next moment he can suddenly be cruel, mean and merciless. Most recently he appeared in "The Hunger Games - Catching Fire". He made 52 films, two of which have been shot but have not yet been shown in the cinema. At least in this way there will be a reunion in Anton Corbijn's thriller "A Most Wanted Man" based on a novel by John le Carré. Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays the head of an American secret service unit that is hunting down a suspected jihadist in Germany. It's a supporting role again, which Hoffman interprets as a main role. His part has already been shot for the third part of the Panem trilogy. Only in the cinema can you survive death yourself.