What is something lifeless that you cherish

Medical students appreciate practical exercises at the Herford Clinic

Training in minimally invasive surgery: virtual operation of an appendix.

Taking blood from Sabine Meyer. Medical student Laura Flöther finds her patient lifeless in bed. She calls for help and starts doing chest compressions. As in real life, the budding doctor reacts to the emergency situation, with the difference that she is in resuscitation training. Olaf Dräger, senior physician at the University Clinic for Anaesthesiology at the Herford Clinic, accompanies the training for the students at the Ruhr University Bochum. He and a team of doctors and nurses from the working group for resuscitation and simulation, I.K.A.R.U.S. for short, have been involved in this area for 11 years. The central element of the emergency training, which comes from aviation, is a high-tech doll. It is able to imitate human body functions such as heartbeat, breathing or blood pressure. “The block internships in the field of anesthesia will begin in the coming semester. With the voluntary resuscitation training, we would like to give the students security in emergency care right now, ”says Olaf Dräger. Under the guidance of the senior doctor and student tutors from the same semester, 1: 1 supervision in the simulation is possible. The debriefing provides information about one's own behavior. Positive aspects are highlighted and discussed in small groups about what can be improved next time. “In the second exercise that follows, the students are much more confident. And that's exactly what we're hoping for through the training, ”says Olaf Dräger happily. Preparation for the winter semester 2017/2018 also in surgeryThe surgery department, headed by Prof. Dr. med. Günther Winde, is already preparing for the winter semester. The feedback from students on the practical part of the training plays a major role here. “The evaluation of our questionnaire reflects the satisfaction of the students. We can look forward to excellent feedback that shows that we are on the right track. ”97% of the 63 students took part in the survey. Above all, the interpersonal aspect, the closeness to the chief physician, the assistant and senior physicians, and the very well-prepared practical exercises were perceived as very positive by the RUB students during their first semester on the Medicine Campus OWL.