How is Christmas celebrated in Egypt

Christmas in Egypt



When you hear "Egypt", you immediately think of a country with lots of sun, desert and the pyramids. But Christmas is also celebrated there, but on

a completely different way than here in Germany.

There is a Christian and a Muslim Christmas in Egypt.

With the Muslims there is the "Ramadan", which has a similar meaning to the Christian Christmas. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar year and lasts 29-30 days.

Muslims fast from 5:00 a.m., when sunrise begins, until 5:00 p.m., when sunset begins.


Huge festivals are only celebrated when the sun goes down. Typical dishes are singed and eaten such as "Cake made from wafer-thin, crispy noodles filled with honey and nuts)," Molokleya (a greenish soup looks like spinach soup) and "Attayf "(Small pancakes, filled with sweet things, such as nuts and honey. The party goes on all night long, with relatives and friends.

However, the Christians in Egypt celebrate Christmas a little differently than the Muslims.

They fast for the forty-three days before Christmas Eve. They eat a purely vegetarian diet throughout the day and are only allowed to eat meat again after midnight.

The Coptic Congregation of Egypt celebrates Christmas on January 7th.

On Christmas Eve everyone goes to church in new clothes. The service ends at midnight with the bell gong.

Every family goes home to eat a very special Christmas meal, the so-called "Fata" (bread with rice and boiled meat and garlic).


The next morning people visit their neighbors and friends and bring them "kaik" (a kind of gingerbread). They also drink tea together and eat this "Kaik" with it.

Christmas has been a public holiday in Egypt for a number of years.

Muslims and Christians also like to celebrate together, just as the large majority of Muslims here invite Christians to Ramadan, so, conversely, Christians also invite Muslims to Christmas

The origins of the Christian Coptic Church can be traced back to the author of the Gospel of Mark. According to Coptic belief, he is said to have brought Christianity to Egypt and founded the Coptic Church


Especially the normal-minded people also respect that and say, yes, 700 years before we Muslims arrived, there were Christians here.

Incidentally, the largest service is celebrated in the Church of St. Mark in Cairo by the Coptic Pope, and television broadcasts it all over Egypt.

Many tourists are drawn to warm Egypt at Christmas time.

The hotels are accordingly setting up for Christmas tourism. They decorate their hotel for Christmas and serve elegant Christmas buffet meals in a large tent or in a large banquet room

Many Muslims are also infected by the Christmas spirit and enjoy taking part in the festivities, even if they are not celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Conversely, many Christians also celebrate the Muslim holidays. Here one can experience one of the most interesting aspects of Egyptian life:

the peaceful coexistence of different religions.

The Christmas tree actually originally comes from Egypt, and in its original form was actually a palm tree.

The Egyptians used a twelve-limbed palm as a symbol for a completed year. Each individual palm frond then stood as a symbol for a completed month.

This custom was later exported to Europe, but due to the cold weather in Europe, we then used other tree varieties.

The fir tree became particularly popular with us, because of its shape it is symbolically very similar to the shape of an Egyptian pyramid.

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