Is nitric oxide a reducing agent

NOx- Systems for reducing nitrogen oxides

According to the regulation of the Environment Minister, the NOx-Changed emission standards for burning coal.

In order to comply with all applicable emission standards, INSTAL-FILTER SA offers the following technologies for reducing NOx:

  • SNCR
    Selective non-catalytic reduction used at high temperatures of the flue gases from 850 - 1080 ° C
  • SCR
    Selective catalytic reduction used at low temperatures of the flue gases of 180 - 470 ° C
    Combination of both methods

Basics of the SNCR method

Chemical reaction that takes place in the reduction process:

NH2 + NO -> H2O + N2

Used reducing agents for NOx:

  • Urea - (NH2) 2CO
  • Ammonia - NH3
  • Ammonium hydroxide - NH4OH

The following figure shows the structure of the SNCR:

The systems for reducing nitrogen oxides offered by INSTAL FILTER SA are a combination of proven technology based on years of experience and innovative technologies and are characterized by low operating costs and high availability.

Taking into account the economic aspects, it is important to check the level of NOx also with basic methods to reduce.