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The majority of studies and experts therefore say: Cellular communications are probably not dangerous for adults. Only: The radiation in most of the studies referred to only two frequencies, namely 900 and 1900 megahertz, so most of the results only apply to frequencies from old cellular networks . They say little or nothing about the effects of 5G.

The question should rather be: Why do you expose yourself to the 5G risk at all? The wired Internet connection will always be preferred in terms of environmental protection (power consumption, messing up the landscape with masts) and speed (fewer data packet crashes). Alone theRead more

Physicists have known gamma radiation as a phenomenon of radioactivity since the beginning of the 20th century. Antoine Henri Becquerel and Paul Villard are considered to be the discoverers, the latter being able to prove around 1900 that gamma radiation is extremely high-energy electromagnetic waves. Gamma radiation arises, among other things, as a result of a preceding alpha or beta decay, since the atomic nucleus is in an excited state after this decay

The use of the oxygen allotrope ozone as an oxidizer would increase the outflow velocity. However, since ozone is unstable, storage is very difficult, if not impossible. The tetrasoxy allotrope is said to be more stable.

The ability to recognize objects and avoid them if necessary plays an important role for humans as well as for many animals. It can only be mastered by someone who can quickly form an image on the basis of shapes, changes in shape, distances and speeds. The researchers at Wann examined this ability in children of different ages and adults. In road traffic, depending on the distance, cars appear sometimes larger, sometimes smaller. Sometimes they seem to be coming straight at you, sometimes you can see them from the side. Sometimes they seem to be racing, sometimes slowly approaching. As the psychologists have found out, the ability to recognize approaching vehicles and to correctly grasp the situation increases in childhood. According to the findings of the scientists, children have problems correctly registering cars that are approaching at speeds of more than 20 miles an hour. 20 miles correspond to a good 30 kilometers.

I got caught in a mobile speed trap (60 instead of 50 km / h), but was only photographed without flash, even without black light. In any case, no additional light source can be seen. Car underexposed from the front, background overexposed. The light was still enough to recognize me as the driver

The biggest problem from today's point of view is the production and storage of antimatter. Since the production consumes as much energy as the reaction later supplies, production on board the spaceship is ruled out. The antimatter would have to be carried along. Only about 0.1 grams of antiprotons would be required for a flight to Mars and back, but even the production of this small amount of antiprotons is currently utopian.

A matter emitter, e.g. a particle linear accelerator, rests on a large mass (moon, asteroid). From here, a well-bundled particle beam is aimed at the sail of matter in the spaceship, thereby accelerating it. Since the speed of the particle beam can be adapted to the speed of the spaceship (maximum impulse transmission), the energy efficiency is significantly higher than with the laser sail. In addition, part of the flow of matter can be captured by the spaceship. The spaceship can start with empty fuel tanks and fills them during acceleration. Once at its destination, it could brake with this collected fuel

From theoretical considerations it was concluded early on that the gamma radiation emitted by most nuclei is characterized by very sharp energy levels and must therefore have an extremely narrow line width. Atomic nuclei can also be compared to an oscillating crystal, which can only be excited at a certain frequency. In fact, the energy constancy (and thus the frequency accuracy) of many gamma radiation transitions is comparable to the accuracy of atomic clocks

Ballistic methods are also being discussed and researched as a means of transport into orbit. The idea is originally based on Jules Verne's vision of the space cannon [14] in From the Earth to the Moon. For this, the projectile must be largely resistant to acceleration (satellites if necessary). Advantages over rocket technology would be significantly reduced costs through a higher payload share and also a lower risk of accidents, e.g. because little or no highly explosive rocket fuel would be carried. One of the first projects was the HARP project [15] by Gerald Bull, in which a maximum speed of 3 km / s and an altitude of 180 km were achieved with optimized artillery technology, thus already a suborbital flight (Krmn line). A follow-up project of the 1990s, SHARP [16], worked with light gas cannon technology [17] and aimed for maximum speeds of 7 km / s. [14] After the end of the financed SHARP research project, the project team spun off the company Quicklaunch [18], which tries to further develop and commercialize this technology. Railgun technology is also being considered. [19] [20]

As a rule, the mobile devices mainly measure speed violations. In addition, there are now also mobile red-light flashers that are particularly popular in metropolitan areas such as Berlin. This means that the surprise effect can also be used better and better in the context of traffic monitoring and education, even in the event of red light violations.

If you are flashed with a motorcycle, a mobile speed camera can therefore only make it difficult to track a corresponding traffic violation, because on the one hand the license plate is not recognizable, on the other hand the driver is usually not identifiable by the mandatory motorcycle helmet.

The radio frequency ion thrusters (RIT) generate a plasma using electromagnetic waves, and the positively charged particles are then accelerated outwards through grids. After passing through the so-called neutralizer, which feeds electrons back into the beam and thus makes it electrically neutral, the particles are ejected. Xenon is used as a support mass. NASA's HiPEP falls into this category, as does the RIT from Germany

In general, one can say that the different perceptions of distance by drivers, cyclists and pedestrians probably make it more difficult to adapt to traffic, explains Birte Moeller. The scientists point out both possible positive and negative consequences. The misjudgment could mean, for example, that the distance is greater than the driver assumes when his vehicle approaches the car in front of him. On the other hand, it could happen that the distance to a traffic light is underestimated if it shows yellow. The result could be that the car drives into the intersection when it is red.

In addition, with the 5G network, the radiation will be distributed differently in the radio cells. Using what is known as beamforming, the signals from the transmitting station are primarily sent to where they are needed, which enables particularly fast and effective data transfer.