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What a man says during sex suggests his character

Furious passion and great lust make us say some sentences that we would never have consciously brought to our lips in this way. It is the same with the male sex. Listen more closely to what he tells you Bed whispers whispers or moans in his ear because that tells a lot about his character and your relationship. What if he doesn't say anything? Then it still says a lot about him. And the answers will surprise you ...

This is what his words say about his character during sex

Of course, exceptions confirm the rule here too, but you may discover a little bit of truth. Have fun listening and trying out!

Nothing: the silent one

He doesn't say anything and doesn't want to hear anything? Hm ... Communicative beings will soon have their problems with this kind of man in bed. Is it not good? Am I doing something wrong? Probably not, because silent men have a problem in letting go and are inhibited. A relationship could therefore become a bit problematic.

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Psst ... the whisperer

Men tend to be less talkative than women, but if he whispers in your ear during sex, he is almost certainly sensitive and courteous, but also shy. An ideal partner for women who are looking for a reliable and romantic gentleman.

Ur-lute: The Neanderthal

Are you in the middle of it all and hear animal sounds such as grunts, moans and panting? These noises are expressions of intense pleasure and show that he is simply enjoying himself. This type of man does not like to talk during sex and shows you his fun in the nude in a different way if he dresses his passion not in words but in original sounds. If you understand this message correctly, he will be able to carry you away in the act of love, because sometimes less is more. A little more communicative, but all the more honest person.

I'm coming! The honest one

When the person in your bed only says "I'm coming!" produces, but then also follows action (not too early, of course), then you are probably dealing with an honest man. This type of man does not pretend and limits communication to the essentials. A relationship type that says what they think. An honest man for an honest relationship.

Poetic: the poet

Would he like to dive into your eyes and love your velvety skin? You are dealing with a poet. If you can indulge yourself without giggling, this type of man is a sensitive lover who can appeal to all your senses with his imagination.

Funny, funny ?! The clown

He compares his "best piece" with a one-eyed animal and tries to get rid of one punch line after the other in bed? Humor in sex is good, but it shouldn't nip the eroticism in the bud. Comedians are often insecure types who want to cover up their doubts or fears with jokes. How can you curb this clown? Add a joke or kiss him hard so he doesn't even get to talk. You have a lover who needs a lot of attention but can be very amusing and doesn't take himself too seriously.

How is that for you The questioner

Do you like that? Or is it better for you like this? This extremely sensitive man means well. But his insecurity and his questions can ruin the most beautiful love game. Tell him how you like it, but show tact and empathy, because this type of man takes criticism to heart and will work on himself. This is ideal for making him a great lover. But he should do it at some point, otherwise the desire will fall by the wayside.

Dirty Talk: The Derbe

A little dirty talk is okay and can turn you on. Too much and too dirty, but it may also be no longer fun. It doesn't really matter whether he has watched too much porn or thinks it is on it. Those who want to get involved can have a lot of fun with this very direct type of man. Adventure and variety are guaranteed. But if the "making love" happens exclusively on this level, he could possibly be more of the daredevil than the partner for life.

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