What are some alternatives to IKEA

Alternative to Ikea: 3 cheap hardware stores

Ikea is the undisputed market leader in furniture and decoration. However, there are also some good alternatives. In this article, we're going to introduce you to three affordable options.

Ikea alternative 1: Decoration & Co. from Hema

  • Hema doesn't have nearly as many branches as Ikea, but the online shop is well stocked.
  • You won't find any furniture at Hema. In addition to decorative items, tableware, home textiles and all kinds of knick-knacks, the range also includes clothing for women and men.
  • The prices are comparable to those of Ikea. A cheap bed linen set costs around 10 euros from both providers.

Ikea alternative 2: All about scooters

  • The Roller furniture store already has a large customer base. Especially its partly very reasonable prices are convincing.
  • In addition to numerous branches throughout Germany, you can also browse the scooter online shop from the comfort of your own home.
  • However, Roller has the reputation of being a cheap department store, where price seems more important than quality. The house cannot keep up with the cult status of Ikea.

Ikea alternative 3: Maison du Monde - a real alternative

  • You can find very stylish furniture and accessories at Maison du Monde. You can purchase the products on site in numerous branches across Europe or order them via the online shop.
  • Furniture and decoration are presented with great attention to detail.
  • The products offered are of high quality and comparable in price to the Ikea range.
  • However, the shipping costs could be made more attractive. While a package delivery at Ikea usually costs 6.90 euros, Maison du Monde calculates the costs according to the purchase price. The graduation starts at 9 euros and ends at 69 euros. Delivery is only free of charge if the value of goods exceeds 1800 euros.

However, if you still rely on the traditional brand from Sweden: Here you will find the latest Ikea catalog.

Ikea not only convinces many customers because of the extensive range, the service is also unique. How to return furniture that has already been assembled at Ikea can be read in the next post.