Makes you feel smarter about debating

Klaus Tschira Foundation

"Intelligence - born clever or become clever" was the topic of the discussion format "The Debate" on Thursday, September 20, which is sponsored by the Klaus Tschira Foundation and co-organized by the Science Media Center.

Whether in school or later in professional life: In some heads it rattles longer than in others when it comes to solving complex tasks. The reason is usually that we humans differ very simply in our cognitive performance and comprehension. The so-called intelligence is different for everyone.

In our knowledge society, intelligence is a desirable trait and there is much talk about its importance for opportunities and success in life. Intelligence is measured with the intelligence quotient (IQ), the average of which was set at a value of 100. Those who achieve above-average results in an IQ test with a value of 130 are considered highly gifted. However, this only includes two percent of the population.

But what determines how intelligent we are? Our genes or our environment? What significance does the IQ value really have for the chances of success? And what consequences must all of this have for our educational and social system?

These and other questions on the subject of "Intelligence - Born or Smart?" will be discussed with scientists at “The Debate”. The human geneticist Prof. Dr. Markus Nöthen from the University of Bonn, the psychologist Prof. Dr. Ricarda Steinmayr from the Technical University of Dortmund and the sociologist Dr. Angela Graf from the Technical University of Munich. Christoph Koch (Stern) and Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim (freelance science journalist) will moderate the event. Admission is free!

Be there on September 20 from 7 p.m. in the TAK Theater in the Aufbau Haus in Berlin-Kreuzberg or here via livestream from home and join the debate!

There are already a number of online articles, interviews and videos on the topic of intelligence on the online platform.