What is the program development cycle

Where does the term “developer” come from in connection with software? [closed]

The word "develop" applies to projects that take longer than computers. Merriam-Webster's definition is "especially to create or produce by means of a focused effort over time". Computer programs require this type of work, so the word fits.

Google Ngrams shows a huge increase in the use of the term "research and development" during World War II. I'm having trouble linking, but you can reproduce the search without any problems.

The earliest example I have found of the concept of computer programming is a chapter entitled "The Program Development Cycle" in Spencer's "Introduction to Information Processing" from 1974. The chapter is full of key words in italics ( instructions , program , flow chart ), but "development" is not given this treatment. It was not yet an art term, just the word for a process of creation.


I made programs for "software development" and "software developer" and the correlation was interesting. It looks like both of them started from nothing from the late 60s to the early 70s. More interestingly, the term "evolution" peaked around '89 and since '93 declining was (while the other never stopped growing).

David Hammen

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