What grants are there for African entrepreneurs

AfricaConnect - Lean financing in demanding markets

Why AfricaConnect?

Many of the African economies have developed rapidly in recent years. Globally, they are among the fastest growing markets with increasing purchasing power and an increasingly larger middle class. Among other things, through the creation of the largest free trade area (AfCFTA), the African economy has the potential to become the world's largest growth engine in the coming decades.

A very young population with an increasing level of education and a simultaneously rapidly advancing digital transformation are creating large, still unsaturated markets. This also results in a wide range of opportunities for German and other European companies.

The "Compact with Africa" ‚Äč‚Äčinitiative (CwA) was launched in 2017 under the German G-20 presidency. Its aim is to strengthen economic cooperation with reform-oriented African states. The Development Investment Fund (EIF) of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is part of the German support for the "CwA.

AfricaConnect is part of the EIF and is implemented by DEG. Projects in CwA countries are therefore the focus of AfricaConnect - but projects in other African countries that are valuable in terms of development policy can also be financed.

AfricaConnect: Overview of Investment and Liquidity Financing