Why do animators use storyboards

Story Boards - Story Lines

Who does not know her. The already artistic story boards from the science fiction films of Hollywood such as Star Wars (Star Wars Story Board). We admit that we do not reach this extent: But that is not our goal either. With our storyboards, we want to present your film very close to the result with as little effort as possible. For time and budget. While years often pass for a blockbuster and many people spend months developing a storyboard, the average production time for an image film is 6-8 weeks. Of course, a well thought-out storyboard is still no small effort: But you can be sure that the message you want to convey is better conveyed.

A storyboard is also called a scene book. It is ultimately a pictorial, often drawn version of the script or the storyline. To develop an understandable representation from a concept or the creative idea. The storyboard can be implemented for each camera setting, depending on requirements and effort. This is how whole books are often created. Content of each scene, exact camera content, settings, text, etc ...

Our storyboards are image sequences that clearly visualize your subsequent film production. The storyboard is built with your input, the storyline or the script for camera scenes. Our art direction will help you to find ideas and a coherent story. Especially in our image films as well as in our advertising and product films, storyboards are used in order to "feel" a description and the sequence of the scenes as early as possible.
In this way, everyone involved in the film can control, define and accept the result of the subsequent production.

  • Development of the storyline
  • Drawing storyboard with factual argumentation and description of the scene
  • Simply animated storyboard with factual argumentation and scene description
  • Complex animated storyboard with factual argumentation and scene description

Storyboard creation, Voith Paper GmbH

The gray cast realizes a fully animated film for Voith Paper GmbH. Animations like this explain context while fascinating and entertaining. First, however, the storyboard (on the left in the film) is an important component in order to make the desired information visible to all those involved. Only in the second step is the film shot or animated (right in the film).

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