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Competition headquarters: Tesla's "autopilot" is misleading

Tesla is making false promises about its electric cars with its advertising claims, says the competition headquarters. She wants to have a judicial review whether information such as "Autopilot included", "Full potential for autonomous driving" or "By the end of the year: ... automatic driving in urban areas", with which the US automaker advertises in this country, is tenable. The association has therefore filed an injunction with the Munich Regional Court (Az. 33 O 14041/19).

Not yet approved

These announcements could not be fulfilled because some of the functions mentioned are not yet legally permitted in road traffic in Germany and will not be permitted until the end of 2019, argues the "self-regulatory institution of the economy", as the competition headquarters calls itself. The consumer could not get a vehicle with the function for "automatic driving in urban areas" or "automatic driving on highways".

"The advertising statements complained about here violate the prohibition of misleading from the point of view of the competition center because wrong ideas are aroused with regard to the legal authorization and functionality of the 'autopilot' and the" autonomous and automated driving ", explains lawyer Andreas Ottof├╝lling in an initial statement.

Person at the wheel

Specifically, the competition headquarters is bothered by the statement "Navigating with autopilot functionality: automatic driving on motorways from entry to exit including motorway junctions and overtaking slower vehicles" or "Traffic light / stop sign recognition with automatic stop / start" which should be available by the end of the year.

"Autopilot" is not a real self-control system, just a driver assistance system. Tesla always points out that the person behind the wheel should always keep track of the traffic situation and control the vehicle. Still, a few incidents where drivers gave their Tesla the complete upper hand have sparked debate in the US as to whether the term "autopilot" is misleading in itself. Consumer advocates and traffic safety authorities also questioned the technology.


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