Lemon juice helps a gallbladder

Coffee, radish and lemon against gallstones

A team of experienced doctors gives important information and tips on gallstones in a book.

Eaten too much - and then the vengeance of the bile follows: severe pain in the abdomen, vomiting, sweating, circulatory collapse. But: The existence of gallstones is not always associated with such complaints, so many sufferers often do not know anything about their stones.

The bile contained in bile plays an important role in fat digestion and the breakdown of pollutants. The formation of gallstones is related to these functions: If the capacity of the bile fluid is insufficient for fat digestion, this type of structure can occur.

It is obvious that one of the causes is a diet that is too high in fat. The stones cause discomfort when they clog the ducts of the gallbladder. This starts with colic in the upper abdomen and can lead to fever, jaundice, inflammation of the pancreas and even bowel obstruction.

Risk: obesity & age

You can find out everything you need to know about this topic in the guide "Stones in the body, gallstones", in which a team of experienced doctors provides valuable information and gives good tips. A tip for prevention: strong coffee for breakfast with lots of orange juice, a homemade lemon drink for lunch, a bunch of radishes in the evening - this could prevent stone problems. According to the latest research, people who drink up to three cups of coffee a day suffer 40 percent less from gallstones. Something similar is now known about vitamin C - a deficiency promotes the formation of gallstones. Radish is also said to have a preventive effect.

In addition to being overweight, the risk factors for gallstones include the female gender, family history and age (from 40). In many cases, the stones themselves can be dissolved by medication or shattered with shock waves. However, medicinal herbalism also offers means to combat gallstones, but you should definitely consult your doctor beforehand to determine whether this treatment is sufficient. Tea made from real bedstraw is particularly recommended.

However, if an operation is necessary due to the diagnosis, there are various options available, which the medical team describes in detail, perhaps a little too professionally. (g.n.)

"Stones in the body gallstones", publishing house of the doctors, 12.90 €.

("Die Presse", print edition, 02/11/2008)