How much does an excavation cost per hour

for builders

You have received an archaeological investigation, now what?

You contact us and we will take care of the correspondence with the authorities involved in advance.

An excavator then removes the topsoil and we check whether remains of human habitation can be found.

What happens if there are no findings?

You can start building immediately after approval by the responsible monument protection authority.

What happens if there are findings?

One of our competent teams digs and documents the archaeological remains.

Will there be any construction delays when the archaeologists come?

No, if you involve us in good time.

The earlier the excavator removes the topsoil - if possible, weeks before the scheduled start of construction - the sooner we can take action.

What about the costs - do I have to pay them myself?

Yes, this is what the Monument Protection Act provides. The client bears the costs of excavating the ground monument on his property.

We strive to keep costs down for you by taking the necessary measures quickly and efficiently.

What do I get from that? What happens to the finds?

Anything unearthed on your property is your property. The finds are yours; however, you must ensure that they are properly stored.

If you are thinking of keeping the finds, you should definitely contact the responsible officer at the Bavarian State Office for Monument Preservation.

We would be happy to help you with the preparation of the scientific results - be it for advertising purposes, PR measures or a showcase in which the finds are displayed.

If you have any further questions about our approach, take a look at our services. Perhaps further questions will be answered here.