How many albums has Colie Brice recorded

V.A. - Always - A Millennium Tribute To Bon Jovi

If you look at the list of contributors and the song selection, every fan rubs their hands happily at first: Jani Lane (ex-Warrant) sings "Lay Your Hands on Me", John Corabi (Union, ex-Motley Crue, ex- Ratt) sings "Born To Be My Baby", Jizzy Pearls (ex-LA Guns, ex-Ratt, ex-Love / Hate) sings “Bad Medicine”, Lilian Ax frontman Derrick Lefevre contributes “Livin On A Prayer” and the The band's childhood friend, who played with Alec Jhn Such and Tico Torres at Phantom's Opera, performs "Runaway".
While the opener "Living On A Prayer" is quite neat (and very close to the original), Jasy Andrews can come up with a slightly modified and yet or precisely because of that successful version of "I'll be there for you". "Blaze Of Glory" is also still good and very close to the original, while some blues master named Tony Janflone ​​Jr. tries on "Wanted Dead Or Alive" and gives the song his own note.
Jani Lane's version of "Lay your hands on me", in which he was musically supported by his former Warrant colleagues, is surprisingly weak. Then a combo called One Bad Son comes along and sings "Billy get your guns" and almost brings me to it - absolute nonsense the song.
"You give love a bad name" comes out much harder and comes with a few variations and once you get used to it, Corey Craven's interpretation can even please you.
John Corabi had apparently not yet arrived in the studio when recording "Born To Be My Baby", which is why the decision was made to simply record the song via mobile phone. Turn the volume up, baby! Really weak!
Jason Andrews contributed "Stick To Your Guns" and can certainly cause euphoria at the Catholic Church Congress with his version - but that's really all there is to it. Jizzy Pearl is also not very convincing: the sound is comparatively weak, the voice would have been good if the Euro pallet Jack Daniels had only been drunk after the recordings and if you then hit the notes at the bridge, then that contributes immensely Success in such a project!
Colie Brice should have stayed with his Always Version where it was obviously recorded: in the shower. Or what is this rain effect in the background? Then a thousand people somehow trill around and get louder and quieter and by the way, some village priest is playing the organ. Should the inability to sing the text with two voices at the same time be a stylistic variation? If so, then it should have been left alone. It sounds like two drunk students at Singstar are "singing" for the next beer!
"It's my life" from "The Issues" is a bit more bearable again and a rock-punk version of the last hit of the boys from Ashburry Park.
"Never Say Goodbye" sucks in the original and the cover version is based on the original - but at least it's musically well done. It's just a weak nerve song.
At the end of the day, the disturbed Brice was allowed to play again, who apparently came out of the shower at some point and wanted to get involved again. How one can deface "Runaway" in such a way is a mystery to me - but it is clearer to me why Torres and Such have decided to leave the band of the madman. Unbearable fair organs, lousy drumming and sampled clapping !!!!! Haaaallllllooooo, what's the point of this song and who released this bird from the musician's mouth? Should he cover songs by Mambokurt in the soundproof padded cell and then he can also clap all the time. Unbearable!
Overall, the disc has some good interpretations, which is not surprising, because the songs stay close to the original and they are just good. However, in case of doubt, I would recommend buying a Bon Jovi Best Of, as the real highlights here are rather raw